یہی ایمان میرا یہی جینا میرا
Yehi Iman mera yehi jeena mera (6 mins)

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11th Nov, 2020
I LOVED LISTENING TO THESE NAATS ON THE AEROPLANE, throughout the journey, when i was going for umrah for the first time.
22nd Aug, 2020
سبحان اللہ ❤❤❤
14th May, 2020
Subhanallah subhanallah subhanallah exceptional naat.
11th May, 2020
‏ما شاء الله
16th Feb, 2020
سبحان اللہ
29th Jan, 2020
سبحان۰الله May Allah paak grant me this love too ♥️
7th Dec, 2019
20th Oct, 2018
قال رسول الله ﷺ ) من أحب سنتي فقد أحبني، ومن أحبني، كان معي في الجنة ‏سبحان الله
11th Mar, 2018
mashallaha subhan allah
21st May, 2017
Mashallaha so beautiful
12th Jan, 2017
Subhan Allah is very nice
20th Dec, 2016
ماشاءالله this is so beautiful
14th Dec, 2016
2nd Dec, 2016
15th Oct, 2016
Mashallha lt is so beautiful
4th Aug, 2016
21st May, 2016
9th Apr, 2016
سبحان اللہ
25th Sep, 2015
Can listen to it again and again Alhamdulillah
7th Sep, 2015
That is so beautiful Masha'Allah, Jk for translation
30th Aug, 2015
SubhanAllah how it all began subhanAllah absolutely amazing. This is real ishq May Allah swa bestow us with such ishq. Ameen. Miss you hazoor
29th Aug, 2015
Murshid Haqq eh Haq Murshid Ya Murshid ??
28th Aug, 2015
May we strive to follow the Sunnah ! Unite us with our Leader Muhammad صلی علیہ وسلم in this life and the afterlife امین یا رب العلمین
27th Aug, 2015
Allah hu akbar kabeera! SubhanAllah Mera murshid sona ?
27th Aug, 2015
Hadhrat Sahib are the embodiment of all spiritual qualities; every aspect of Hadrat Sahib, their voice, poetry and example are cure for all of our social ills. May Allah continue to give them a long healthy life and may we benefit from their advices, ameen.
26th Aug, 2015
SubhaanAllaah MashaAllah Simply the best
26th Aug, 2015
SubhaanAllaah, so beautiful. Hadhrat Saheb is so special. May ALLAAH Protect him always and Increase the reach of his work always, Aameen
26th Aug, 2015
AMAZING AMAZING THAT Sheikh sahib voice still exactly same as was in 1974.Allah waley get stronger and even more beautiful as they get older.If this isnt karamat than what is it.
26th Aug, 2015
Subhanallah sooooo beautiful. May Allah bless us all with ziyarat of prophet.
26th Aug, 2015