جواہر رمضان ۲۰۲۴ - ایپیسوڈ ۸
Bayan, 62 minutes
18th March, 2024

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عشق سرکارﷺ دوعالم کے سوا کچھ بھی نہیں
زندگی تیری حقیقت کو میں پہچان گیا

یا نبی ﷺ نسخہء تسخیر کو میں جان گیا
اسکو سب مان گئے آپ ﷺ کو جو مان گیا

19th Mar, 2024
Jewel of Ramadhan 2024 - Episode 8

For as long as we live, we have a purpose in life. When a person dies, his purpose ends.

To attain every purpose, you require two things which are necessary. A desire and some effort (action) to complete that desire and meet your objective. Some action is certainly required from us and Ramadan has come to teach us this.

If we desire Paradise and to be safe from Hellfire but we don't take action, then we can't fulfil our desire. This is what is lacking within us.

If a person doesn’t make an effort to fulfil his need, it means his desire is not genuine. A person who has true desire for something, definitely makes an effort for it.

يَهْدِي بِهِ اللَّهُ مَنِ اتَّبَعَ رِضْوَانَهُ سُبُلَ السَّلَامِ وَيُخْرِجُهُم مِّنَ الظُّلُمَاتِ إِلَى النُّورِ بِإِذْنِهِ وَيَهْدِيهِمْ إِلَىٰ صِرَاطٍ مُّسْتَقِيمٍ

"Through which Allah shows to all who seek to please Him, the paths leading to safety. He brings them out, by His leave, from darkness to light and directs them on to the straight way. [5:16]

Whoever wishes to seek the truth and desires paradise and safety from Hellfire and they take the first step, then they will never be deprived of guidance. Allah ta'ala will open all the paths of goodness for him (Paradise) and save him from the sins he was drowning from and he will be taken towards the light of guidance. He will grant him the straight path which he sought from Him.

It can never be that a person desires to become rectified and Allah ta'ala does not fulfil his desire. If Allah ta'ala can fulfil your worldly desires, will he not allow you to fulfil the purpose for which you have been created for?

In reality, we do not have a genuine desire to improve and abstain from sin, otherwise we would plead for it and make effort to achieve it. Guidance is already prepared for the one who physically takes means to attain it. Those who do not physically work towards it and makes false claims, will be severely punished. They are those who break their promises. They will be deprived from Allah ta'ala's Mercy and He will make their hearts hard and not able to absorb anything. He will wander around in the world, wretched and cursed. Dunya will overwhelm him and Allah ta'ala will trap him in the world.

Those who have a genuine interest, often question how to rectify their matters in order to leave their sin as they are genuinely concerned. They never abandon even one prayer in congregation and never cut their beards and consume interest. They may be immersed in sin, but, they wish to be pious and as a result, they will never be deprived by Allah ta'ala as He has taken responsibility for that person.

We are required to simply pray five times and abstain from sin. Nabi ﷺ guarantees that such a Muslim will become a Wali Allah and Allah ta'ala will definitely assist such a person.

After making an intention, we should adopt the means to fulfil our desires. This is where we fail. We seek from Allah ta'ala, we cry and supplicate, but we do not take the first step. Allah ta'ala never grants a person merely through his desires. Rather, he must perform even a little bit of hard work. This is the Sunnah of Allah ta'ala.

The Quran provides nothing but guidance for a person. We recite many Qurans, but we do not seek guidance from the Quran, so it means we are a hypocrite. We trim our beards, but we want to be forgiven through merely reciting. Those who lift the Quran with the intention of being guided, it doesn't matter which religion they are from, they will definitely be guided.

Allah ta'ala has prepared for the light of this book, so only with this light, you'll be able to recite the Quran efficiently. We fail to receive guidance from the Quran because we don't recite it with the light we have been given and that is the light of the Sunnah which will assist us in practicing the Quran. Until we do not practice the Sunnah, we will not be able to understand the Quran. This is the condition for attaining those three rewards which have been mentioned in the Quran.

We take bay'ah by a Sheikh, but we fail to maintain the promise of refraining from sin. We have taken the Deen as a joke and our desires are not genuine.

When a person is drowning in a river, he will hold on to anything he can find, even a plank of wood, in order to save his life. This is an example of genuine desire. Similarly, when a person is genuine in trying to refrain from sin, he grabs hold on to the Sunnah and makes a promise to leave the sin. He implements the Sunnah and thereafter, the Quran begins to guide him.

In the verse, Allah ta'ala placed light first and then the book (Quran), which means that we must first take hold of the light first, which is the Sunnah and thereafter, take the Quran.

Whoever does not do this, is cursed and deprived of Allah ta'ala's mercy. His heart becomes hardened and his fasting doesn't impact him at all. He merely remains hungry and thirsty as he isn't trying. This person is unfortunate as he was granted Ramadan, but departed as a sinner and a hypocrite. Allah ta'ala throws him in to the world and every avenue of wrongdoing will be opened for him. Allah ta'ala will not place him in difficulty so that he may not turn back to Him.

Allah ta'ala has not stated that we will become pious through reciting Quran and fasting. Rather, we must visit the court of the Prophet ﷺ and live our lifestyle according to him. Thereafter, we should hold the Quran. Then, we will definitely receive guidance from it even from the first page.

Unfortunately, we have a desire within us, but our nafs has overtaken us. We pray, but we don't ask Allah ta'ala to help us live a life according to the Sunnah.

Whoever has a sincere desire for the truth, he doesn't need to go to his destination as Allah ta'ala will send the solution and destination to him! When we have a sincere desire and call out to Allah ta'ala, He will come to us.

We must utilise Ramadan to save ourselves from Hellfire by taking Bay'ah at the hands of a Sheikh and promising to stop our sins. We should make a conscious effort to follow the Sunnah and not worry about whether we will be able to implement. We should leave the rest to Allah ta'ala and He will help us and take us out of our difficulties. When a person makes an intention, then Allah allows his intention to come to fruition.

We take loans from others very easily but when its time to repay the loan, we make excuses and say that we don’t have the money. This is extremely bad. A person who doesn’t return the loan, his soul remains hanging, neither in Paradise and neither in hellfire. He will continue to receive punishment.

If you want to return a debt, then have a sincere intention for it and take the first step. Then, you should leave it to Allah ta'ala to fulfil and He will deliver the result. Furthermore, you should repent and implement the Sunnah and it is the promise of Allah ta'ala that He will assist you. If you fail to adopt the means, He will not help you.

If we haven't changed ourselves in this month, then we face great deception. The first sign of the traveller upon Allah ta'ala's s path, is that he repents and embraces the Sunnah. Thereafter, the Quran serves guidance for a person.

Whoever hasn't repented properly, should correct his repentance and he will have achieved repentance.

If you want to repent, then repent through the guide of a Wali Allah, otherwise your Ramadan is wasted. Thereafter, your can recite the Quran properly with this light. The Quran will open up pathways for your sustenance from where you can not even imagine.

It is our duty to converse with Allah ta'ala. "I wish to become pious and I can only do this much. I ask You to fulfil my deficiencies."

We shouldn’t complain that it is difficult. We should at least take the first step to implement the Sunnah and Allah ta'ala will deliver us to a high level of Wilaayah. He will grant us the physical determination and courage to practice too. When a person intends, Allah ta'ala helps to complete.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen.
19th Mar, 2024
Subhanallah May Allah grant the great sheikh good health and barakah in his life Ameen
19th Mar, 2024