جواہر رمضان ۲۰۲۴ - ایپیسوڈ ۱۴
Bayan, 61 minutes
24th March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 14

وَلَا تُفْسِدُوا فِي الْأَرْضِ بَعْدَ إِصْلَاحِهَا

"Do not spread corruption in the land after it has been set in order." [7:56]

Allah ta'ala gives advice to those who are astray. No one can compare to the advice given by Allah ta'ala, however it depends on every heart who receives it. If a person does not accept it, it means his heart is more solid than stone and nothing penetrates it. Such a person doesn’t obey Allah ta'ala and abandons the Sunnah, yet he benefits and submits himself to the luxuries of the world.

There are three types of hearts. One is rock solid, the other is very soft and the third is the one which submits itself to Allah ta'ala completely.

This verse fits everyone. Allah ta'ala orders us not to sin. Ignorance, vice and evil consequences originate from sin and corruption is spread due to our sins. When you commit a sin, it will never bring mercy or good news for you. It will never give you progress. Rather, it will spread corruption, distress, difficulties, permanent issues and punishment. Every sin brings about this consequence. A person may receive temporary benefits due to his sin, but before long, the result of that sin and its negative effects, will become apparent.

Whenever we face difficulty or distress, we should remember that it is due to our own sin. Nobody else has caused this upon us. We tend to assign the blame to someone else. In reality, when a person is punished for his sins, then even the medicine does not work on him. Depression, jinn and magic occur due to our sin.

We should assess why our hearts have not been improved and why we have not yet abandoned sins.

A person will not be depressed or faced with jinns when he is following Allah ta'ala's laws. He may be faced with poverty and other problems, but, great challenges and tragedies as mentioned earlier, will not appear in his life. Allah ta'ala will not punish him through his trials. Rather, He will elevate his status.

If you have a problem, then you should assess whether you've committed a sin. If you haven't sinned, then consider your trials as a means to attain Allah ta'ala's pleasure and a form of His mercy. You will persevere through the hardship whatever it may be and you'll have no worries. If you have committed a sin, then it is a punishment for you.

Corruption spreads in the world due to sin, so we should flee from sin. If we want a great life with peace and contentment without concern over our wealth, then we should develop the fear of Allah ta'ala and rely on Him. We should not commit sins. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala will open the doors of sustenance for us wherever we may be.
If we run around chasing wealth and sin alongside, we will gain nothing in return. Our children will become disobedient and our wealth will spread corruption.

If we commit a sin today, it's effects last for forty years. The sin grows and spreads and it will certainly have consequences. This is why we should seek repentance for our past sins as well as our present sins as they certainly take effect.

For example, if you disrespected someone and you forgot about it, then your children may become disrespectful towards you, even though you provided them with a good upbringing. Your sin will cause you to become dishonoured one day as Allah ta'ala doesn't forget.

We should flee from sin and cut the sin at its root. We should be ashamed of our sins instead of openly sinning as this is high level corruption.

Prosperity gained after sinning is always temporary and it is a big trap of Shaytan which we are stuck in. He enables us to sin and he runs in our blood and invites us to sin. He knows how to make a person angry. He traps people using unique and different methods. It doesn’t matter how pious that person is, he will invite him towards sin.

Shaytan's biggest trap, is that he prevents people from worshipping by making them overeat. As a result, they become lazy. Thereafter, evil spreads and his deen is spoilt due to his sins. We should avoid eating to our fill otherwise our worship will be destroyed.

When we eat, we should keep one portion of our stomach for air, one for food and one for drink. In this way, we will be saved from negligence.

Shaytan makes the human beings fail and evil and corruption is spread due to a person becoming angry. All negative decisions are based upon anger. We steal wealth, we murder and we divorce due to anger. Homes and children are destroyed due to anger and hate and discord is created. Anger overwhelms a person and when the anger dissolves, then a person regrets the consequences of his action.

The cure to defeat Shaytan is to practice the Sunnah To control our anger, we should drink water, sit down and leave that environment for fifteen minutes in order to calm down. We will be fine after this due to having adopted the Sunnah method.

When a person forgets to recite the dua upon entering his home, then Shaytan enters with him. He eats with him, sleeps with him and is involved in his affairs.

The way of the Sunnah is the way of the life and a protection from Shaytan. The Sunnah methods and the supplications are gifts for us. We cannot expect rewards and blessings during Ramadan if we are living against the Sunnah.

Allah ta'ala has described the Sunnah in all the Hadith books and has kept the Sunnah alive through the different Imaams. It is not our duty to quarrel regarding the differences in opinion. Allah ta'ala wanted to spread the actions of the Prophet ﷺ until the day of Qiyamah and everything he did, becomes a part of deen.

The noble companions were very keen on emulating the Sunnah and no breath of their lives would pass without it. There is one root cause of corruption in the world and it is due to abandoning the Sunnah.

Nowadays, we are ashamed to adorn turban and izâr. This means that our deen is weak as Nabi ﷺ is supposed to be more beloved to us than our parents, our children and the entire mankind. Without this, our deen isn't complete.

Imaan doesn't refer to sujood and khatam, it refers to following the Sunnah. This is the deen which Quran presents to us which Shaytan seeks to destroy from us. Shaytan makes us sin so, we should call out to Allah ta'ala and perform dhikr of Allah ta'ala in abundance. This is the protection from Shaytan and evil.

In whichever place the Sunnah is being discarded and immodesty is widespread, it is because Shaytan has influenced and overwhelmed the inhabitants. Such people should engage in dhikr in abundance.

Dhikr removes you from corruption as it makes Shaytan weak and this will in turn, reduce your sin. Your quarrels in the home will end and you will overlook people's mistakes. You will mend relationships and connect people. This happens when you learn to control Shaytan through dhikr.

Allah ta'ala has placed two conditions for dhikr.

وَادْعُوهُ خَوْفًا وَطَمَعًا
"And call upon Him with hope and fear." [7:56]

We should perform dhikr to attain the fear of Allah ta'ala. Worldly fear takes a person to Hellfire and the other fear is to perform dhikr whilst seeking Allah ta'ala's pleasure. You have the fear that you don't want Allah ta'ala to be displeased with you for any reason. This fear will destroy any action which earns Allah ta'ala's displeasure and you will no longer advance towards it. We should keep this intention when performing dhikr if we want benefit. Otherwise, Shaytan will contaminate your dhikr.

Secondly, we should possess the greed that Allah ta'ala remains pleased with us. We should have these two desires and then engage in dhikr and we will become enlightened within.

The path to Allah ta'ala isn't easy, yet we shouldn't be afraid because we will be tested on this path. Shaytan will try to make us commit sins, however, when a servant walks towards Allah ta'ala and follows His direction, then His mercy will overwhelm him and Allah ta'ala will remove his distress.

We shouldn’t engage in dhikr to gain piety, miracles and recognition, nor should we become Ulamah for fame and recognition. This is all from Shaytan.

The Ulamah have the most fear of Allah ta'ala and those who do not have fear, spread corruption. We should seek knowledge and then visit a wali Allah to attain dhikr. This will help save you from spiritual disease and the attacks of Shaytan.

Your sheikh is greater for you than your father, for he does the work which your father is not able to do. He does the work of the Prophets and is concerned for your hereafter. He has no greed between him and his students. He disciplines you though his affection for you and he improves the creation. We should hold on to our Sheikh with complete confidence and without doubts and negative thoughts.

The real purpose of the Quran is to recite and ponder and ask Allah ta'ala to help you implement it.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
25th Mar, 2024