ہم ایمان کو کیسے جانچ سکتے ہیں؟
Bayan, 38 minutes
9th May, 2024

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How Can We Judge Our Iman?

One's value is not recognised through his wealth or status or any greatness in the world, nor is it due to his power. In the eyes of Allah ta'ala, the greatest human being and the one who benefits the most, is he who has Imaan. It is the value of Imaan which increases and brings a person closer to Allah ta'ala. The people of the world may reject the believer and look down upon him for being poor or ignorant, however, the believer is beloved to Allah ta'ala no matter the level of his faith.

On the day of Judgement, reckoning will take place and Allah ta'ala will order the angel to remove a man from the lowest part of Hellfire. The angels will say to Allah ta'ala, "This man is in the lowest portion of Hell. How can he be forgiven?" Allah ta'ala will reply, "He has an atoms weight of faith within him due to which he will be forgiven."

Even if a person has faith weighing less than a particle, he will be removed from Hellfire and his wounds will be removed through the water of Paradise. His face will illuminate and he will be granted the attire of Paradise. The people of Hellfire will be envious of him and wish that they could have been saved too. Even the lowest level of faith which a person possesses, is enough for him to be brought out of Hellfire.

When such a person witnesses Paradise, he will be awe-struck. Allah ta'ala will ask Him what he desires and the man will respond that he is happy with anything that Allah grants to him and he is grateful for being saved from Hellfire.

Allah ta'ala will grant him a Paradise which is ten times better than the earth. He will enter his palace despite possessing the lowest level of faith. Imagine the reward of those who possess a higher level of faith!

Imaan is a delicate thing which is easily affected. When we recite Quran or visit the righteous, our faith is elevated. As soon as we move away from the Quran and good company, our level of Imaan decreases. Thus, our Imaan fluctuates constantly. We must be reminded that our Hereafter depends on the condition with which we depart this world. This is the real test.

We may think that our faith is strong today, however, there is no guarantee that the level of our faith will remain strong until the time of our death. We should have concern of having strong faith at the time of our death.

Imaan is a great asset and the success of both worlds are dependent upon it. The greatness of our actions depend upon our faith. The stronger our faith, the stronger our deeds and the more we will become elevated.

All the signs of Qiyamah are evident. The biggest danger we face today is losing our Imaan. There is no bigger fitna than Dajjaal. The Prophet ﷺ always sought refuge from the evil of Dajjaal after prayers.

We fail to appreciate our Imaan although it is a very fantastic thing.

There is a Hadith in Tabrani Shareef whereby Nabi ﷺ said, "Keep refreshing and protecting your Imaan." Have concern for your faith. The noble companions became concerned of protecting their faith and they would strive to strengthen it.

Nowadays, we face various trials and challenges. We are required to battle our desires as our sins impact our Imaan. To solve this, Nabi ﷺ encouraged us to protect our faith through remembering Allah ta'ala in abundance. This is also the advice he gave Hadhrat Muadh ibn Jabal رضي الله عنه.

This is a prescription for protection for all generations and for everyone across the globe. It is the power and energy for a human being. Allah ta'ala has commanded us to remember Him at every moment because this action protects our faith and it is the best preparation for the Hereafter.

A guest enters our home with an intention to leave one day. Similarly, we are guests in this world, yet we forget that we will soon depart. Our actions demonstrate that we do not wish to leave. We accumulate worldly assets and we over plan our future and neglect death. Such a person can never prepare for his death.

Shaytan makes us feel confident that we will die with Imaan. It is the greatest deception which he makes us believe.

The dhikr of Allah ta'ala is what awakens us from this deception and it gives us the recognition of death. It prepares us for death.

We are afraid when we think of death although we will soon depart. We bury our own relatives and loved ones and this is the reality of life.

The grave calls out to us morning and evening although we have forgotten about our grave. After we pass away, we will be resurrected and questioned. We have been provided this information so that we can prepare today.
If we prepare, our graves will be illuminated and we will forget what we left behind in the world. We will witness beautiful scenes in the grave and this is due to protecting our faith whilst we were in the world.

