یا اللہ
Ya Allah (6 minutes)

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Subhanallah mashallah I could listen to this loads of times such a soothing beautiful voice alhamdullilah
25th Dec, 2023
4th Sep, 2023
جس دل کے شعلوں سے ہزاروں دل بھڑک گئے
اس دل میں جانے مولا کیا آگ بھری ہوگی

یا اللہ میرے پیر کو سلامت رکھ آمین
12th Sep, 2022
25th May, 2020
باخدا دیوانہ باش و بامحمد ہوشیار
18th May, 2020
Mashallah beautiful
7th May, 2020
Subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah
7th May, 2020
Ya Allah please give me a portion of this love that you have given to Allah wala sheikh Hadhrat sahib Ameen
7th Dec, 2019
سبحان۰الله ?
1st Dec, 2018
میں وادئ حرم تک اسے ڈھونڈنے گیا
آواز دی تو اپنے ہی وہ اندر ملا مجھے
1st Oct, 2018
SubhanAllah the most beautiful Naat in the world.
20th Feb, 2018
2nd Feb, 2018
28th Nov, 2017
Ameen sum ameen
22nd Mar, 2017
Ameen Ameen
15th Feb, 2017
SubhanAllah. Plz can the brothers in charge of this upload more of Hazrat Shaykh's naats, especially the recent ones. Jzk
6th Feb, 2017
ameen! SUbhanAllah
29th Jan, 2017
words fail to describe its beauty!...Subhanalla!!
25th Dec, 2016
ameen ya Rab
13th Dec, 2016
13th Dec, 2016
Very beautiful and very powerful Naat, MashaAllah.
6th Dec, 2016
MashaAllah amazing!! May Allah grant us this love for Him and His beloved (Salalahu Alayhi Wa Salaam) <3
5th Dec, 2016
4th Dec, 2016
3rd Dec, 2016
SubhanAllah Alhamdulilah Lailaha ilalahu Allahu Akbar
1st Dec, 2016
MashaAllah. Ya Rabb, please instil this love into our hearts. May we forget the world and just remember you Ya Allah
30th Nov, 2016
Allah hu Akbar
26th Nov, 2016
25th Nov, 2016
الف اللّه چنبے دی بوٹی مرشد من وچ لائی ہو ​
نفی اثبات دا پانی ملیا ہر رگے هر جائی هو ​
اندر بوٹی مشک مچایا جان پهلن تے آئی هو ​
جیوے مرشد کامل باہو جنہے ایه بوٹی لائی هو ​
مرشد دا دیدار باہو مینوں لکھ کروڑاں حجاں ھو
24th Nov, 2016
SubhanAllah. Plz can you upload more of the naats our beloved Shaykh has read in the past 12 months?
15th Nov, 2016
Allahu Akbar, my favourite naat. MashaAllah, simply beautiful
14th Nov, 2016
I pray the old khatam khawajgan loud zikr (long version) is uploaded some day

Allahumma Aameen
14th Nov, 2016
SubhanAllah. Been making dua for months for this one to be uploaded, Alhamdulilah.
May Allah grant Hazrat Saab the best of health, increase the barakat in the majlis, and spread the fayz and the zikr far and wide.

May Allah continue to guide us and make me and you into his beloved.
13th Nov, 2016
Long wait for this one, can you please also upload kuch dard ke tohfe hain which was read in the Manchester Khanqah (another version is already uploaded) MashaAllah
13th Nov, 2016
Just too amazing, SubhanAllah
12th Nov, 2016
MASHA ALLAH Amazing Naat
12th Nov, 2016
Beautiful Munajaat, hamd and Kalaam
12th Nov, 2016
SubhanAllah, JazakAllah
12th Nov, 2016
Amazing naat mashaAllah, can listen to it all day.
12th Nov, 2016
MashaAllah, so beautifully read
12th Nov, 2016
subhanallah! subhanallah! subhanallah! Beautiful..Mashallah!
12th Nov, 2016