اجتماع میں پڑھی گئی نعت
Naat recited in the Ijtima (Gathering) (11 minutes)

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23rd May, 2023
Masha’Allah, amazing
21st Mar, 2023
21st Feb, 2023
9th Mar, 2022
20th Aug, 2021
SubhanAllah, I love you Hazrat Jee
26th Jul, 2021
18th May, 2021
SubhanAllah SubhanAllah SubhanAllah???????????????
اللھم صل علی سیدنا و مولانا محمد و علی آلہ و اصحابہ و سلم
7th May, 2021
SubhanAllah SubhanAllah SubhanAllah ❤️❤️❤️
اللھم صل علی سیدنا و مولانا محمد و علی آلہ و اصحابہ و سلم
7th May, 2021
MashaAllah pure ?
11th Jun, 2020
دنیا کے رنج و غم کا مداوا اسی میں ہے
سب کچھ مکین گمبد خضرا پہ چھوڑ دے
16th May, 2020
13th May, 2020
Masha Allah
10th May, 2020
Subhan Allah
10th May, 2020
سبحان اللّٰہ
30th Apr, 2020
SubhanAllah my favourite Naat ???

I wish Huzoor would recite this again in Ramadan ???
26th Apr, 2020
Ilahi Be Haq e Bani Fatima
Ke Bar Qaul e Iman Kuni Khatima

Agar Da'watam Rad Kuni War Qabool
Man o Dast o Damaan e Aal i Rasool
23rd Apr, 2020
? Subhan Allah ?
16th Apr, 2020
10th Apr, 2020
8th Apr, 2020
Jis Anjuman Me Zikr e Risalat ma'aab hai
Us Anjuman me saans bi laina sawab hai
7th Apr, 2020
Ho jo teri nazar muj pe Asif Piya
Bigri jaa e Sanwar meri, Asif piya

Bargah me teri me na aaun agar
Jaoon me phir kahan mere Asif Piya

Me jo parhta o sunta hun Naat e nabi
Yeh hai teri nazar mere asif piya

Tuj pe Naazan hai sarkar e khawaja Ali
Tu hai Aisi ziyaa mere Asif Piya

Ik teri yaad hai gard hai nasr hai
Shab ka pichla pehar mere asif piya
5th Apr, 2020
MashAllah very beautiful nat
4th Apr, 2020
During the current times when the world is afflicted with Corona it seems as if every Ashiq (Lover of Rasulullah SAW) whether near or away from the blessed city is singing/reciting the verses of this poetry

Tamanna Hai Koi Kehde Madina Aao Le Ja-un
Wahan Ki Ronaq e Dilbar Tumhe Ji bhar ke dikhla-un

Bitha-un Noor Mei Doobe Huwe Gumbad Ke Saaye Me
Jahan Sarkar Ne Rakkhe Qadam Woh Khaak Chumwa-un

Dikah-un Woh Jaga Hasnain Jahan Pe Khela Karte The
Dikah-un Zahra Ki Chakki Woh Ghar Woh Parda Dikhla-un

Subhanallah ❤
1st Apr, 2020
Heart soothing.
Insha'Allah when Allah swt wills we shall be where the presence of our beloved nabi saw is
27th Mar, 2020
4th Feb, 2020
yā shamsu nazarti ilā laylī,
chū ba-taybah rasī ‘arzay ba-kunī.
torī jaut kī jhal-jhal jag mey(n) rachī,
mirī shab ney nah din honā jānā

O' Sun! Gazed have you upon [the darkness of] my night,
Thus, when you reach Taybah, tell [my master] of my plight!
So has pervaded the universe, the radiance of your light,
Yet my night's darkness, into day, still does not take flight!
9th Jan, 2020
9th Jan, 2020
Mashallah beautiful Naat sharif