There is a Hadith in Tabrani Shareef which states that the action which will protect and assist a person the most in his grave, is the dhikr of Allah ta'ala.

We shouldn't be lazy and negligent from dhikr when all our deeds depend upon it in both worlds.

Shaytan has deviated us and made us forget our death. He disconnects us from dhikr and its importance and he directs us towards evil and corruption.
Allah ta'ala has given us dhikr which is a protection for us against the fitna of Dajjaal. The dhikr of Allah ta'ala will overcome all the evil of Dajjaal.

These Gatherings that we attend are very valuable and they prepare us for our graves. Dhikr is what protects our Imaan. We do not attend for the sake of becoming pious and superior to others. Rather, the wali Allah develops his students via dhikr. It is the greatest work of deen to teach and propagate the dhikr of Allah ta'ala. There is no other action which can save a person from the evil of this generation.

There is a Hadith mentioned in Tabrani Shareef which mentions that there is no other action besides dhikr which protects a person from the wrath of Allah ta'ala.

We are living in a dangerous era and we may easily fall in to the traps of evil. Thus, it is essential to protect our Imaan with the cure which the Prophet ﷺ has prescribed to us. If we are weak implementing, then we are being prevented by Shaytan from becoming successful.

My beloved Hadhrat Sheikh used to say, "Whether your heart desires or not, whether you have whudu or not, you should never leave the dhikr of Allah ta'ala in any circumstance and you will certainly attain its benefits."

Even if a person is silent, sitting and engaging in dhikr, that will grant him success. He has come under the shade of protection which Nabi ﷺ has prescribed. One's faith is protected via this method.

The weaker your faith, the weaker your deeds and the more you will run after sins which will lead you astray easily.

One who has faith will not chase sin. He will experience peace in his heart and he will not have greed for the world. He will not over plan in this world. Such a person who over plans, has weak faith and he is setting himself up for destruction.

When Allah ta'ala punishes a person permanently, He makes him happy and prosperous in the world. He is given more materialistic things of the world as a punishment. Allah ta'ala does not desire him to turn back to His Lord.

When a person is faced with challenges and difficulties, this is out of Allah ta'ala's favour upon him. If the servant returns to Allah ta'ala, then it is a reward for him from Allah ta'ala as Allah ta'ala desires to remove his sins and bring him closer to Him. This is a sign of faith.

We should measure the level of our faith by examining what it is within our heart and what our desires are attracting us towards. Those with high level faith are more inclined towards preparing for the Hereafter as they know that the best enjoyment is the enjoyment of the Hereafter.

We should earn for the Hereafter and protect our faith through dhikr. We shouldn’t worry about the conditions around us. Rather, we should make dhikr compulsory upon us which will save us in both worlds.

We should keep measuring our faith without consider ourselves forgiven and beloveds of Allah ta'ala. We shouldn't be deceived.

The more strong a person's faith is, the more its light will grant him success in the Hereafter. He will be saved from all darkness of the Hereafter and he will enter Paradise smiling. He will cross the bridge in the Hereafter with ease. This is because he protected his faith through dhikr.

We should constantly refresh our faith and save ourselves from fitna so that we can depart this world with strong faith.

Dhikr is not a minor thing. The greatest treasure given by Allah ta'ala to His servant is the ability to remember Him. Thus, we should attach our hearts to Dhikr in abundance.

We may not realise its value now, however, we will realise and regret it in the afterlife.

If we fail to practice upon the prescription of the Prophet ﷺ today, then what connection will we have with him after our death?

We should assess ourselves daily to determine how much we are remembering Allah ta'ala.

If one possesses love and desire for good deeds and his good deeds are increasing and his worldly desires are decreasing and he develops dislike for sins, then consider his dhikr successful. If he has not developed this emotion, then his dhikr is not beneficial for him.

Dhikr is a cure, so we should assess how much it is impacting us. If we are not benefiting from it, we must increase our dhikr, just like the doctor increases the dose of our medication after delayed recovery from sickness.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
11th May, 2024