ایک صحابی کا  پیغام
Bayan, 34 minutes
27th June, 2024

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A Message of a Sahabi

قَالَ رَسُولُ الله ﷺ عليكَ بتقوَى اللهِ ما استطعتَ واذكرْ اللهَ عندَ كلِّ حجرٍ وشجرٍ...

"Nabi ﷺ mentioned, fear Allah ta’ala as much as possible and remember Him at every tree and stone.” [Al Mu’jamul Kabir]

On one occasion, a Sahabi requested advice from the Prophet ﷺ. Here, we are being taught that when an individual attends a gathering in which deen is being taught, he should intend to learn and implement whatever Allah ta'ala allows him to hear. He should intend to increase his love for Allah ta'ala, improve his life, abstain from sins and develop concern for the Hereafter through this teaching. This is the definition of taking advice.

This Sahabi had sincerity to learn the Deen. He requested advice with intention of improving his life through implementation and having a good Hereafter. This is a great teaching for the Ummah. Whenever a person listens with sincerity and explains with sincerity then, Allah ta'ala places Mercy in this action.

We should listen attentively to the advices of the Prophet ﷺ and receive them as personal advice. In doing so, we will definitely receive benefit. We have been greatly favoured through his advice which we must adhere to. If we do, this world will become a path of guidance for us and we will be protected from all difficulties and given true success.

Nabi ﷺ never made the deen a burden upon anyone. He presented the deen with ease and his explanations were so great that even the most illiterate person or a child could understand. His words of advise were concise and not lengthy. This assisted the nation to implement the advice which has been imparted.

Nabi ﷺ advised this Sahabi to uphold the fear of Allah ta'ala. This advice contains the entire deen. If we want to rectify ourselves and attain goodness and practice upon the deen, then we must develop fear of Allah ta'ala.

Whenever we intend to perform an action or make a decision, whether it is related to marriage or business, then we should be cautious over one thing - is Allah ta'ala or his Prophet ﷺ being disobeyed through this action?

If we make this a conscious habit before performing any action, it will benefit our life and our deen and we will never commit anything in opposition to Allah ta'ala.

We should generate this thought and before we retire to sleep, we should consider whether we are disobeying or obeying Allah ta'ala. Are we sleeping according to the Sunnah way?

Before every person retires to sleep, an angel accompanies him on one side and Shaytan on the other. Shaytan encourages the person to end his day by committing evil and the angel seeks to preserve this person. Ultimately, the chosen course of action depends upon every individual.

When a person recites the Dua before retiring to sleep and seeks forgiveness for the sins he committed during the day, it shows he has a connection with Allah ta'ala. When a person has this concern and sleeps according to this Sunnah method, then the angels surround him and protect him from all four corners. Thereafter, Shaytan flees from this person and the sleeper experiences a good sleep.

If he fails to sleep according to this Sunnah method and he has no concern, then Shaytan surrounds him and stays with him the entre night and disturbs him. He shows the sleeper strange dreams and doesn't allow him to rise at the correct time.

If we generate the fear of Allah ta'ala within us, then we will not face loss even with regards to our worldly actions.

When we start up a business and we have the consciousness and fear of disobeying Allah ta'ala, then it deters us from earning unlawfully and we are able to shun the whispers of Shaytan who encourages us to commit wrong.

If we desire to be safe from sins and become pious, then we should develop the fear of Allah ta'ala and awareness of His pleasure before committing any action.

If we go about our lives without this concern, our life will be destroyed and we will face distress. We will face temporary pleasure due to openly displeasing Allah ta'ala and not pondering over the consequences of our actions.

Whoever develops this thinking and is cautious of his actions, his life will become Paradise and he won't face any concerns. He will have no fear of anyone.

If we start our day by sinning, then all day long we will face curses and difficulties despite worshiping Allah ta'ala throughout our day.

Darkness and light can't be combined in one place. Thus, good deeds and sins can't be combined. When a person commits a sin, it doesn't allow any light to enter his life or even his worship.

Whenever you initiate a good action, you should seek forgiveness from Allah ta'ala for your sins first. Thereafter, your good deed and your acts of worship will become light for you.

Sins are accursed. Those who worship whilst sinning alongside, are wasting their worship. This is because Allah ta'ala has given him faith and ability but he is wasting his worship due to his sins.

We follow the desires of our heart and do as we please without considering whether our actions are earning Allah ta'ala’s pleasure or displeasure. Whenever we perform an action, we should fulfil it according to Allah ta'ala's obedience.

We should develop this awareness of pleasing Allah ta'ala and assigning our actions to Him. In the Hadith, Nabi ﷺ commands us to remember Allah ta'ala for this mind-set is developed through dhikr.

We should engage in dhikr wherever we are and even at our workplaces. We should be consistent and remain occupied in dhikr during every moment of our lives. Through this action, a person develops the awareness of performing actions with caution.

Unfortunately, the importance of dhikr has left our heart although it is the solution to improving our deen. Every child, every woman and man should engage in dhikr, not just the pious people.

You will not able to perform dhikr until you make a connection with a teacher who teaches dhikr. Thereafter, when you are consistent upon dhikr, the generations of your offspring will also be protected and full of goodness.

The lives of the Dhaakir are elevated due to the dhikr they performed. This is because through dhikr they gained awareness and they abstained from sins. In such a way they became closer to Allah ta'ala.

Whenever you leave a sin, you become closer to Allah ta'ala. You begin to love Him and He loves you. When you engage in sins, then you become distanced from Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala created us differently and gave us different ranks. He made some of us sick and some of us healthy. Some of us are poor and some are wealthy. Some of us are happy and some face difficulties. These differences are due to the wisdom of Allah ta'ala and He wishes to test us through our differences and challenges.

Allah ta'ala tests a person through wealth to see whether he utilises his wealth correctly or spend it in His disobedience. Allah ta'ala gave him wealth and through this blessing, he should've increased in worship and further abstained from sins and disobedience. As he was not thankful for his blessing, Allah ta'ala will cause him to be disgraced and he will face a severe punishment.

Allah ta'ala has made certain people poor to test their trust in Allah ta'ala and their patience. If a person steals and commits fraud in order to remove his poverty, then Allah ta'ala makes him degraded and disgraced because he has sold his life in the world trying to become wealthy. He should have displayed reliance upon Allah ta'ala and observed patience.

A rich person who doesn't show gratitude and a poor person who didn’t persevere, will face severe punishments. However, those who were thankful and patient in adversity and prosperity, will be given a very high status in Paradise.

There are some people in between who would try to be thankful and patient but they would slip. They had intentions to do good and would eventually return to the right path. They would repent to Allah ta'ala and try their best. Such people will be forgiven by Allah ta'ala due to their effort of trying. This is the third grade kept by Allah ta'ala.

Whenever we face calamities in our life, we should accept them as our test. We should exercise patience and not advance towards the unlawful. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala will open the pathway of solutions for us.

We should visit a wali Allah and learn dhikr from him. We should present our circumstances and request for dhikr so that we may be included amongst those who perform abundant dhikr. In doing so, we will receive Allah ta'ala's assistance.

We should assess whether all our actions are according to the pleasure of Allah ta'ala. If they are not, we face a deficit and we should make up for it by engaging in dhikr as those who engage in dhikr are successful.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
29th Jun, 2024
‏سبحان الله
‏ما شاء الله لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله
‏الحمد لله
‏اللهم لك الحمد ولك الشكر
‏جزاكم الله خير حبيبي قلبي كامل الشيخ
28th Jun, 2024