مشکلات کو آسان کیسے کریں؟
Bayan, 64 minutes
30th November, 2023

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Beautiful bayan ameen
4th Dec, 2023
How to Turn Difficulties to Ease?

The entire creation is based upon wisdom and the biggest wisdom of Allah ta'ala is that every thing in this world carries the message of recognising Allah ta'ala and attaining His nearness. This the objective of the entire creation.

Every person, non wealthy and wealthy, educated and non educated, faces trials in life. We face trials out of the wisdom of Allah ta'ala. This is so we can attain the nearness and love of Allah ta'ala.

Shaytan does not allow a person to understand this wisdom as it allows a person to attain Allah ta'ala's nearness.

An individual came to a Wali Allah and proclaimed, "Today it is very hot and we are all suffering!" The Wali Allah replied, "Have you not considered the blessings behind this heat? Allah ta'ala creates fruit through this heat and hot climate." If we didn't have this heat, then how would the plants grow? In reality, thousands of germs are eliminated through heat!

When a calamity arrives in our life, we usually become despondent and fearful. We start to consider the worst. We must remember that being thankful to Allah ta'ala is the biggest resource through which we may attain His nearness. Furthermore, the Awliyah Allah did not reach the heights without attaining Allah ta'ala's nearness.

We should always ponder over our countless blessings, even whilst facing adversity. We should be thankful to have a body which functions well overall, despite having a health problem. Instead, we criticise and complain about one difficulty which has befallen us or regarding something we have not achieved.

When an individual becomes sick, he should thank Allah ta'ala for granting him a bed and medicine. He should thank Allah ta'ala for the people who are taking care of him and serving him. He should thank Allah ta'ala for the food at home. Despite being sick, he should count his many blessings.

Being inflicted with a sickness is a test and everything is in Allah ta'ala's control. When Allah ta'ala sees that a person is remembering Him even more, he eliminates that disease and such an individual passes the test.

When a person is faced with a calamity, Shaytan takes the opportunity to destroy him. We are internally and spiritually weak, therefore Shaytan preys upon us. He makes us hopeless of achieving anything. Then depression and negative thoughts consume us, leaving us weak. Thereafter, we no longer find enjoyment in worship, nor do we consider worship to be significant.

If we don't have protection against Shaytan, he will influence our thoughts and overtake them in this manner. He will makes us believe that our worship and supplications have gone in vain. This then causes a person to complain to Allah ta'ala regarding his decree.

When an individual is faced with a calamity, he should seek and understand Allah ta'ala's wisdom and supreme plan. This is the method to attain Allah ta'ala's nearness.

When a person fails in his worldly matters, he should remain cautious because Shaytan may use him as an easy target and he may place doubts in his mind, encouraging him to go against Allah ta'ala.

When we are faced with calamity, we should not be worried. Rather, we should show gratitude towards Allah ta'ala's countless blessings and favours upon us. This is because, the more a person recognises Allah ta'ala's blessings, the more he attains Allah ta'ala's nearness and love. Thus, He becomes a Wali Allah.

Upon every passing second, we should thank Allah ta'ala. We shouldn’t become despondent and negative upon one calamity. We should not migrate to unsuitable and un-Islamic environments for the purpose of earning an income. In doing so, children may become misguided as it would be detrimental for their Imaan. If they lose their Imaan, the father will be held accountable, as children are a trust from Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala wants us to submit fully to Shariah. Shariah is a boundary. We shouldn’t even come close to the boundary, otherwise we will slip and follow the footsteps of Shaytan.

It is not from the glory of a believer to complain to Allah ta'ala or criticise due to his difficulties. One tends to complain because he has not eliminated the diseases within him. He does not pay attention towards Allah ta'ala's favours. If we fail to do this today, then imagine how our children will be brought up.

When a person is positive even in calamities, then he has no reason to fear or grieve at all. Allah ta'ala has praised the Awliyah ta'ala in this manner. They are always grateful to Allah ta'ala and recognise the goodness behind what they do not receive. They understand that they do not require that which Allah ta'ala withheld from them.

We generally take up unlawful avenues to receive what we desire. Instead, we should constantly remind ourselves of Allah ta'ala's favours even when we do not receive what we desire.

The more you remember Allah ta'ala's favours, the more Allah ta'ala's love and nearness is instilled within you. Allah ta'ala's elevates such a person because of him being content with his situation. If a person has no concern about his decree and thinks positive, he has nothing to worry!

We must aim to remember Allah ta'ala's mercy and blessings all the time. This is the real success.

If one wishes to perform an action, the Quran has mentioned three points regarding it:

Firstly, when he performs an action, he must hold a sincere intention for the hereafter without having any contamination in his intention, otherwise, Shaytan tries to spoil this intention and render his action futile.

Secondly, he must perform the deed correctly according to the manner of Shariah. Thirdly, his belief must be correct and solid.

You must follow this criteria in order to be given a high status and become successful in your actions, otherwise you will fail in your deeds.
Such a person who aims to instil these three and begins an action, even if he doesn't complete the action, Allah ta'ala will accept his efforts.

To attain these three things, we must visit a teacher. As long as we are trying, Allah ta'ala will accept out efforts and grant us paradise.

A person who doesn't visit a Sheikh, will never attain success. Follow the advice of your Sheikh and he will instruct you according to the Shariah. Your belief in him shouldn’t be weak and you should obey his instructions. You should serve your teacher so that he supplicates for you. Supplications should be earnt!

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
2nd Dec, 2023