دنیا کی لعنت سے کیسے بچیں؟
Bayan, 40 minutes
23rd May, 2024

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How Do We Save Ourselves From the Curse of Dunya?

When you understand the importance of an action, you perform it with more love and passion. We engage in dhikr of Allah ta'ala, but we should consider why this act is so important and why Allah ta'ala's has encouraged us to remember Him in the Quran.

Every worship has a limit, however, Allah ta'ala desires that we engage in His dhikr abundantly. Allah ta'ala holds this action dear to Him and when we gather together to remember Him, Allah ta'ala establishes His own gathering in the heavens with His selected angels and He remembers the one who remembers Him.

He sends His mercy upon the Dhaakir and removes all his difficulties and sorrows.

Those are distant from Allah ta'ala's dhikr are unfortunate as they do not realise the value of His dhikr.
Our objective of life is to attain the love of Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala loves it when we love Him and remember Him and this is our duty of life.

It is the heart which contains all emotions such as love and hatred. We tend to keep two types of love contained in our heart. The love of the world and the love for Allah ta'ala. It is impossible that these loves co-exist in the heart as only one can remain and that is the love of Allah ta'ala.

Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنه narrated that Nabi ﷺ said, "Is not the world cursed and everything in it except for the remembrance of Allah and what facilitates it, the scholar or the student.” [Tirmidhi Shareef]

This world is a place of wretchedness and it is most disliked by Allah ta'ala. The world and what is contains is cursed because the effects of the world is such, that it distances a person from Allah ta'ala. If a person has love for the world in his heart, he can never be close to Allah ta'ala as he will do never do anything for Allah ta'ala. He won't practice for the sake of Allah ta'ala.

Nabi ﷺ taught us to detach ourselves from this world so that we can attain Allah ta'ala's nearness, otherwise we cannot be close to Allah ta'ala as this world distances a person from Allah ta'ala.

The materialistic things of this world such as houses, cars and fame, are a means of attraction for us. Love for these things overtake our hearts. As long as we fail to remove this from our heart, we cannot acquire the nearness of Allah ta'ala in our hearts.

There is attraction and temptation in the world and many people become trapped in this world. When the world overtakes a person, he becomes negligent, lazy and ignorant. These traits take a person far from Allah ta'ala.

A negligent person is he who abandons the laws of Allah ta'ala. He doesn't understand Shariah and what is lawful and unlawful. He has no importance of the religion in his life. He follows Shaytan and his desires because he is immersed in the world and the world has pulled him towards its attractions.

How we should we protect ourselves from this trap of the world?

The world is defined as anything which takes you far from Allah ta'ala, whether it is sleep, love, item, or a person.

If you really love sleep and it causes you to forsake your prayers, then this is defined as "the world" as it takes you further away from Allah ta'ala.

This world takes you far from Allah ta'ala's love. There's greed, temptations and luxuries. The temptations do not satisfy the heart and the greed increases.

Allah ta'ala doesn’t desire us to have love for the world. If a person practices deen and fulfils his prayers, that doesn't necessarily mean that he is close to Allah ta'ala through his excessive worship. Rather, the sign of a person being close to Allah ta'ala, is that he worships Allah ta'ala and simultaneously, he does not disobey Him and will never break any law of Shariah. This refers to Taqwa (fear of Allah.)

Excessive worship which is performed alongside disobeying Allah ta'ala is also considered a worldly thing. Such worship is for the world because your sins are combined with it.

The high ranking person who is truly practicing, is He who follows the commands of Allah ta'ala. If he makes a mistake, he cries to Allah ta'ala and seeks His forgiveness. His night will not be spent peacefully until his heart is satisfied that Allah ta'ala is now pleased with him. If he converses with someone with incorrect conduct, he considers it a massive error on his part. This error will cause him to stay up at night in remorse. He recognises Tahajjud to be a waste of time for him until the mistake is removed from his heart. This is the sign of Allah ta'ala's nearness.

We are required to stay in this world and it is not permissible to flee to the wilderness, isolate ourselves and refrain from marriage.

However, Allah ta'ala has not left us here in this world without a solution. This solution lies in dhikr. Dhikr of Allah ta'ala gives a person success as it holds a special quality within it. It draws a person closer to Allah ta'ala. When the world draws us towards sin and attractions, then dhikr draws us towards Allah ta'ala.

