جواہر رمضان ۲۰۲۴ - ایپیسوڈ ۲۵
Bayan, 52 minutes
5th April, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 25

Allah ta'ala has granted us ability, peace and health, so we should perform those actions which earn His pleasure. Nowadays, we waste time on those things which do not grant us benefit. A person should use his health in remaining occupied for the work of the hereafter and not for the world.

Even if a person becomes sick, his heart is still beating. The heart is such an organ, that it recognises its creator up until the soul is extracted. Those who have spent their lives focusing on their heart, will be benefitted by their heart at the time of their death.

We have been sent to this world with freedom to do as we please. We have also been given the ability to attain the levels in this world.

Allah ta'ala calls out to His servants on these special nights. It is a big blessing that Allah ta'ala has delivered us to these nights through which He will grant us rewards. The noble Sahabah were very eager in searching for the night of Laylatul Qadr.

- refers to observing the reality. It is related to a person's heart and inner purification. When a person's heart is clean, he begins to experience the splendour and magnificence.

Those whose hearts are clean can understand the reality. They see the angels, the worship of the angels, and their status. Allah ta'ala allows them to see Paradise, the palaces, maidens and trees of Paradise. They witness the souls of Martyrs, Awliyah Allah and their ranks.

Allah ta'ala has placed courage and capacity within us, yet, we become so helpless about our situations. We begin complaining to Allah ta'ala first instead of praising Him for His countless favours upon us. We complain to Allah ta'ala in adversity but we forget to remember Him when we face prosperity.
We consider ourselves useless in doing things for the Hereafter. We tend to reduce what is beneficial and focus on the futile things. In reality, when we supplicate to Allah ta'ala, then He will fulfil what is lacking.

Fasting enables us to become a Muttaqi as it develops our potential. Unfortunately, we desire to become a Muttaqi, but we have adopted the worldly path. We set a small amount of time for worship, but have dedicated abundant time for our worldly affairs which are temporary.

We should look towards our own deficiencies instead of comparing ourselves with others who have achieved the heights through crushing their desires.

We have a desire to host dhikr and become a Sheikh, but we should attain the status through performing those actions. We supplicate to Allah ta'ala, but we fail to move our feet.

Allah ta'ala gave us hands, fingers and nails so that we may eat with our hands instead of using utensils. When we utilise our hands, it enables us to digest our food more affectively. Despite the benefits and rewards for such a practice, we look down upon these actions and consider them backwards.

During this night, we should pray 2 rakat salaah, repent to Allah ta'ala and engage in dhikr. Consequently, Hadhrat Jibraeel عليه السلام will cover us with the shade of his wings and whoever comes under his shade, will be in Paradise.

We fear that when we repent, all our worldly assets will be destroyed. Lying and fraud will have to be compromised and we will lose everything in the world. In reality, what Allah ta'ala granted to us through halal means, was enough for our needs and the rest was earned by us. When we repent, all the excess we made will collapse and what we need will only remain.

Allah ta'ala says that we should search for this night in the odd nights and it is out of His wisdom that He has commanded us to search for it.

Many companions searched for the night of power and wondered which night it fell on, so the Prophet ﷺ supplicated to Allah ta'ala to show him which night it could be. Allah ta'ala informed him of the night and Nabi ﷺ was excited to inform the Ummah so that they knew which night to work hard on.

Due to witnessing two men arguing with each other, Allah ta'ala removed the knowledge from the Prophet ﷺ's heart. The quarrel was such a wretched action that it caused the Prophet ﷺ to forget. This is a lesson for us that we should avoid quarrelling and if we do, we should consult the Sunnah and Shariah to make a decision. We should not adopt the wrong path and thereafter, it will be a good decision.

We should learn from this that due to these arguments, the ummah will be divided and broken. There is corruption and disputes in Islamic countries over matters and principles of deen. Even in Ramadan, there is no unity. The ummah has lost its identity and the youth don’t want to go to the mosque. Its a struggle to develop them and explain to them. The youngsters are confused because they get dragged in from differences groups of people and when they witness these differences and quarrels, they leave the deen.

May it not be that our deen is destroyed due to our quarrelling despite there being Quran, Shariah and Ahadith!

We make our decision based on our desires and stubbornness. Our disagreements continue and then Imaan is removed from our generation.

We should purify our intentions because only those whose hearts are clean, will be guided.

In reality, we quarrel due to our nafs and not to make a decision. The effects of our quarrelling damage youngsters in this generation who are confused. Thus, the fault lies with us when our young generation turn towards sin and vice.

This is why our generation is scattered today.
We are distanced from Allah ta'ala because we are impure. We have thrown the deen to the side which is why we quarrel.

To bring our children towards Islam, we should create an environment in which there is love and no arguments and no differences in opinion.

Our heart is what believes and accepts the Quran and Shariah. Those who accept only with their tongues are hypocrites. The hypocrites swear and mock the Sahabah and Awliyah Allah. Hypocrisy is such a severe sin that even if the Prophet ﷺ sought forgiveness for the hypocrites seventy times, Allah ta'ala will not forgive them.

Allah ta'ala does not only select scholars to spread His deen. This is Allah ta'ala's selection for whom He allows to do the work of deen.

Here is proof that this generation is not reliant upon any scholar and this is Allah ta'ala's miracles. If you complain and take out faults, then you're a hypocrite because the Sheikh is a source of guidance for the people and he is a means of people's entry in to Paradise.

During this night, the first action we should do is, end the disputes and arguments and seek forgiveness from those we are fighting with.

Your laylatul qadr is not accepted if you are fighting with your relatives. Your worship wont matter and this worship will become deception for you. This is where we fail.

We should end the arguments by lowering our self first. We should embrace everyone. Fulfil the rights of our relatives and seek their forgiveness repeatedly without waiting for them to seek forgiveness. We should remember that we are submitting to them and seeking forgiveness from them for the sake of Allah ta'ala. We are not doing it for the sake of our desires and we are not stubborn like them.

This act of seeking forgiveness will bring you towards the light of Allah ta'ala. This is the worship of laylatul qadr.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
6th Apr, 2024
May Allah gran Hazrat Sahib a long life, we’re nobody without them
5th Apr, 2024