ختمِ خواجگان - سلسلہ نقشبندیہ مجددیہ
Khatam-e-Khwajgan Silsila Naqshbandia Mujaddidia (43 minutes)


Today on the day of Arafah, repeating the Dhikr in Hazrat Sahibs voice specially the Kalimah La Ilaha Ilallahu Wahdahu La Shareekalahu is a huge spiritual uplift Subhanallah
15th Jun, 2024
What I love about about Eid Salah and Eid ul Adha is getting to do group dhikr with people who would tell me it’s Biddah the other 363 days of the year
28th Jun, 2023
Ma sha Allah

16th Jun, 2021
MashaAllah what an excellent new feature during dhikr where the blessed kalimats are displayed and change whilst Hadhrat Sahib recites them. Extremely beneficial. Jazakallahu khairan.
11th Nov, 2020
Ma Sha Allah
5th Apr, 2020
Ma Sha Allah
Bohat payara zikar hay, Allah hm subko zikar karnay wali zubaan day,
2nd Apr, 2020
Masha Allah
11th Mar, 2020
11th Nov, 2019
6th Jun, 2018
Any possibility if we could have the old old khatam khawajgan sharif
26th Mar, 2018
Is it possible to download this audio file? Please could you update it. Jazakallahu khairan
2nd Oct, 2017
No download audio option here ?
23rd Aug, 2017
mashalla what a zikr
24th Feb, 2017
Zikr is very excellent.
27th Jan, 2017
JazAkallahakhare allaha swt app kay darajat bluend farmaiy ameen.
21st Jan, 2017
29th Feb, 2016
Zikr is very good
8th Oct, 2015
سبحان الله الحمد لله
25th Sep, 2015
Loved every bit of this zikaah.
From Abugi East London
24th Sep, 2015
Your zikr is good
23rd Aug, 2015
23rd Aug, 2015
Allah humma salli alaa muhammad
Farooqui faiz jaari rahe ga. . InshaAllah azzawajal
1st Aug, 2015
From Abugi
Lovely zihkir loved it...
1st Aug, 2015
Kisi ki aas ban kar phir usay tanha nahi kartay
bhalay kitni bhi mushkil ho magar aisa nahi kartay

mohabbat mein shikayat ka Nahin dastoor hota hay
gila kar kay mohabbat ko kabhi ruswa nahi kartay

wafa'ain dar haqiqat mein bari anmol hoti hain
kabhi apni wafa'aon ka sila maanga nahi kartay
22nd Jul, 2015
Subhanalla. All praise is due to Allah who has made it possible for us to benefit from Hazrat Sahibs majlisis. Make the most of this opportunity before it is taken away from us....
10th Jul, 2015
Allahuakbar this penetrates the heart
17th Jun, 2015
Subhanallah Hadhrat saab are amazing, in this time we living in, its very very hard to find a true wali of allah. People of bolton are so lucky and blessed.
27th May, 2015
23rd May, 2015
Allah hu Akbar kabeera,
I am a brother from Zakariya masjid Bolton where hadhrat saab holds his daily majlis. Literally this is the best thing that happened to most brothers I know, so many brothers who were regular at attending clubs and pubs and immersed in so much sin... they now have full sunnah beards and wear the imamah and are regular at sitting from fajar till ishraq in the majlis of hahdrat saab remembering allah. I am amazed how many people have changed with the company of hadhrat saab. may allah grant barakah in hadhrat saabs age and health and may we all benefit from the fayz of this true and unique awliya allah. ameen ya rabb
20th May, 2015
Subhanallah just amazing
17th May, 2015
Subhanallah amazing
16th May, 2015
8th May, 2015
Yes, indeed. Those of you have the opportunity to be with Hazrat Sahib everyday, you are truly blessed! Make the most of it... remember those of us who wish to but cannot...
30th Apr, 2015
Alhumdulillah that He blessed me by allowing to attend the majlis, Ya Allah bless me in the same way soon.
I wish and pray that I can attend daily but zhalika fudhlullahi,youtihi maiyyashaa
oh you who who can attend make the most of it and put everything you have into attaining this fudhl.
The intelligent one is he who learns of others mistakes, we were ungrateful and now we burn in this loneliness.
Teri yaadein hein aur me in hoo ub, lumbi tanhaayya hein aur mein hoo ub'
oh my dear dear Sheikh I miss you
30th Apr, 2015
Subhanallah. May Allah subhanawatala give barakah in hadhrat sahibs life and May Allah spread hadhrat sahibs fayz throughout the universe. Ameen
23rd Apr, 2015
amazing may allah talah bless the sheikh give them long life
21st Apr, 2015
20th Apr, 2015