رمضان تیری جدائی
Separation from you O Ramadhan (12 minutes)

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Mashallah such a great voice may Allah (Swt) bless but i miss Ramadan I want it to return inshallah it will come again very soon ????
16th May, 2024
5th May, 2024
شیخ کامل صورت ظل الہ
یعنی دید پیر دید کبریا

اللہ اللہ اللہ اللہ اللہ اللہ
29th Apr, 2024
????????????????Oh Allah SWT please grant us Ramadan Mubarak again with our blessed Hazrat Saab. Ameen Thuma Ameen
27th Apr, 2024
17th Apr, 2024
mashaAllah ????????????????????????????
17th Apr, 2024
16th Apr, 2024
16th Apr, 2024
Assalam u Alaikum
If possible, please make all of Hazrat Sahibs Naats, Dhikr and Durood + other clips from Instagram etc Available on tiktok

It's a humble and a sincere request

Jazakallah Khair
13th Apr, 2024
MashAllah, as always from Hadhrat Sahib, simple wording top level poetry ❤️❤️❤️
10th Apr, 2024
Beautiful ​​سبحان الله ❤️
10th Apr, 2024
My heart is hurting!!
Really going to miss this beautiful month of Ramadan in the company of our Beloved shiekh
Beautiful Naat takes you back to all those precious moments
9th Apr, 2024
A beautiful emotional naat from our beloved Hazrat saab. Subhan’Allah.
9th Apr, 2024
Amazing melodious voice Masha’Allah
La howla wala quwwata ilaa bilaah
9th Apr, 2024
9th Apr, 2024
چھا جائے جب اندھیرے ہو بے کسی کی شام
سہر افق کی خوشبویں لائے گا پھر سے کب

واہ واہ سبحان اللہ ۔ جزاک اللہ
9th Apr, 2024
‏سبحان الله
9th Apr, 2024
سبحان الله
9th Apr, 2024
9th Apr, 2024
9th Apr, 2024
‏سبحان الله
9th Apr, 2024
SubhanAllah no one like my Sheikh sahib what a beautiful voice and meaning SubhanAllah Jazakallahu khair for everything Hadhrat sahib my beloved
9th Apr, 2024