جواہر رمضان ۲۰۲۴ - ایپیسوڈ ۱۵
Bayan, 63 minutes
26th March, 2024

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Subhanallah this Bayan is the need of the time. The fitna of the desi liberals and the so called modern class and it’s solution in the light of Holy Quran
6th Apr, 2024
Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 15

Ramadan is a month which connects a person to Allah ta'ala and the second portion of Ramadan, is the portion of forgiveness. Whoever passes these ten days correctly, he will achieve the benefits of the first and last ten days of Ramadan.

Allah's ta'alas mercy becomes apparent during these ten days. It is a time of reconciliation between a servant and Allah ta'ala and Allah ta'ala forgives a person if he accepts his mistake. During this month, even the most sinful person will attain His mercy as Allah ta'ala improves everyone in this month.

Fortunate are those who are spending this month with caution and considering each moment as valuable.

The more you desire to attain something, the greater sacrifice you will make for it. Even if it's difficult, you will focus on your goal and attain it. Allah ta'ala desires sacrifices from a slave during this month, thus, we should sacrifice our worldly affairs as much we can in order to attain the blessings and mercy of this month. We should reduce our work in order to take maximum advantage of this month. In doing so, we will not lose out. Our schedule in Ramadan should be different, otherwise there is no enjoyment or achievement.

The essence of Ramadan has been placed in the middle, which is forgiveness. We should assess how many sins we have abandoned and we should turn to Allah ta'ala and accept our mistakes. We should promise to spend our lives with caution and in accordance to Allah ta'ala's desire. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala forgives the servants sins.

Whoever has repented during these days, has acquired Ramadan and is successful. It is stated in Hadith, that if a person does not attain forgiveness in Ramadan, then there is not a greater unfortunate person than him. He cannot be saved in this world and the Hereafter.

The previous nations were destroyed due to rejecting their Prophet and earning Allah ta'ala's displeasure by inventing their own deen. Today, it is due to Allah ta'ala's anger, that we face loss and calamities.

Hadhrat Shoaib عليه السلام invited his people towards the true path. His people rejected him. They were advanced in society and they would look down on him and the believers just because they themselves had wealth and assets and the believers were poor. They thought they could change the law due to their status and they mocked those who believed in the religion.

They threatened to drive the believers out and kidnap their children if they didn’t stop propagating. They didn't like the fact that Prophet Shoaib عليه السلام taught them how to live.

Allah ta'ala shows us examples of the punishments the previous nations were given for their wrongdoing. Sometimes, when a person sins, Allah ta'ala makes the consequences of such a person's sins apparent to the world, in order to take heed from. Today, we also have the modern group of people who boast and look down upon others who practice. Just like the people of Hadhrat Shoaib عليه السلام inclined towards the wealthy modern people and their ways, we should learn from this.

We should assess whether we practice the teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. He came as a role model for us and if we imitate him, we will become successful.

Nowadays, we follow our own version of deen. Consuming usury has become widespread. A person who deals with interest, will receive the same punishment as the one who committed adultery with his mother seventy times. Allah ta'ala wages war against those who deal with interest.

Each Prophet came with the same message. The previous Prophets heard about the punishments, however, Nabi ﷺ was shown the punishments for each sin.

We must imitate the ways of the Prophet ﷺ exclusively, because if we imitate the ways of the western people, we will be raised with them and be included amongst them.

One who disobeys the Prophet ﷺ, will never be happy in both worlds and will not be saved in the Hereafter.

If you engage in those things which are Haraam, you will be destroyed and your home will be destroyed. It doesn’t matter how much worship you perform, it will hold no value.

We have been given free-will in this world, although, the word of the Prophet ﷺ is the complete deen which will not change and no one can reject until Qiyamah. We could’ve been destroyed immediately like the nation of Hadhrat Shoaib عليه السلام , however, Allah ta'ala has granted us opportunities to change our ways.

Imaam Raazi Rahmatullahi alayh states, that three punishments appeared suddenly upon these people who rejected Hadhrat Shoaib عليه السلام and were arrogant. Allah ta'ala sent the clouds of fire which rained down upon them. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala released the sound of a scream and then, the earthquake. Nothing remained alive and it was as though no one lived there.