Hazrat Sahib started with a desire and then while reciting they took us to the holy court, the House of Aisha RA and then to holy court of Hasnain Kareemain and Fatima Zahraa RA
And then through the bazaars of Madina and not to forget the kissing and submission the dust on where the holy prophet SAW placed there feet (I feel there are two meaning to this verse) and then finally finish by saying it seems as if I have just been there and it actually did feel that way. Although sitting in the masjid we were actually wandering the streets of that blessed city Subhanallah

But the response from the Audience was a little disappointing
A poet puts so much effort in to preparing a poem and when it comes to Naat sharif that only happens with the Fazal of Allah and the blessed Nazar e Karam of the Holy Prophet Pbuh

A bit of appreciation in the form of zikr was lacking (from the huge audience) or may be it just doesn't reflect in the audio
Allah Knows
5th Jan, 2020
Can we please please please have the muraqba version done on Thursday 2nd Jan on this website
3rd Jan, 2020
Asslamo aleykum kia shaikh sahib sy mulaqat ho sakti hy???
3rd Jan, 2020
2nd Jan, 2020
Subhanallah, heard Huzoor saying in a recent bayan about one of my peer bhai relating a dream in which Huzoor took him on their chaddar to see Madinah shareef and he swore by Allah I saw it all,everything for real. mashaAllah
1st Jan, 2020
عاماں بے اخلاصاں اگے خاصاں دی گل کرنی
مٹھی کھیر پکا محمد ! کُتیا اگے دھرنی
30th Dec, 2019
30th Dec, 2019
SubhanAllah beautiful naat and such a beautiful
Sweet voice of our Hazrat sheikh masha Allah.
May Allah preserve him with Aafiya

And A long Life Aameen.
29th Dec, 2019
اللہ اللہ کا مزہ مرشد کے میخانے میں ہے
دونوں عالم کی حقیقت ایک پیمانے میں ہے

29th Dec, 2019

Hazrat Sahibs choice of words and then converting them into Ash'aar are just unique Subhanallah

Wahan Ki Ronaqein Dilbar Tumhe Ji Bhar Ke Dikhlaoon
29th Dec, 2019
28th Dec, 2019
Mashallah beautiful voice May Allah give my sheikh a long life
28th Dec, 2019
‏سبحان الله it is only the sweet voice of my Murshid Kamil that brings peace and contentment to my heart ♥️
28th Dec, 2019
ماشاءاللہ ماشاءاللہ, ماشاءاللہ,
Subhan’Allah beautiful Naat
All praise to Allah for for granting us an incomparable shaykh.
28th Dec, 2019
28th Dec, 2019
Subhan’Allah beautiful
28th Dec, 2019
All praise to Allah for for granting us an incomparable shaykh. Subhanallah
27th Dec, 2019

27th Dec, 2019
MashaAllah true and real lover feeling MashaAllah
27th Dec, 2019
Amazing naat. Ma sha Allah.
27th Dec, 2019
Beautiful Baat SubhanAllah
27th Dec, 2019
What a spiritual and heart touching voice of Hazratji.
L n R
27th Dec, 2019
Ever since I have written this Naat, a blissful condition has befallen me
O Asif, it feels to me as though I have just returned from Madinah
27th Dec, 2019
Ma sha Allah beautiful naat and a beautiful voice
27th Dec, 2019
Such a beautiful compilation and recitation
Full of love and inspiration.
Most grateful for these Pearl's
27th Dec, 2019
Beautiful Naat Sharif Subhanallah
27th Dec, 2019
27th Dec, 2019
Sub khana wa tallah without any doubts such a lovely naat with full devotional voice.
27th Dec, 2019
beutiful :} SUBHANALLAH :))
27th Dec, 2019
subhanALLAH beautiful
27th Dec, 2019
سبحان اللہ ۔
27th Dec, 2019
27th Dec, 2019
MashaAllah beautiful naat

27th Dec, 2019
سبحان۰الله سبحان۰الله سبحان۰الله
Beautiful as always
27th Dec, 2019
masha allah
27th Dec, 2019
Subhanallah!Option to download?
Jazakallah Kheyr
27th Dec, 2019