Even those things which are related to dhikr bring a person close to Allah ta'ala.

What are those things connected to dhikr?
The company of the wali Allah, the gatherings of dhikr and the discussions of the Awliyah Allah. These things will take you closer to Allah ta'ala.

We don't believe in this fact and we look for shortcuts and leeway, when in reality, without dhikr, we cannot live a proper life. The moment we become negligent from dhikr, we end up drowning in the world and become far from Allah ta'ala. Being ignorant and distant from dhikr, means a person is trapped in nafs and Shaytan and goes towards destructions.

If we want to be saved from the wretchedness of the world and we desire the success of the Hereafter, we should take the cure which the Prophet ﷺ has prescribed for us.

Unfortunately, Shaytan and nafs have overwhelmed us and have taken us far from dhikr. We fail to attend dhikr gatherings out of laziness. We have no modesty and we worship for the sake of love for the world and not for the sake of Allah ta'ala's love. We supplicate for the world. This is because we have abandoned the remembrance of Allah ta'ala. We have abandoned the sequence of life which Allah ta'ala has prescribed of remembering Him at all times.
Whatever we amass in this world is wretched as this world is a temporary abode. Worldly things are accursed as they contain the temptation and love of the world. When a person engages in dhikr, he lives a genuine life and has contentment in his heart. He lives in moderation and makes transactions out of necessity. He doesn't hoard materialism nor does he have greed.

Those who are sincere and take heed of the message, Allah ta'ala is generous and merciful upon them and brings them near to Him. Those who follow their own desires, get trapped and they cannot be corrected.

When an opportunity appears in your life and you are given the message, then know that Allah ta'ala's mercy and grace is being bestowed upon you and that opportunity will not come again. Allah ta'ala does not repeatedly grant opportunities.

If we want to attain success and eliminate the love of the world, then we must develop the love of Allah ta'ala by engaging in dhikr. Apart from dhikr, there is no other action which may distant a person from the world and bring the love for Allah ta'ala in our heart.

Those who are sincere, will begin dhikr and will engage in dhikr the way it is prescribed by Allah ta'ala, which is after Fajr until sunrise and in the evening. Such a person will not engage in dhikr according to his own desires. Only the one who engages in dhikr as prescribed by Allah ta'ala, will be given success.

Whoever abandons dhikr in the morning, he is lazy and wretched. He will be cursed throughout his day as he is devoid of blessings.

Dhikr and those things which are attached to dhikr are what takes a person away from the wretchedness of the world. Whoever has understood this, is successful.

We abandon prayers and have no worry about it. We continue earning in the world without a worry. Such a person is cursed and whatever he earns is accursed. His entire life will become accursed. Thus, we shouldn’t live our life according to our own desires. We must submit ourselves to Allah ta'ala and live according to His choice. If a person spends his life in such a way, He will be granted whatever He desires in the Hereafter.

Allah ta'ala gave Mankind intellect and free-will. Man is aware of goodness and evil, profit and loss. It is our choice where we want to advance. Animals do not have this choice and freedom. We have the opportunity to progress and ascend in ranks. We have full control and ability to leave wrongdoing. Allah ta'ala has also sent us assistance in the form of guidance through the Prophets and the Awliyah Allah. He will continue to guide us and deliver the message until Qiyaamah.

Fortunate are those who wish to listen and they take heed when they receive the message of Allah ta'ala. They abandon wrongdoing and thus, they will be safe from Hellfire.

The world is so impure that it can attack a person anytime and contaminate his deen and faith. One may only be saved through engaging in the dhikr of Allah ta'ala always. The sign of a Dhaakir who performs abundant dhikr is that he is always in fear of Allah ta'ala.

Make a connection which those things which take you close to Allah ta'ala. The Sheikh is a Wali Allah and is already close to Allah as he is Allah ta'ala's friend so we should make a connection with a Sheikh and sit with him. A Wali Allah is he who, when you see him, he reminds you of Allah ta'ala. Thus, you should take hold of his company and from there you will learn about Allah ta'ala's connection.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
25th May, 2024