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Bayan, 81 minutes
19th October, 2023

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How Should We Do Taubah?

These Gatherings are to remind us of our purpose. We are fortunate that Allah ta'ala has granted them to us despite being unworthy. To receive these Gatherings in these times of trouble and in a dangerous era is a very great blessing. We should thank Allah ta'ala for this blessing as we don't know if we will get this opportunity always.

We are passing an era of grave fitna. A pious person was asked the formula of how one may depart with Imaan. He said, 'when you awake in the morning, thank Allah ta'ala that you have risen with Imaan. In the evening, thank Allah ta'ala that He allowed you to remain in the state of Imaan despite being attacked by Shaytan from all directions." If you follow this method, Allah ta'ala promises to increase your Imaan. He will allow you to perform those things which will further increase your Imaan and protect you. He will grant you those resources although you may be unaware.
Our objective in life is to attain His nearness and friendship. The biggest hurdle for us is Shaytan who promised to lead man astray and distanced from Allah ta'ala. This is a very dangerous era we are living in and we are in dire need of protection. Sins are the biggest veil. Only when this veil is removed, one is able to attain Allah ta'ala. Shaytan invites us towards sin and he runs in our blood. However, Allah ta'ala has also equipped us with repentance in parallel. Shaytan can cause us to commit countless sins throughout the day, but if we repent, Allah ta'ala will forgive us.

The hypocrites are those who reject faith after adopting it. This is the situation of the people amongst us today. They believe in Allah ta'ala but they complain against Him and they question Him. They believe in His Rasul ﷺ, yet they reject him ﷺ. They recognise the Sahabah, but speak ill of them and make accusations against them. They mock the Awliyah Allah and they claim the Quran to be outdated. They are the worst of people. Allah ta'ala, the angels and the people of the world will send curses upon such people. We should save ourselves and our children from falling into such traps. If anyone of these people repent correctly, the doors of repentance are open for them too.

Allah ta'ala doesn't oppress anyone. It is us who oppress ourselves. People are deviated today because of the Internet. We should refrain from seeking solutions from the Internet. We are fortunate to have this gathering and we should bring our children to attend. The only thing which can save our generation today is the dhikr of Allah ta'ala. If we are sincere that we want to be protected, we should adopt Dhikr.

There are many methods of repentance but Allah ta'ala has prescribed the correct method which is to repent and have your rectification and improvement done in parallel. This type of repentance is performed at the hands of a Sheikh. Through this, a person's sins are extracted, he begins to adopt the Shariah and Sunnah and his character is improved. This repentance is accepted by Allah ta'ala. If we fail to repent at the hands of a wali Allah, Shaytan will destroy our repentance.

The Wali Allah enables you to repent and polishes you at the same time. He extracts your spiritual illnesses. A sincere student won't flee. He will keep accepting and progressing. He will abandon what his Sheikh orders him to abandon and obey his instructions.

The Awliyah Allah are selected by Allah ta'ala.
Just like Allah ta'ala sends the clouds to the barren lands, the Awliyah Allah are sent to revive the hearts of those who are thirsty through their focus, company and Dhikr. Whoever has the desire of guidance in his heart, Allah ta'ala will definitely guide him and he can never be deprived. Those who reject, will lose out.

When you start to improve in the company of a Wali Allah, then know that Allah ta'ala has sent this Wali Allah to your midst. Allah ta'ala has prepared this Wali with resources and it pulls on the hearts of the sincere people. Allah ta'ala grants them those qualities with which they may benefit the society.

The gathering of the pious provide a huge impact for those who have the correct intention of guidance. Only a person who has burning desire of improving and attaining Allah, will attain guidance. A person who comes with the right intention won't leave empty handed. Without desire and desperateness, he is not given the focus and attention of his Sheikh.

If you fail to follow your Sheikh's guidelines, you won't learn. If you want to be successful, then engage in abundant dhikr.

When a Muslim faces a calamity, he should never criticise Allah ta'ala. Rather he should look inwardly towards himself. A Muslim who has Imaan in his heart, will never face loss. A true Muslim can never be defeated.

The Sign of a person who comes to a Gathering to attain Allah's nearness, is that he will accept every word of his Sheikh. He won't turn back. He will accept the guidance as he truly wishes to attain Allah ta'ala’s nearness.

When we engage in Dhikr, we should eradicate our thoughts. The effects will not rub off on to those who have not learnt Dhikr.

There are two conditions of Dhikr in the company of your Sheikh. The first is to focus your attention towards your heart and the focus of your heart should be towards Allah ta'ala. The way to focus on the heart is to think towards the heart and the way to focus your heart on Allah ta'ala is to ponder over His greatness and glory, his authority and power. Ponder over His grace and mercy with every heartbeat. The second conditions is to eradicate the thoughts.

How to eradicate whispers from Shaytan?

When you engage in Dhikr, try to focus and not let any other thoughts come to you. Begin practicing for five minutes with full attention. If thoughts fill your mind, then repeat those five minutes again. When you have achieved five minutes of concentration in which you are devoid of thoughts, then those 5 minutes will become solid over time. Gradually, extend the Dhikr duration to ten and fifteen minutes. It doesn't matter if it takes you a few months to get to this stage. Allah ta'ala loves it when we fight against Shaytan and make efforts to become close to Him.

We should connect our heart with the heart of our Sheikh and imagine the light from our Sheikh entering our heart. This is the method to pull on the blessings. Your whispers will be eliminated through this and Shaytan will flee. This is called Tasawarre Sheikh.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
22nd Oct, 2023
21st Oct, 2023
اگر مختلف حلقوں میں "یزیدی" سامنے آ رہے ہیں تو کچھ تعجب نہیں کیونکہ علی کے بیٹے امام مھدی کا ظہور بھی تو قریب ہو رہا ہے ۔
20th Oct, 2023
دعاء کے دو مختصر جملے :
یا الله ! ہمارے فلسطین کے مسلمان بھائیوں کی مدد فرما اور اپنی بارگاہ سے ان کے مددگار ظاہر فرما ۔
20th Oct, 2023
Subhanallah these lectures are full of wisdom and knowledge.

I have a humble suggestion to kindly have a separate articles section on this website with these bayans on there in Arabic Urdu English and Turkish languages, with options to download as a PDF and to share via WhatsApp telegram email and other apps. Additionally, your social media is great but please make a few seperate YouTube channels, and have short status clips for YouTube tiktok and whatsapp, also please make use of your YouTube community page, create a Tiktok and a WhatsApp channel

You have a lot of precious content and it's not being promoted as it should
20th Oct, 2023
Sohna Murshid, Silsila Naqshbandia Mujaddidia Asifia Zindabad
20th Oct, 2023
Subhanallah this bayan and specially the Dhikr really touched me
20th Oct, 2023