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Bayan, 66 minutes
26th October, 2023

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The Secret for the Acceptance of Deeds

A person only receives reward when he sits for the purpose of implementation. Without implementation, this gathering is futile for a person. It doesn't matter the size of the gathering, if Allah ta'ala has sent you to a gathering, it may just become a means of your salvation. A man's connection with His Lord is formed through his intention, not through his deeds, as his deeds may be contaminated.

The pious predecessors say that Dhikr is the most virtuous over all other deeds because it has a quality within it which takes a person closer to Allah ta'ala. Dhikr is a supplication and a medicine. When a Dhaakir supplicates, he is granted from Allah ta'ala without even asking as Dhikr fulfils our needs. When a person presents his needs to Allah ta'ala in Muraqabah, his needs are fulfilled quicker than making Dua with the hands raised. When you start engaging in Dhikr and seek Allah ta'ala's help, you will find assistance and the means from unimaginable places. We should connect to Allah ta'ala before running after worldly resources to fulfil our means.

What is Tawfiq?
Some people avoid doing the right thing saying, "Pray Allah grants me the ability," without making any effort.

Shaytan took a promise to deviate us and deliver us to Hellfire and Allah ta'ala accepted it. He runs in our blood and prevents us from doing good deeds. He plants negative thoughts in our mind and incites us towards sin. He presents every good deed as difficult. To combat this, Allah ta'ala granted the believer, inspiration. Every moment, inspiration descends upon the heart of a believer, and this is referred to as Tawfiq/ability.

When a believer, no matter how sinful he is, thinks of doing a good deed, even if it's a little one, then know that this is an inspiration is sent to him by Allah ta'ala. This inspiration is the ability Allah ta'ala gives to His servant to carry out good deeds. It's our duty to combat the evil whispers and overcome them. This is called Mujaahadah.

If a person acts upon the inspiration, Allah ta'ala grants him the capability continually and he's able to fulfil the good deed. This is because he accepted and acted upon the inspiration.

When a person thinks of a good deed, then he faces two decisions. If he goes towards the Waswasah, then the Shayateen overwhelm and control him. We must incline towards the inspirations from Allah ta'ala and prevent ourselves from the evil whispers which deviate us. We must work hard to go towards the good deeds. This fight of our Nafs will continue until the end. We should always take those means towards Good and never worry that it is too difficult, as Allah ta'ala will make it easy and extract any fears.

If we don't accept the inspiration from Allah ta'ala, we are oppressing ourselves. We are wasting that opportunity of good.

'Tawfiq' is thinking of performing a good deed and carrying it out. When a person begins a good deed, Shaytan either makes him hopeless or arrogant. For example, a person begins prayer, and then becomes hopeless and considers his prayer a waste. He thinks that it will not be accepted. He doesn't see any benefit or enjoyment in Dhikr. He experiences bad thoughts and this is an attack from Shaytan.

We should never lose hope and never lose our aspirations and confidence in performing a certain good deed, as there is good news behind them. To put an intention into implementation is a big blessing, so we shouldn't be hopeless.

When Allah ta'ala grants you the capability to perform a good deed, then never abandon it as Allah ta'ala has granted you the ability to perform them! Allah ta'ala will not waste this deed, so we should preserve it and disregard the whispers of Shaytan. We should sacrifice ourselves in fulfilling the action Allah has given us ability for.

Shaytan also makes a person arrogant. For example, when he prays and then considers those who don’t pray to be inferior to him. Such a person considers others as insignificant. He considers himself better than others and belittles them.

After you perform good deeds, you should protect those good deeds with Dhikr otherwise they'll become contaminated with pride and ostentation.

Hadhrat Abu Bakr رضي الله عنه said, "If you recite these two words after performing a good deed, then Shaytan proclaims, 'He has broken my back!'" Thereafter, Shaytan cannot make you hopeless or create pride within you and Allah ta'ala will definitely accept your good deeds.

We should recite these two words after performing good deeds, particularly after prayers. The 2 kalimaat are 'Alhamdulillah' and 'Astaghfirullah.' These kalimaat destroy the attacks of Shaytan. When you forget to recite it. You should recite it twice and it will be like you performed the action in the current moment.

Whenever you perform an action, you should praise Allah ta'ala and say 'Alhamdulillah,' and assigns all your efforts to Him.

The benefit of reciting 'Astaghfirullah' is, when a person prays and becomes hopeless, for example, if he recites istighfar, then it fulfils any deficiencies in his worship. When a person recites these 2 kalimaat, then the pride is also eradicated from him.

Dhikr is a medicine because it removes every spiritual disease of the heart. This is why it is the greatest worship. Dhikr is what transforms your deeds and makes them sincere for the sake of Allah. It elevates your deed to the level of acceptance in the court of Allah ta'ala.

We pray but forget that we need to present our worship in the court of Allah ta'ala so they must be improved. This is because we will only get the reward of prayer when we improve our prayer through Dhikr.

Without Dhikr, your actions will spoil you and Shaytan will loot your deeds. He will contaminate your deeds and won't allow your deeds to make you successful.

We shouldn't worship and neglect Dhikr. Rather, we should perform worship and engage in Dhikr alongside as it will purify our good deeds and purify the heart from spiritual diseases. It takes a person to the heights and grants us the success of our worship.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to implement. Ameen
28th Oct, 2023