جواہر  رمضان ۲۰۲۴ - ایپیسوڈ ۲
Bayan, 45 minutes
12th March, 2024

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Jewel of Ramadhan 2024

Allah ta'ala wishes guidance and rectification for the believers, particularly those from the nation of the Prophet ﷺ. He desires their lives to be improved so that they may be saved from Hellfire. Allah ta'ala doesn't place burden upon anyone, so just a little bit of effort is required from the servant to achieve this. Even if a person has a small desire to be reformed in his heart, Allah ta'ala opens His doors and corrects the servant, as this desire is very beloved to Allah ta'ala. The condition is that the servant must make some effort in order to gain Allah ta'ala's guidance and assistance.

Allah ta'ala's special Mercy is present in Ramadan and it causes a person's heart to become soft. Our tender hearts are able to absorb all good things. This is because Allah ta'ala wishes to guide a person. 

These gatherings are very valuable indeed. Perhaps a person will repent after sinning or desire to rectify his weaknesses. Perhaps the speaker is giving an example, but the listener benefits from it in another way. Perhaps it may become a cure or a solution for him.

Ramadan is a great favour upon us as it guides us. If a person is guided, then he is improved in all aspects.

What is guidance?

Guidance is for someone to inform you that the path which you are travelling upon, is the wrong path. For example, someone informs a traveller that he will face road works and traffic ahead. As a result, he takes another route in order to reach his destination. This is an example of the guidance given by Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala gave us this month so that we may become guided. Shaytan has been shackled and Allah ta'ala has increased the rewards for our good deeds. If we pray voluntary prayers, we receive the reward of a Fard.
There are only two paths. The right path and the wrong path. There is no third path. One path has been clearly defined to us in the Quran. To follow the footsteps of Shaytan is the wrong path and the other path is to follow the path of Nabi ﷺ which is the best path.

It is up to us to decide which path we want to follow. The path of Shaytan is to listen to music, pray whenever you want and have no concern for the Hereafter. This is the path of the devil for which we have been told to refrain from.

The correct path is to keep the beard, and avoid consuming interest and other wrongdoing.

Today, we have adopted a third path which is to pray whilst cutting our beard. We perform Hajj whilst we consume interest alongside. We listen to music whilst we perform dhikr.

Allah ta'ala has said that we must practice deen and be upon the right path completely and wholeheartedly, otherwise we will be destined Hellfire. We must perform all five prayers in congregation, imitate the Sunnah in all aspects and abstain from all wrongdoing. These are the boundaries set by Allah ta'ala. Whomsoever surpasses them, has failed.

The gatherings of Ramadan are very blessed. It raises our status and grants us high levels in Paradise. Those who take part in these Gatherings are very fortunate. They may be sinners, however, they are destined for Paradise. Perhaps a beneficial point will absorb in to their hearts and they will become successful. They may come to know of their weaknesses and wrongdoing. They may acknowledge and reflect over their wrongdoing.

If a person submit himself to Islam completely, he will earn Paradise eternally. We have faith and we perform dhikr, but we still sin alongside, despite acknowledging the sin. We understand everything, yet we still fail to practice. We promise to practice tomorrow, yet tomorrow never comes.

Ramadan has taken hold of our root problems. We have the Quran, we have Sheikh ul Hadith, we are given lectures, yet, we fail to improve ourselves which is why Allah ta'ala gives us this month to take hold of the root cause so that the problems may be solved.

If a person takes hold of the biggest sickness, his entire deen will be rectified. This is what Allah ta'ala has prepared for in Ramadan. If you take hold of the root cause, you will become rectified.

General people will advise you to refrain from the sin and give you lectures. However, the Sheikh grabs hold of the root cause of your wrongdoing. He doesn't lecture and remind you of the punishments. He seeks the root cause of the problem.

Allah ta'ala wishes to rectify us through granting us fasting during Ramadan. He wishes to rectify us permanently and not temporarily. He cuts the root of the issue through the resource of fasting.

