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Bayan, 25 minutes
20th June, 2024

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Subhanallah the whole deen explained simply and to the point.
23rd Jun, 2024
Wazifa for all Problems

Allah ta'ala has mentioned the word "Tuflihun" at least twelve times in the Quran. The commentators state that this word refers to success. They also mention that this word is very broad and expansive and many definitions emanate from it. 'Success' only limits the meaning of this word.

What is success?

A person is protected from the challenges and obstacles in this world, as well as the difficulties of the grave, the shame of the Hereafter and the heat of Hellfire.

The solution for all these challenges is that a person attains success.

How does a person attain success in all these phases?

This is a prescription given by Allah ta'ala Himself. A person should remember Allah ta'ala in abundance and without limit. He should remember Allah ta'ala as much as he can. This is the formula to attain success.

Allah ta'ala has sealed all subjects in to one action. If we wish to attain success in any part of our life or the Hereafter, we should turn towards Allah ta'ala and engage in abundant dhikr.

Allah ta'ala guarantees that whenever we remember Him in abundance, He will grant us our needs and fulfil our desires. If we desire safety from distress and the punishment of the grave, or we desire to earn Allah ta'ala's pleasure and attain success in our business, then Allah ta'ala will fulfil our desires and remove the challenges we are facing due to our dhikr.

In reality, a person's belief in something, leads him to implementation and practice.

Those who have faith will be given success and this is all based on their level of certainty and conviction.

For example, we accept the news/information of a trustworthy and respected person and not from a non trustworthy person. Similarly, a person implements the Quran according to his level of certainty in it

When we come across a verse in the Quran which relates to our benefit for the world and the Hereafter and we still fail to implement, then it is our own misfortune. If we had conviction and a true desire to attain success and be protected from the severity of the Hereafter, then we would blindly adhere to what Allah ta'ala has prescribed for us in the Quran.

A person receives rewards for his worship according to his level of belief and conviction. Every person will receive separate rewards and a separate status for his prayer and thus, each person's grade will be different. Whoever performed his prayer with conviction and faith, will receive a high rank.

Allah ta'ala says that He is with His servant as His servant perceives Him to be.

If we have full faith that dhikr is a great action, we would perform it when faced with difficulties in order to attain the cure and solution.

Some complain that dhikr does not benefit them and others say that they find peace through dhikr. In reality, it is the same gathering, yet, each person's emotion and belief is different. A person practices according to his faith and certainty and he benefits from his dhikr according to the strength of his intention.

For example, if you do not have faith that prayers grant you success, then your prayer will not benefit you in any way.

Thus, it is not the fault of the practice that a person does not receive benefit. Rather, it is due to our lack of conviction and belief that we are not benefiting.

The Bedouin would ask the Prophet ﷺ to advise them on what they could practice. Thereafter, they would carefully adhere to his instructions. The Prophet ﷺ gave such Bedouins the glad tidings of Paradise. This is because they had a belief and conviction in the Prophet ﷺ's words.

We can recite the entire Quran, however, if we recite it without belief and conviction, we will not receive benefit. It is unfortunate that we are always in need, yet, we fail to engage in dhikr although Allah ta'ala has given us an easy formula.

Allah ta'ala has ordered us to sit for dhikr in the morning and in the evening and Allah ta'ala guarantees that we will attain success throughout our life due to this action.

Occasionally, a person is so occupied in dhikr that he is unable to ask his needs from Allah ta'ala. However, Allah ta'ala fulfils his needs due to his dhikr.

My Sheikh was poor and he used to travel from his village to meet his Sheikh. He didn't have a mode of transport, so he would travel 250 miles by foot in order to visit him and he would have to cross the Indus river by boat in order to reach him.

He travelled on this journey for the sake of Allah ta'ala and relied upon Him. In doing so, he wouldn't even stop and ask others for food. He feared that his motive would become worldly if he ate some food along the way.

It would take him two days to reach the Khankah and he would reach at afternoon time. Therefore, he had to wait until night after the dhikr gathering for a very simple evening meal.

He was acquainted with earning wealth and becoming successful in the world, however, he had certainty in the Quran and knew that a person's success is based upon dhikr. This is why he made tremendous sacrifices to attend the Thursday night gatherings as he knew the benefits of this special gathering.

When we engage in dhikr morning and evening, the reward is sent to Hadhrat Sheikh Ali Murtaza رحمة الله عليه as he taught us this dhikr. He attained success in his life through his dhikr.

This world is a place for making effort. If we desire success in the Hereafter, we must be steadfast and take the guidance from the Quran.

Allah ta'ala has given us an easy deed in the form of dhikr, however, Shaytan has made it difficult for us to perform as he does not desire for us to attain success. We face many difficulties and we are drowned in distress, yet, we fail to perform dhikr through which Allah ta'ala will lift our issues.

Allah ta'ala established the gatherings for us morning and evening so we should try to attend these blessed gatherings.
Unfortunately, we are living a life of routine and empty worship. We must strengthen our faith and have belief in the treasure of dhikr which Allah ta'ala has granted to us. In reality, every action we perform is dependent upon our belief, otherwise it goes to a waste.

The Awliyah Allah held on to dhikr with great firmness and belief and it lead them to achieve a very high status. Every Wali Allah is immersed in the dhikr of Allah ta'ala, for a person cannot be a friend of Allah ta'ala without performing dhikr.

Allah ta'ala loves it when we remember Him and has placed success in this action. We may face laziness and tiredness and pride will come in the way of dhikr, however, this is Shaytan tricking us and attempting to lead us to Hellfire. We should submit ourselves and crush our desires as Allah ta'ala loves this action.

We should make a habit of dhikr and our worries and problems will become cured and Allah ta'ala will accept our prayers. We should sit in dhikr with our calamities in mind but we should remember that worldly problems will soon end. On the other hand, the calamities of the Hereafter will not end.

Thus, we should not perform dhikr only to attain worldly benefits. In addition, we should ask Allah ta'ala to save us from the severities of death and the Hereafter.

If we remember Him today, our hardship will end tomorrow.

May Allah ta'ala enable us to implement. Ameen
22nd Jun, 2024
22nd Jun, 2024
‏سبحان الله
‏ما شاء الله لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله
‏الحمد لله
‏اللهم لك الحمد ولك الشكر
‏جزاكم الله خير حبيبي قلبي كامل الشيخ
21st Jun, 2024