سنتِ رسول الله صلى عليه وسلم
Sunnat-e-Rasoolullah salAllahu alayhi wasallam (3 minutes)

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SubhaanAllah ???????
28th May, 2020
Subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah
19th Apr, 2020
4th Feb, 2019
28th May, 2018
I love you Hazrat Sahib <3
20th Feb, 2018
28th Sep, 2017
Yehi hai khalid Asaase Rehmat Yehi Hai Khalid banaae Azmat
Nabi Ka Irfaan Zindagi Hai Nabi Ka Irfaan Bandagi Hai
28th Jul, 2017
Mashallaha so beautiful
12th Jan, 2017

2nd Dec, 2016
Subhanallah .....x
28th Jun, 2016
Subway Allah ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
5th Mar, 2016
Subhan Allah beautiful.
13th Feb, 2016
Subhan Allah
24th Jan, 2016
15th Jan, 2016
16th Sep, 2015
No words can match or describe the greatness and purity and sincerety of the Sheikh .he moves and changes the heartz towsrds Allah swt.Allah ho Akbar kabeera. It is a totaĺ honor to see the sheikh
15th Sep, 2015
MahshALLAH***** MahshALLAH *****subhanALLAH
12th Sep, 2015

Faizaan e Asif Jaari Rahe Ga
2nd Sep, 2015
2nd Sep, 2015
Mere sohne sohne murshid da deedar bara sohna.. Farooqui faiz jaari rahe ga.. InshaAllah azzawajal ?
2nd Sep, 2015
SubaHaanAllah. Ya Allah, just as you have kept Hadhrat Shaykh spiritually healthy; likewise keep them physically healthy. May our each and every action become a means of their Isal e sawab, May the naats continue to remain with us and may it reach to all those who have not yet heard them. Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.
24th Aug, 2015
MashaAllah I was born in 1978 - for me just thinking that Hadhrat have been doing this great effort of the deen with such steadfastness, discipline and sheer sincerity for as long as I've been around is just mind blowing. Jazakallah for sharing previous audios.
22nd Aug, 2015
SubhanAllaah, beautiful. MashaAllaah Hadhrat Saheb sounds the same so many years on!!! May Allaah Preserve Hadhrat Saheb's life and keep us within his beneficial suhbah. Aameen.
21st Aug, 2015
Amazing mashallah
20th Aug, 2015
سبحان اللہ -
19th Aug, 2015
If we hold tight to the sunnah we are the victorious ones.
19th Aug, 2015
Subhanallah the best of the best my hazrat sahib
19th Aug, 2015
SubhanAllah amazing, I make dua by their sunnah I live and by their sunnah die. InshAllah

This naat is too amazing made my head spin. SubhanAllah

Hazarat sahib are out of this world. May Allah swa make us take full benifit of their sobat and do shukr day and night for Allahs fazal and karam he has bestowed on us with this blessed person.

There is no one like them, subhanAllah
19th Aug, 2015