اللہ پاک ہم سے ناراض کیوں ہیں؟
Bayan, 65 minutes
21st December, 2023

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Why is Allah Displeased with us?

The weakness of man is his stomach through which a person is controlled by Shaytan. He makes a person fall in to the trap of being worried over his income. Due to this overwhelming fear, one no longer concerns himself over what is lawful and what is unlawful through his chase for wealth.

Allah ta'ala has taken the responsibility of sustaining for us as he is aware that we are not able to worship him without being nourished. Therefore, our belief in Allah ta'ala and regarding Him as our sustainer, should be solid.

We shouldn’t be afraid and distressed over our sustenance. We often lie and commit fraud and other sins in order to earn. Nabi ﷺ stated that we should make our earnings lawful by earning according to the Shariah because whatever is written in our destiny, will definitely arrive to us. This should prevent us from adopting unlawful means of earning.
A man once approached Nabi ﷺ and Nabi ﷺ gave him some dates stating, "If you hadn't arrived to these dates, these dates would have definitely arrived to you because it was already written for you."

Likewise, we should practice patience with regards to our wealth because our sustenance will definitely arrive to us. There's a hadith which states that, "A person will not pass away until he receives the sustenance which is written in his destiny." This is a guarantee from Allah ta'ala that our sustenance will arrive to us!

In hadith it is mentioned that Allah ta'ala distributes sustenance to His servants from Dawn until sunrise. This is why the Awliyah Allah engage in Dhikr at the time of dawn. Those who engage in dhikr in the morning will never be deprived of wealth. They will depart with their laps full of treasures. Such people will always be content with Allah ta'ala's provisions.

The noble companions had certainty in Allah ta'ala and never earned their wealth through unlawful means. In Baihaqi Shareef it is mentioned, "Detach yourself from the world and focus on Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala will become responsible for you and you will be given provisions from unimaginable avenues. If you chase the world and become immersed in it and forget your Lord, then Allah ta'ala will allow you to chase the world for the rest of your life."

We should live in the world but our hearts should be detached from the world and focused on our Lord. Such a person then begins rejecting the unlawful things and his worldly affairs will not prevent him from obeying the laws of Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala orders us to pray five times a day. This is not to commit oppression upon us. This is to show us that it is not our responsibility to work and earn, nor our purpose of life. Rather, we must worship and become independent from worldly things. We should earn by lawful means and become content with what has been written for us. Allah ta'ala is responsible for our worldly affairs so we shouldn't chase after it and commit fraud and other wrongdoing in the process.

Everyone should flock to the Masaajid at the time of prayers. Whoever fails to attend the call of prayer becomes destroyed. His children become destroyed. Such people shouldn't complain about their distress and lack of blessings in their lives as it is a result of their actions.

The first thing which will be weighed upon Qiyaamah, is one's Imaan alongside his belief and trust in Allah ta'ala. The way to measure one's belief and knowledge is not through his titles. Rather, it is through his trust in Allah ta'ala. Such a person never rejects Allah ta'ala's orders due to his earnings no matter where Allah ta'ala sends him. He abandons his work for the sake of prayers in congregation. These are the true people of faith.

A person who has no trust that Allah ta'ala will provide for him, has not benefitted from his knowledge and dhikr. He prioritises his work and abandons praying in congregation. They are those who transgress Allah ta'ala's orders.

In Hadith it has been mentioned that whoever earns lawfully, practices the Sunnah and other people are protected from his evil, Nabi ﷺ guarantees that he is given Paradise.
One can worship all he desires, but if he does not have these qualities, he has nothing.

There is no peace in abandoning the deen whilst earning titles and worldly assets. Such a person will face sorrow and distress and enter Hellfire. This is because he has rejected and compromised his deen whilst trying to acquire the world.

Either assign yourself to Allah ta'ala or chase after the world. The person in between is considered a hypocrite.

We should elevate our conviction and trust in Allah ta'ala. We have concern over our provisions but we fail to concern ourselves in matters of deen, praying five times and adopting the sunnah. Allah ta'ala is our protector and is responsible for us. We should trust Him and He will grant us respect no matter which position we are in.

The pledge of allegiance with a Sheikh is a very sacred action. When you make a promise with a Wali Allah, then you are in fact making a promise with Allah ta'ala. Those who take the hand of the Sheikh and learn the lessons of the Naqshbandi, he is considered a Wali Allah.

You should have conviction in Allah ta'ala's orders and repent for your mistakes. Do not become hopeless over your sins because Allah ta'ala will forgive you for all your mistakes if you return to Him. The ijtima is here for this reason.
We should seek forgiveness for ourselves and for the ummah and pray for the distress to be lifted from us. This ijtima is a beautiful gift from Allah ta'ala. It is a tradition of our pious predecessors. We will be sending Isaale Thawaab for all of the great Mashaaikh of the Naqshbandi silsilah. If we send reward to one Wali Allah, then we receive love and mercy from Allah ta'ala. The greater the Wali Allah, the more love from Allah ta'ala we gain.

We should attend this ijtima for the sake of our spirituality and not for worldly purposes. The benefits of this ijtima is that our deen is refreshed. This one night of worship is greater than the entire years worth of worship!

We should make efforts for this ijtima according to our capacity. Not just wealth, give your love, your belief and your sacrifice for this ijtima. Put your share into this.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
23rd Dec, 2023