If they were punished for disobedience to their Prophet, then imagine our punishment for disobeying our Prophet and going against his ways, for example, cutting our beard and abandoning purdah. It is unfortunate that after hearing about the previous nations punishments, we still chose to disobey

Allah ta'ala says, had they imitated the way of their Prophet and accepted his words, Allah ta'ala would have showered blessings upon them from the heavens and the earth.

They thought they had reached the heights through their wealth, but if they had followed Allah ta'ala, they would've been given the wealth of blessings which is not necessarily wealth itself. In reality, the money we have will wither away, but having blessings in our wealth, is what is beneficial for us.

Those who reject their Prophet, will be seized like those who rejected Hadhrat Shoaib عليه السلام. We should adopt the lifestyle of Nabi ﷺ and imitate him wherever we are. Thereafter, we will have attained Ramadan.

Sadly, we don't have the courage to encourage our children to practice the Deen. We don’t command them to pray even though we know that they are astray. We don't have the willpower to challenge our children due to the sins we are immersed in and this is a punishment from Allah ta'ala.

We go to the Masjid ourselves and engage in dhikr, yet we fail to advise our wife and children.
This is what the previous nations would do as they had no shame.

The reality is, our children do not obey us because we do not obey Allah ta'ala ourselves. We began the transgression and wrongdoing in our home. When a person is immersed in sins, then he is punished by Allah ta'ala.

We have been commanded to save ourselves and our family from the fire of Hell. We feed our children Haram which causes them to commit Haraam actions as they gain the effects of that Haraam. They discard the Sunnah and we as parents, do not encourage them to practice. We fail to discipline our children correctly. The noble Sahabah never accepted wrongdoing from their children, so, why do we accept it today?

We should discipline our children particularly when they disobey Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala gave us the responsibility of raising children and in the Hereafter, Allah ta'ala will account for the upbringing of our children. Allah ta'ala gives us wealth so that we may raise our children in the correct way. We earn wealth and our children go against Islam whilst we have no worry at all. Instead, we take them to places of immodesty. We may have saved ourselves from the fire, however, we have not saved our families.

It doesn’t matter what the people around us are doing. We should follow the Shariah and Sunnah and adopt the Sunnah appearance.

At the time of marriage, the first thing the husband and wife should do, is pray two rakat and repent to Allah ta'ala for the way they lead their previous lives. The spouses who begin their married life like this, will bring up Wali Allah and Huffadh who are practicing. Their children will grow up to become practicing scholars. If the parents do not improve, then they'll not be able to save their children.

There are two types of blessings.
If you possess happiness and prosperity and you lead a lifestyle according to Allah ta'ala's obedience, then this prosperity will grant you blessings. This happiness will never end for you and it will continue until Qiyamah. It will lead you to Paradise which is the real and permanent happiness.

The real deen is to follow the Prophet ﷺ's ways and in doing so, a person will receive happiness.

Such happiness which is acquired after opposing and rejecting the Prophet ﷺ's ways, will be destroyed and crumbled to dust. Happiness sought through unlawful earnings and Haraam lifestyle, will bring Allah ta'ala's punishment to you.

When a person becomes wealthy, he considers it Allah ta'ala's mercy upon him. Rather, we should assess whether are obeying Allah ta'ala and His Rasul ﷺ alongside acquiring this wealth, otherwise it is not considered true prosperity.

We are the nation of the Prophet ﷺ and Allah ta'ala has given us countless opportunities, such as Ramadan, to change and seek forgiveness. He has provided us lectures and advices. When a person obeys and imitates the Prophet ﷺ, the doors of blessings will be opened for him.

No worship or supplication is accepted from a person, if he is opposing the Prophet ﷺ. Such a person is merely pleasing his desires for the sake of society, whilst hiding his deen.

In reality, if we obey the Prophet ﷺ, then that is sufficient for us. We are not required to fulfil extra worship. If we imitate him, we will be saved in the Hereafter, otherwise we wont.

A person should repent via a Sheikh. Allah ta'ala has promised that if we repent, He will open the doors of victory for us.

May Allah ta'ala guide us and allow us to repent.
28th Mar, 2024
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