مجلس ذکر مانچسٹر
Bayan, 49 minutes
3rd March, 2024

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Dhikr Majlis Manchester

A person fails due to his negligence, ignorance and laziness. Though this he loses out and he doesn't benefit, such that he departs from this world in such a state.

To remove our negligence, Allah ta'ala has granted us worship. Worship has been prescribed to us as a reward from Allah ta'ala and not a punishment. If one is steadfast upon his five prayers, he would most definitely be safe from negligence for this is the purpose of prayers. Therefore, worship is a preparation for our Hereafter.

The doors of preparation are always open for the Believers and the biggest door, is a person's character. When a person smiles at another Muslim, he is given rewards for his action. Demonstrating excellent character, is the greatest worship which we don't need to put a prayer mat down for, nor earn money for. Majority of those who enter Paradise, will be those people who had good character and not those who worshipped the most.

We may belittle an individual for failing to worship, but he may be someone who helps others in desperate need. Such a person will be helped by the Prophet ﷺ in the Hereafter.

The most important aspect of deen is a person's character. Nabi ﷺ was sent to complete our character. Thus, if a person improves his character, he is successful.

We should have love and affection for others and demonstrate brotherhood. We should learn to forgive and have mercy upon others. We should learn to help out at the time of need. We should learn to bear oppression and to forgive instead of taking revenge. This is the true deen.

A woman who fasts the day and worships the night, may be destined for Hellfire, whilst another woman who maintains good conduct, may be destined for Paradise.
If we return home and our family are displeased with us, what is the purpose of our worship? The best husband is he who returns to the house smiling. And the best wife is she who smiles at her husband when he returns.

Unfortunately, we not give this any importance, although our worship was prescribed to us so that our character may be reformed.

Worship is surely a part of deen, but the other nine parts of deen, are in fact, related to character.

Nabi ﷺ mentioned, that there is a piece of flesh in the human body. If that is corrected, then his whole deen is correct and he will attain good character. When it becomes impure, then one cannot attain the true deen.

Where will this deen come from?

To attain this deen we must reform our heart. If our heart is improved, then we are successful. We become a great person who is beloved to Allah ta'ala.

Nabi ﷺ mentioned, that whoever spent Ramadan correctly, his entire life will be spent correctly. If he is to pass away during that year, he will attain a good death.

How do we spend Ramadan correctly?
To abstain from Allah ta'ala's disobedience and sin. Whoever refrains from sin and disobedience this Ramadan, he will have spent this month correctly.

We engage in good deeds and preform Taraweeh during Ramadan, however, engaging in worship this month is a bonus. A person will not be successful through his worship alone. Rather, he should also refrain from becoming angry, quarrelling, lying, looking at indecent things alongside fasting, otherwise, this cannot be considered spending Ramadan correctly.

Allah ta'ala is displeased when we engage in sins and abandon the Sunnah, so we should try our best not to sin. We should control our tongue, control our gaze and our hands. Whoever has self-control during this month, then Nabi ﷺ gives guarantee for the rest of his year.

We should change our habits before Ramadan and stop these bad habits during this month, at least. We should make a list of those things which Allah ta'ala and His Prophet ﷺ dislike, so that we can refrain from them during this month, for example, cutting the beard.

As a result of this effort, you will wander around for the rest of the year with goodness and you will be destined for Paradise. Furthermore, we will only attain the best Ramadan and spend it correctly, when we do what pleases Alah ta'ala.

Our deen is based upon intentions and not actions. If we die whilst trying, we will rise with forgiveness and we will have fulfilled the good deeds which we intended to perform.

A person should confine and restrict himself during this month. He should promise to abstain from those things which displease Allah ta'ala. There is no greater worship than this during this month, because Ramadan was sent to us, so that we may attain Taqwa and earn Allah ta'ala's pleasure.

No-one can claim that his worship is perfect and accepted. During Ramadan, we have a chance to consider ourselves sinful in front of Allah ta'ala, analyse ourselves and open a new chapter in our life.

Before Ramadan begins, we should repent. This is a great preparation for Ramadan and enables us to be safe from the Hellfire.

When a person is thankful for the opportunities and blessings from Allah ta'ala and thanks Him for Ramadan, then Allah ta'ala makes him a perfect Muslim for appreciating this gift. Thus, He saves him from sin and wrongdoing, and distances him from Hellfire.
If you make a mistake, then keep reciting Istighfar and repent immediately to avoid spoiling your Ramadan. Improve yourself externally too and dress according to the Sunnah during this month. Sit with those who dress according to the Sunnah because those you love and sit with, are also rewarded by Allah ta'ala.

A person cannot obey without love, so obedience calls for love, for without love, a person cannot obey. It has been mentioned those who love the Prophet ﷺ in such a way that he obeys him and imitates him, he will be with him Jannah. They will be with the Messengers, the truthful, the martyrs and the righteous ones.

The Messengers are those who were given the revelation. The truthful ones are those who accepted the revelation given to the Prophets wholeheartedly and without seeking evidence. The martyr is he who gave up his life, acting upon the Prophet ﷺ's message. The pious people are those who cleansed their inner selves through hard work.

We should become lovers of the Prophet ﷺ. What path has Allah ta'ala given to us to achieve this?

We require the worship of love. Love for Allah ta'ala and the Prophet ﷺ, such that we imitate him, for our life is futile without the Sunnah.

Where do we seek this love from?

We should supplicate to Allah ta'ala, "Oh Allah, I desire Your love and nothing else. I desire the love of those who love You and When I love them, I will receive the deeds which will earn Your love."

The Sahabah's love for the Prophet ﷺ was genuine and not contaminated with materialism. Today our love is contained with the world. Even the love between parents is mixed with worldly purposes.
There is only one type of love which is genuine and it will take a person to Allah ta'ala and the Prophet ﷺ. This love is free from materialism and that is the love for the Sheikh.

There is no worldly contamination in this love because you meet each other solely for the sake of Allah ta'ala. When you sit in his company, you will improve. When you witness your Sheikh's blessed face, you become illuminated and refreshed. You receive the levels by meeting him.

Allah ta'ala wishes that we search for a Kaamil Sheikh so that he can help us progress on the true path. The Wali Allah has already assigned his heart to Allah ta'ala and he has submitted himself to a Sheikh to have his heart reformed and purified. We should also present our hearts to the Sheikh so we can be rectified. In the Sheikh's company, you will never return empty handed, but you should always have the intention for rectification. Until you overlook your errors and defects, you cannot be improved and rectified.
Do not waste this Ramadan by sinning. Assign these days to Allah ta'ala and live your life as the Prophet ﷺ prescribed. Sit in good company and begin engaging in Dhikr and you will attain Ramadan in goodness and the rest of your year will be spent well.

If you want to spend Ramadan well, then adhere to the following points,

1) Resolve to pray all your prayers in congregation.
2) Refrain from sinning.
3) Sit in pious company & engage in dhikr.
4) Recite the Quran, even if its one page or a line a day.

Dhikr in Ramadan is so great that Hadhrat Umar رضي الله عنه narrates that the one who engages in dhikr in Ramadan, will be forgiven.

We should create our Ramadan schedules now, in order to avoid wasting our time during this month. Even whilst working, we should locate our nearest mosque and pray at the mosque. We should make an effort to attend the dhikr gatherings. If one cannot attend in person, he should join the online gathering.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
5th Mar, 2024
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