آدم علیہ سلام کو کونسی عبادت دی گی؟
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16th May, 2024

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خلیفہ خلق کے ہم، ہم ہی مسجُودِ مَلک ٹھہرے
بحمدالله شانِ ثنا دیکھو یہاں اَپنی، وہاں اپنی
29th May, 2024
18th May, 2024
Which Ibadah Was Given to Hadhrat Adam (as)?

The true successful person is he who saves himself from Hellfire and enters Paradise. Our life long efforts are to attain this very objective. To attain this destination Allah ta'ala has granted us one worship.

Allah ta'ala created Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام through His infinite wisdom. He created this Prophet and made him a leader. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala created Hadhrat Hawa عليها السلام. Allah ta'ala sent them both to Paradise instead of sending them to the world despite Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام being created for the world and to become a representative upon earth.

The angels and the creatures already worship Allah ta'ala and glorify Him. The commentators state that Allah ta'ala prepared Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام for a specific worship which his children would perform upon the earth. Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام was made to practice this worship before us. We must assess whether we perform this worship today.

Allah ta'ala kept Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام and his wife in Paradise and warned them to abstain from eating from the tree. Shaytan began his work in Paradise and this is because Allah ta'ala wanted to show us the system of life. Shaytan made Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام perform the act which Allah ta'ala prohibited him to do and he committed an error. Allah ta'ala taught us a lesson here that our worship on this earth is also to refrain from what Allah ta'ala has prohibited. This is the worship which Allah ta'ala prescribed for us and there's no other worship which we must exert ourselves in as much as this. This is our prime worship.

Whoever advances towards that which Allah ta'ala has forbidden, has become disobedient and astray. He will be deviated and will lose out from Allah ta'ala's treasures.

Shaytan will attack us and make us inclined towards sin, however, we should protect ourselves from disobedience.

The greatest worship in this world is to refrain from sin. This is our duty. If we stay away from sins, we will be protected from Hellfire and admitted in to Paradise. Such a person will leave the world successful.

A person who sins cannot enter Paradise because Paradise is not a place of sin. Even if a person commits a very small sin, it prevents him from entering Paradise. Therefore, our purpose of life is to protect ourselves from Hellfire through abstaining from sins.

Shaytan doesn't allow us to consider the severity and the consequences of our sins and he encourages us to sin. He has made us forget our duty in life and has made us habitual in sinning. He has made the act of sinning insignificant to us and allowed us to feel complacent with our worship, such as praying. Nowadays, we backbite and lie even whilst performing Hajj! This is from the tactics of Shaytan.
Shaytan worshipped Allah ta'ala for many years, however, when he committed sins, all his years worth of worship were destroyed. Similarly, when we sin, our acts of worship are also destroyed.

Our duty is to fear Allah ta'ala and save ourselves from sins. This is what practicing Tasawwuf refers to and it is the greatest achievement. Allah ta'ala doesn’t require our worship and prayers, rather, He wishes us to abstain from sin.

The angels praise Allah ta'ala but they don't have the capacity to sin, whereas Mankind is enabled to sin. This is what makes us the superior form of creation.

Allah ta'ala has given us the ability to prevent ourselves from sin so we should exert ourselves in this task instead of focusing on worship. After fulfilling the Faraaid, our daily focus should be on abstaining from sins, otherwise our limbs will testify against us on the day of Qiyamah.

Nabi ﷺ stated that the tongue is what delivers a person to Hellfire the most.

He ﷺ stated, "When the son of Adam wakes up in the morning, all of his limbs defer to the tongue and they say: Fear Allah regarding us, for we are only a part of you. If you are upright, we are upright. If you are crooked, we are crooked." [Tirmidhi Shareef]

The foundation of sin is the tongue which shows how dangerous it is. Our duty is to control our tongue. If we take care of our tongue, then we will be saved from all other sins. One's worship will only benefit him and allow him to become successful once he leaves the sin.

Whoever controls his tongue, has saved himself from the path of Hellfire and has protected his faith.

