جواہر رمضان ۲۰۲۴ - ایپیسوڈ ۲۹
Bayan, 51 minutes
9th April, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 29

During Ramadan, Allah ta'ala commanded us to abstain from food and drink during the day and He commanded us to break our fast at sunset. Allah ta'ala made it easy for us to implement these orders.

The target of this month was to attain Taqwa. This month may have ended, but in reality, the action of fasting hasn't ended. Allah ta'ala demonstrated special closeness with His slave during Ramadan which is why we were enabled to perform many good deeds. After Ramadan, Allah ta'ala's special attention will end and it causes a person to become slack.

Hadhrat Hanzalah رضي الله عنه once said to the Prophet ﷺ that he felt like a hypocrite because in the company of the Prophet ﷺ, he felt strong and upon returning to his house and family, his emotions change. He considered himself a hypocrite for not feeling strong all the time.
Nabi ﷺ said to him that this emotion will naturally not be maintained and it is only in his ﷺ's company that he will feel strong. He told him not to worry about this feeling too much.

Similarly, as long as the student is in the company of the Sheikh, he feels strong and energetic and he obeys the Sheikh dutifully. If a person does not feel strength outside his Sheikh's company, then he should not feel distressed as it's the achievement of his Sheikh which gives him that feeling. Rather, he should maintain these feelings afterwards.

This shows that company is what changes a person. It also tells us that we shouldn’t depend on our emotions, rather, we should strive to maintain our actions.

If we have love, belief and trust in our teacher, then it is light upon light and we will never leave the gathering empty handed.

Naturally, one will not feel the same passion experienced in Ramadan and if the effects diminish, it doesn't mean that we should abandon congregation and leave the gathering of dhikr and leave out good habits.

Ramadan is when we practice, but we must maintain our actions after Ramadan. We shouldn't feel worried if our spirituality diminishes as it is normal. We shouldn’t rely on our emotions, rather, the effects of Ramadan will remain and it will enable us to keep practicing after Ramadan. We should not worry about feeling like a hypocrite.

When you're in the company of the Sheikh, the Sheikh pulls on the students. When you leave the Sheikh's company, then his influence remains. We should remember his words and take encouragement from it. We shouldn’t leave the actions we implemented.

We fulfilled Allah ta'ala's order of fasting during Ramadan and have become a Muttaqi. We have attained high level taqwa and attained Paradise.

There are different levels of Taqwa and according to that, a person will receive the levels in Paradise. Some will attain a house and some will attain palaces. It depends on how much a person struggled in Ramadan and how much he crushed his desires.

What is the factor which made us a Muttaqi?
All of us implemented the order of Allah ta'ala regardless of the conditions we faced. We did this and were rewarded with Taqwa.

We celebrate Eid due to fulfilling Allah ta'ala's orders, but now that the restrictions of Ramadan have ended, we are not free to do as we will.

If we continue to obey Allah ta'ala's orders even outside Ramadan, then we will be given Paradise.

In reality, as soon as we entered this world, our fasting began and when we die, our fast will break. This is the true fasting. This refers to our life being a fast and we all have different time frames of life.
Life is a fast just like the fast of Ramadan. Whoever observes his life with the same principles as Ramadan, then he will break his fast at the pond of Kawthar.

Hadhrat Anas رضي الله عنه saw a beautiful river whilst they were travelling. The water was extremely pure and tastier than honey. The soil near the water had a beautiful fragrance as it was the soil of Paradise.

Nabi ﷺ asked Hadhrat Jibraeel عليه السلام regarding this river. He replied, "This your river, made for you especially and the real fast of life will be broken here. You will fill these vessels and quench the thirst of your Ummah. The one who drinks from this pond, will never be thirsty again after that."

We break the fast at the pond and will be given the meal by Allah ta'ala in Paradise.

The one who fasts throughout his entire life is the one who upholds the commands of Allah ta'ala. This is the true fasting of life.

His ears eyes, tongue all fast and he continuously fasts throughout his life. Every night is laylatul qadr for such a person as Allah ta'ala desires to meet His fasting slave every night.

The dishes prepared for the Jannati will be beef. The animal will be reared in Paradise and slaughtered in Paradise. The second dish will be the liver of a fish. It will be unique food hosted by Allah ta'ala.

We must understand the purpose of life. When we see a person publicly eating during Ramadan, we dislike this person for failing to implement Allah ta'ala's orders, although we should never dislike a person no matter how sinful he is. Instead, we should dislike his action if it is wrong. We are connected with this person through faith and as believers, we feel pain upon witnessing this disobedience.

What is the order for the one who observes fast his entire life?

The real deen refers to implementing Allah ta'ala's order. We do not have an option to follow our desires just like we abstained from following desires in Ramadan.

The one who prays Taraweeh and recites Quran, but does not fast during Ramadan, will be punished for failing to fulfil Allah ta'ala's orders. In reality, the life time fast is also an order from Allah ta'ala just like the order of fasting during Ramadan.

The order of Allah ta'ala is that we should abstain from sin during our lifetime just as we abstained from it during Ramadan, lest our fast be invalidated.

Similarly, we should abstain from sin no matter how many calamities we face in life, just like we do not break our fast when we are thirsty and hungry. We will never break our fast in dire need, similarly, we must uphold Allah ta'ala's commands and avoid sin no matter how difficult it is.

Life is as short as the duration of Ramadan. We must persevere throughout the period of our lives as we persevered the fast during Ramadan. We should stay steadfast. Whoever advances towards Haraam, has broken his fast of life and whoever breaks his fast of life, will be punished.

Those who sinned and followed their desires, won't be given the rewards of the Hereafter.
In reality, the final message of Ramadan is that we are a fasting person throughout our life. We should overcome the hurdles and challenges that come our way and they will elevate our ranks even more.

During Ramadan, Allah ta'ala did not remove the food from the world. Rather, food was on display and is attractive, yet we still abstained from consuming it during fasting in Ramadan. Similarly, we should have regard for implementing Allah ta'ala's orders no matter how attractive the sins appear in this world.

We should refrain from all sins, such as trimming the beard and immodesty. We should take assistance from the company of the Sheikh and the dhikr gatherings. Whoever takes hold of these thing will complete the fast of life easily and it will help us stay away from the attractions of life.

We should consider our self an ongoing fasting person. Shaytan will try attack to us but we have these actions which will help us to combat Shaytan.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
10th Apr, 2024