دعا سے کیا ملتا ہے؟
Bayan, 38 minutes
30th May, 2024

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The typed out version of the Bayans below are actually summaries, there is a lot missing in them. In order to enjoy completely one must listen to the entire bayan.
4th Jun, 2024
1st Jun, 2024
What Do We Gain From Dua?

There is one worship which is more weightier than all other worships. It is a very important worship and that is the worship of supplication. Supplication is the root of all worship and the purpose of our worship is to seek and beg from Allah ta'ala. In reality, supplication represents faith. The more a person has belief in supplication, the more his faith is strengthened.

If we would like to assess the level of our faith, we should examine the level of our belief in asking from Allah ta'ala. The more strong our certainty in Allah ta'ala that He listens and He grants, the more our faith is strengthened. Thus, worship demonstrates a person's faith.

Allah ta'ala listens and yet we do not ask. Even if we ask, we do so out of habit and don't have the certainty that He will grant us.

When we fail to supplicate, it shows arrogance towards Allah ta'ala and our lack of accepting Him as our God. Those who are arrogant and fail to worship, will be in Hellfire forever.

A person who has strong faith does not rely on anyone else besides Allah ta'ala. If we had certainty in Allah ta'ala, we wouldn't be anxious or depressed as we would believe wholeheartedly that He grants. We shouldn’t be depressed whilst Allah ta'ala has given us supplication as a great asset.

Supplication demonstrates a person's relationship with Allah ta'ala. If we had a connection with Allah ta'ala, we would turn to Him and seek from Him.

Shaytan distances a person from making supplication and without supplication, a persons connection with Allah ta'ala is lost. In this way, a person enters in to Hellfire. Shaytan makes a person despondent over his supplications being accepted.

Supplication is the foundation of our Deen. The essence of the Quran is Surah Fatihah and the essence of Surah Fatiha is supplication. Thus, the entire Quran is a supplication, therefore, we should make it a habit to supplicate.

Supplication is also true sign of servanthood. A believer expresses his faith through supplication which Shaytan seeks to rid from a person.

In Surah Fatiha, we praise and glorify Allah ta'ala and then we seek the straight path which is the essence of the Quran. This is the greatness of supplication.

A person should not tire in supplicating towards Allah ta'ala. Shaytan makes a person despondent and see no benefit in his supplication. Shaytan attacks us because we haven't tried to understand and reflect what supplication is. We haven’t understood the purpose of worship. In reality, this is a treasure for us, but we have simply made it in to a habit.

Allah ta'ala has commanded us to ask from Him and He promises that He will accept our supplications in all forms and conditions.

Supplication is an act of worship which means it is a good deed deserving of acceptance and reward.

Supplication is a sign of servanthood and it demonstrates the pleasure of Allah ta'ala. The more a person demonstrates servanthood, the more Allah ta'ala becomes happy with that person and the more a person draws closer to Allah ta'ala.

The pious predecessors mention that if supplication is worship, then with every supplication, a person's servanthood increases and his relationship with Allah ta'ala becomes stronger.

Supplications brings ongoing reward, nearness to Allah ta'ala, and accepted supplications.

Shaytan’s attacks and whispers are very wretched. He makes a person believe that his supplications are pointless and makes a person despondent over his supplications.

Unfortunately, many have gone astray due to their supplications not being accepted. In such a way, they lose their faith.

We should be cautious of speaking negatively against Allah ta'ala. We shouldn’t complain that we are tired of asking from Allah ta'ala and He has not granted us, otherwise, such a person does not remain a believer.

The most beloved act to Allah ta'ala is that His servant supplicates to Him and begs from Him. We may supplicate to Him for our religious and worldly needs. Even to request personal needs from Allah ta'ala is a high level act of worship. In doing so, we gain reward and closeness to Allah ta'ala and our prayers are accepted. If we don't believe in this, it means our faith is very weak due to the whispers of Shaytan.

We should have faith and certainty in Allah ta'ala's wisdom as He is the most wise. Allah ta'ala's plans are all based on wisdom and our minds cannot comprehend His wisdom. His wisdom is veiled and this is because we should believe in Allah ta'ala and ask from Him without seeing Him. Allah ta'ala listens to our supplications. It is based on His wisdom that we are unaware whether our supplication has been accepted or not.

Our supplications are certainly accepted, however, Allah ta'ala grants us what He has preferred for us. We are His servants and we request according to our capability and understanding. Allah ta'ala grants according to His excellence and He withholds from us out of His wisdom.

Either He grants our supplications immediately or He makes it a treasure for our world and Hereafter.

What is the treasure of the world?
Allah ta'ala grants us better than what we require and what is more important for us. Allah ta'ala eradicates calamities from our pathway by means of our sincere supplications. Due to a delay in our supplications being answered, Allah ta'ala lifts the tragedies and the calamities to come in our life.

The treasure for the Hereafter is that we will be close to the Awliyah Allah and the Messengers despite our lack of deeds and worship. This is because we never gave up supplicating to Allah ta'ala despite our supplications not being fulfilled. Instead, our ranks are raised in the Hereafter.

Thus, we should raise our hands with belief and conviction. Shaytan makes us believe that our worship is not a worthy cause for our supplications to be accepted, however, we should disregard this thought.

On the other hand, we should never become arrogant over our deeds. We should never consider our worship at a level whereby we become deserved of having our supplications accepted. We should never give in to Shaytan’s whispers and our desires which deceive us.

After worshiping Allah ta'ala, we should be thankful to Allah ta'ala for giving us the capability to worship.

When we recite the Kalimaat of dhikr, Allah ta'ala accepts our supplications via the means of these Kalimaat.

There are some people who are destined for Hellfire, however, if they take the intercession and means of the pious people they will be saved and their supplications will be accepted. This is why we should take the company of the pious.

We should supplicate and take the intercession of the pious person and mention, "Oh Allah, for the sake of the piety of this pious person, please accept my supplication," and Allah ta'ala will accept our supplication. This a means to strengthen our supplications.

The Awliyah Allah have been freed from Hellfire, so Allah ta'ala accepts their supplications.
We should seek these Wali Allah and ask them to supplicate on our behalf. In doing so, our supplications will be accepted due to their blessings. Allah ta'ala places mercy and blessings in the life of a Wali Allah, so, we should run to attain rewards from their company.

We should eradicate the whispering of Shaytan and make ourselves strong. We should always make dua to Allah ta'ala and we will definitely be rewarded.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
1st Jun, 2024
31st May, 2024
SubhanAllah always giving excellent advice, Duaas and wisdom in all the majlis alhamdulillah for having an honorable sheikh.
31st May, 2024
How great is my Shaykh Subhanallah
31st May, 2024