Fasting hasn't just been prescribed for us. Rather, it was also made incumbent upon all the previous nations, as Allah ta'ala desired all mankind to be rectified through taking hold of the root issue.

How does fasting cure the root causes?

Allah ta'ala wishes that we return to Him with the truth - being pleased with Him and Him being pleased with us. He desires us to return to Him with the longing and passion of meeting Him and a yearning to enter the palaces which we anticipated. To attain this position, we must acquire Taqwa, which is the fear of Allah ta'ala.

A Muttaqi is a person who acts according to Allah ta'ala's orders and doesn't displease Allah ta'ala. He lives a complete life of obedience to Allah ta'ala and takes guidance from Allah ta'ala with every action. He lives with precaution and remains within the boundaries set by Allah ta'ala throughout his life. He doesn't overstep these boundaries and he doesn't transgress.

Allah ta'ala wishes for us to become a Muttaqi during this month which is why He granted us this month. The entire year we sinned and didn't practice Islam properly, therefore, Ramadan is the cure for our souls.

Allah ta'ala ordered us to fast only for a few days so that we can practice becoming a Muttaqi for the rest of our lives. If we implement these actions of Ramadan throughout our entire life, we will become a Muttaqi. Hence, Ramadan was given to us as a training ground for practice.

How is Ramadan developing us in to a Muttaqi?

During this month, we refrain from things which were generally lawful for us, such as food, drink and having relations with our spouse. During this month, we perform extra prayers and we refrain from unlawful things. Suddenly, the mosques are full and people are flocking to them. Prior to Ramadan, we were always concerned about what to cook. Now we are concerned about stopping our food and drink.

Who prevents us from wrongdoing and performing prayers now that Shaytan has been imprisoned? Many people are not fasting and are engaging in sin during Ramadan, so what is the root cause of this? Our desires.

Our desires would always incline us towards evil and wrongdoing, but now they have been suppressed by Allah ta'ala. As a result, we have become a Muttaqi. A person who was struggling to pray before, is now able to pray extra. In this month, the nafs becomes wretched and the servant begins to progress.

Those things which we found difficult like abstaining from food, are now manageable even whilst working. The previous nations also engaged battles whilst fasting!

Now that we have become Muttaqi and our desires have been crushed, we perform good actions. We recite Quran Durood Shareef. Suddenly our system has been flipped upside down and we are no longer inclined towards sin. Even if we desire to sin, we are able to shun it immediately. This is because Allah ta'ala has crushed our desires.

Fasting was made compulsory upon all nations so that the desires are crushed and so that we are made aware that the root cause of our wrongdoing is our desires. Allah ta'ala made us aware that it is our nafs which prevents us from praying and performing all good actions.

During this month, we must practice controlling our desires because desires are what destroys a human being. Allah ta'ala gave us Ramadan to recognise our desires and to control them. We should keep this in mind. Fasting isn't about opening and breaking the fast. Today, Allah ta'ala has assisted us through Ramadan. However, after a while, will be released in the open field again and we will have to control our nafs ourselves in order to become a Muttaqi.

Here, we realise that Shaytan isn't the cause, for Shaytan has other attacks on a person. The reason for breaking Allah ta'ala's commands and compromising His laws are because of the desires destroying you. The greatest way to prevent yourself from entering Hellfire, is by controlling your desires.

If you control our nafs today, the crown of Paradise will be placed upon your head. If you allow your desires to destroy you, then you will be dishonoured in the world and lost.

We must remember to uphold Allah ta'ala's commands even outside Ramadan. He is the same Lord who instructs us today and He will not change after 30 days.

We are made aware to control our desires and not fall prey to it. When our desires prevent us from implementing Allah ta'ala's orders, we should crush our desires. We should always remember, even outside Ramadan, that our desires make us wretched and destroyed.

Just like we kept the fast in Ramadan to crush the desire and become a Muttaqi, similarly, we must continue to suppress our desires always and be destined for Paradise.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
14th Mar, 2024