جواہر  رمضان ۲۰۲۴ - ایپیسوڈ ۱
Bayan, 32 minutes
11th March, 2024

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Today's Bayan

Allah ta'ala has given us great treasures and we will only realise this great treasure of Ramadan once we depart this world. We pray Allah ta'ala allows us to appreciate this blessing.

True appreciation refers to utilising what you have been given for its actual purpose.

Our phones are a very important aspect of our life. Science has been sealed in this device, however, after using it for a while, its battery requires charging and thus, the benefits of the mobile phone end. Without power, it does not operate and one cannot contact anyone. Thus, it becomes futile as it reverts back to its original state. Even if a person possesses an exceptional model, his phone is useless without a charger.

Similarly, Islam is very valuable which Allah ta'ala has selected for us. Whilst we live in this world, we become tempted by attractions, temptations, our nafs and Shaytan and it makes a believer weak. He becomes deflated and experiences negative thoughts and Shaytan causes him to constantly sin. Therefore, Allah ta'ala provided us with a charger alongside, so that our battery can remain charged and we can take continuous benefit from our deen.

This beautiful month of Ramadan is the charger which Allah ta'ala has granted us. It has not come to encourage us to worship and remain awake at night, nor to starve us. Rather, it is our charger and all our inner qualities and capabilities become charged up due to Ramadan. For example, your condition of prayers, the way you recite the Quran, abstaining from sin and performing good deeds - all of these things improve due to Ramadan.

Thus, this month is a great treasure from Allah ta'ala that He has allowed us to improve through it.

We charge our phone so that it can function. Only when we turn on the switch, the charger may fulfil its function. Similarly, we have been charged up by Ramadan efficiently, when we begin to implement our objective.

For the entire year, we were deviated and had forgotten our purpose. The Sheikh is a charger so he charges a person here and there, otherwise the student becomes lost and misguided. We are in need of Ramadan once a year, however, we are in need of our Sheikh all the time. If we have a teacher as our charger, then we remain practicing. This is why we are told to remain in the company of the Sheikh and Ramadan teaches us this.

We must assess whether we are being charged up and this is what Ramadan is about. Once we begin to implement our purpose and follow the path of our objective, we are fully charged up and our Ramadan is accepted.

During the year, Shaytan and our nafs, divert us from our objective. Due to this, we become deviated. A person may not vocalise it, but such a person's lifestyle and actions demonstrate that he is solely immersed in his worldly affairs and has no other objective. He has made the needs of his life, his objective.

Hunger is our necessity and not our objective, so to eliminate hunger, we should place our main objective in front of us and we will forget our hunger.

For example, it is prayer time and our main purpose is to pray. During prayer time, if a person fulfils his own need, then it means he is fulfilling his own purpose for which he is abandoning prayer and not fulfilling his true objective of life.

If he acknowledged prayer to be his purpose of life, he would abandon the worldly action. He would destroy his needs and necessities and fulfil his true objective.

Today, we abandon our objective of life and we chase our necessities of life. Such a person is a great failure, for a person who is distanced from his purpose of life, is astray.

Ramadan has come to help us prioritise and focus on our objective whilst we leave our necessities behind.

Ramadan has developed within us, an overwhelming concern of abstaining from sin, going to the mosque, and praying Taraweeh. This is Ramadan which is charging us. The charger has been plugged in which is helping us focus on our true objective of life and perform the actions related to that objective. This is also what the Sheikh does, which is why the company of the Sheikh is compulsory, as it enables a person to improve.

Every day, the Sheikh charges a person's battery. Those who sincerely wish for the hereafter, are charged simply by witnessing their Sheikh. When witnessing their Sheikh, they remember nothing else besides dhikr, prayers, good actions and they reflect over their weaknesses.

We were created only to obey Allah ta'ala. Our purpose in life is only to obey His instructions. From day to night, we have no other purpose in this world besides obeying Him. Worship refers to Allah ta'ala's obedience because obedience equals worship. All lifelong, our actions should be in accordance to Allah ta'ala's instructions. This is what differentiates the believers from other people. If we imitate others and fail to live like the believers, we haven't truly accepted the kalimah.

The one who disobeys Allah ta'ala is not following his objective of life and he will not reach his destination.

When a person moves away from his purpose, he is lost and confused. He has lost his way, so will continue wandering around in the wilderness. His life is just a rotation. He doesn't know his destination and shows no interest or desire. However, the one who keeps his purpose in front of him, will prepare well and will arrive using the correct route and navigation.

Every traveller has a destination and our destination is the hereafter. When you exit your house, you exit with a purpose in mind. One does not exit to simply wander around. Have you ever thought that Allah ta'ala is asking you, "where are you going?" You have no purpose in life. How will you reach the Hereafter? When a person is born, he enters this life with an objective and his destination is the hereafter and he will eventually arrive to his grave. Today, we distance ourselves from our purpose, even though every moment is taking us towards our Hereafter.

If we had true certainty that we would be leaving this world, then our desires would be eliminated and our fussiness, criticism and jest would come to an end. A believer knows that he is here temporarily and has certainty in death. Therefore, he doesn't chase clothes and materialistic things.

A person who fails to fulfil his objective of life, can never reach his destination comfortably. We must acquire the pleasure of Allah ta'ala, obey Him and worship Him. Thereafter, we can reach our destination comfortably and with wellbeing. Such a person has no worry of death at all because he has accepted everything.

We forgot our purpose and our destination throughout the entire year, so Ramadan has come to charge us for this reason. Those who have been charged, will have fulfilled their purpose and attained Ramadan correctly as their lives are now reformed.

We should aim to make this Ramadan meaningful and Ramadan will charge whatever is lacking within us and it will purify us. It will make us successful, such that the greed of the world will be removed and our actions will demonstrate our objective of life. Our actions will demonstrate our improvement and our status. We will not advance towards wrongdoing. We will not abandon prayer. We will not desire to chase after wealth. As a result, we will become successful.

We must revive our qualities and our capacities within us. We should assess our deficiencies and weaknesses and use Ramadan to perfect our prayer. We should be successful in praying with congregation, abstaining from sins, and developing love for Allah ta'ala.

When we keep sight of our objective, we will live our lives prepared to attain it

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
13th Mar, 2024