Nabi ﷺ said, "O Abu Dharr, shall I not tell you of two qualities that are easy on your back and heavier on the scale of good than others?” Abu Dharr said, “Of course, O Messenger of Allah.” The Prophet said, “You must have good character and observe long periods of silence. By the One in whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, no one can behave with deeds more beloved to Allah than these two.” [Baihaqi Shareef]

The cure of misusing the tongue is to utilise silence.

Before uttering a statement, we should consider whether our words will take us to Hellfire or Paradise. With this caution we should speak and this is the way to prepare for our Hereafter.

The punishment of misusing the tongue are many. Often, we have no reason to speak, however, we use our tongues to speak about futile things and we backbite and mock others. We gossip and we waste time. We sin whilst we are unaware.

When a person gets in to the habit of remaining silent, then he will not feel like speaking at all.

We should observe silence and this is the learning one attains from the Khankah. We should engage in Muraqabah with full focus without paying attention to what is happening around us. If we laugh and joke during Muraqabah and speak with a loud voice, then it is of no benefit to us.

We shouldn’t look left and right, criticising others and asking questions. Rather, we should focus on ourselves and our dhikr. This is how we should be in the company of the Wali Allah. The most disrespectful student is he who speaks wasteful talk in the company of the Sheikh. We shouldn't perform futile actions, such as gossiping in the Sheikh's company.

Allah ta'ala has given us this opportunity to be rectified in the company of the wali Allah, yet we still do not save ourselves from Haraam and we fail to improve ourselves. We should at least control our tongues through engaging in dhikr.

Nabi ﷺ advised Hadhrat Muadh رضي الله عنه to keep his tongue most with dhikr. He mentioned this act specifically. When our tongue remains silent, it is full of sweetness and enjoyment as it is not consuming the flesh of its brother. When we control our tongue, it is illuminated and we can taste our food better.

Similarly, if we engage in dhikr and consume Haraam alongside, we will not feel the positive effects of our dhikr.

We should oppose our tongue and only speak when we have a need. We should keep our tongue busy with Allah ta'ala's dhikr and thereafter, we will receive Paradise.

We were sent in this world to develop taqwa which is the fear of Allah ta'ala. A Muttaqi is not he who worships in abundance. Rather, it is he who shuns the sins.

When the noble companions sat in the company of the Prophet ﷺ, they would sit with their heads bowed and they wouldn't speak due to the high level of respect they possessed.

Similarly, in the company of the Sheikh, we shouldn't feel the need to speak. The more respect we possess, the more silent we will remain. The person who is wretched and disrespectful does not cease to speak in the company of the Sheikh.

From now on, we should try to control our tongues and try not to speak without a need. This safeguarding will save us from Hellfire.

Instead, we should keep our tongue occupied with dhikr so that we have no need to speak. When the tongue becomes pure through dhikr, then a person won't feel like using his tongue to speak evil. Moreover, the light of dhikr brings a person towards goodness.

We should visit a Sheikh so that he can enable us to perform repentance. This is how to remove our sins. We should promise not to repeat our sins and in this way, Allah ta'ala orders the angels to remove all our past sins.

Allah ta'ala has delivered us to a great Sheikh, so it is very unfortunate if we do not work hard. Such a person who is negligent, will be punished in the Hereafter.

The angels upon our shoulders note down everything we utter so we shouldn’t give them an opportunity to write and record our negative deeds. If we sincerely repent and make a firm intention to leave then sin, then Allah ta'ala will wipe our deeds away.

After repentance, we should control our tongue, otherwise it will take us back towards our sins.

We shouldn't exert ourselves in abundant worship. Rather, we should control our tongue first. The reason we fill our sheets everyday is so that we can analyse and challenge ourselves daily. In this way, we are trying to improve ourselves. We have embarked upon the journey and this is why we are better than those who have no concern and awareness of their life and death.

It is not part of Islam to worship and oppress others alongside. We must leave our sins behind by visiting a wali Allah and repenting. This is the most important task. Shaytan will distance us from the company of the wali Allah, however, we should always return, as it is the means of attaining a connection with Allah ta'ala and a means of self- rectification.

Once Shaytan removes us from the company of the wali Allah, then he has taken us with him to Hellfire. Thus, we should understand that Shaytan is our enemy.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
18th May, 2024
Assalam u alaikum
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18th May, 2024
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