عید میلاد النبی ﷺ
Bayan, 73 minutes
28th September, 2023

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Eid Milad-un-Nabi ﷺ

There is no night which compares to the greatness of this night, as Allah ta'ala favoured Mankind upon this night through the arrival of Nabi ﷺ.

We have been selected to be from his nation, yet we think little of ourselves. Allah ta'ala has granted us great honour and respect through making us from amongst his nation. We should be proud of this fact, as all the other nations will be envious of us, due to our connection with the Prophet ﷺ. Everything of ours is distinguished due to this.

A Hadith has been narrated in Mishkaat Shareef,
"The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “I have been sent to perfect good character.”

Nabi ﷺ didn't come to give us anything physical, nor any act of worship. He came with the purpose of perfecting character. The one who attains the purpose for which Nabi ﷺ came to teach, is successful in life and the Hereafter.

Thus, the greatest worship is to attain beautiful character and there is no greater reward for any other worship besides it. If one has this, then all his other acts of worship are accepted and made beautiful. If he doesn't possess good character, then all his other acts of worship are not accepted and are rendered futile.

If a person doesn't know his true objective of life, he cannot successfully prepare for his death. When we abandon this essence of worship, we face destruction and loss in society. Unfortunately today, good character has been made scarce. The least emphasis and effort is placed upon attaining and encouraging good character. Furthermore, It has been demoted in society.

The worship of attaining good character is the weightiest in the eyes of Allah. The one who considers this act of attaining good character, to be his purpose of life and constantly tries to attain it, is successful in both worlds. Therefore, we should exert ourselves in bettering our character.

All the spiritual sicknesses within a person, greed, malice, envy are due to a lack of good conduct. There is no other thing which removes these defects within a person, besides adopting good character.

Engaging in abundant worship without adopting good character is futile, for a worshipper is often criticised and dishonoured due to possessing the worst character.

This is the message of Rabi-ul-Awwal and the way to celebrate Nabi ﷺ's birth. He ﷺ came with this mission to connect us to Allah ta'ala and deliver us to Paradise, so we should be firm on upholding his mission.

We should become a person who takes care and serves the orphans and widows and has love for them. This concern and emotions do not develop within a person naturally, therefore, we must exert our entire lives to attain that love and concern for the less fortunate. In reality, we were created to feel the pain and difficulties of others. We were created to mend the broken hearts.

The true revolution of the heart is to remove anger and hatred from within us and to become softer individuals. It is to develop love and regard for others. It is to forgive and befriend our enemies.

We come to the Masjid to pray. We could've prayed at home, but Allah ta'ala ordered us to pray in the Masjid 5 times, so we can meet people and seek those who require help. Furthermore, so we can mend the broken heart and seek people to serve. The wisdom behind standing shoulder to shoulder in prayer, is so that our hearts may become connected with each other and so it increases love between our hearts.

Allah ta'ala is not in need of our prostration. He desires our hearts to be free from malice and enmity for each other. He desires that we spend upon the poor people and we help to remove other people's debts, whilst improving the state of our hearts.

We should not be able to see anyone in distress without assisting them. We should feel pain and sympathy for others in our heart.

Every morning we should make an intention to not swear at anyone, nor hurt them. We should intend not to hoard ill feelings for anyone, nor commit wrongdoing against anyone. We should rise everyday with our hearts being full of love for Humanity. We should intend to serve whoever we comes across, no matter what religion he is from.

Whoever truly has fear of Allah ta'ala in his heart, when he is reminded that this actions are against Allah ta'ala, he becomes distressed at his mistakes. Thereafter, he repents and make amends for his wrongdoing. As a result, Allah ta'ala grants him two paradises.

Whoever goes to a pious person to seek the fear of Allah ta'ala, he will most definitely attain this fear. The plains of actions are dependant upon a person's intentions, so with this intention, a person will never be unsuccessful. We should visit a wali Allah with the intention of improving our heart and developing Taqwa. If we visit for any other purpose, we will never be able to fulfil it.

The reason Dhikr doesn't impact us, is because we do not have the correct intention. We have forgotten our purpose and fail to strive towards it. We do not attempt to purify our heart.

We should treat people so well in our lifetime, that when we die, everything that we have done for them, becomes the source of our forgiveness. This is what will take us to Paradise.

We should act sincerely for the sake of Allah ta'ala. We should try to hide our charitable acts from others and avoid displaying them. We should feel the beauty in forgiving others and serving others.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to improve our character.
30th Sep, 2023
The method of my Murshid Kareem is unique and beautiful. May Allah protect them from the Hasad of the Hasideen and grant them Barakah in their life, time, wealth, pen and work. May Allah increase their Faidh to every corner of the world and grant us sinners istiqaamah and ability to practice upon their advice Ameen
29th Sep, 2023
رضيتُ بالله ربًّا، وبالإسلام دينًا، وبمحمدٍ ﷺ نبيًّا

I am pleased that Allah is our Lord, with Islam as our religion and with the noble Prophet ﷺ as our prophet
29th Sep, 2023
لاکھوں درود و سلام اس ذات پر جن کی بدولت اور وسیلے سے رحمان ملا قرآن ملا اور ایمان ملا ۔ میری طرف سے آپ کو عید میلاد النبی مبارک ہو! میری دعا ہے کہ ہم سب نبی کریم ﷺ کے بتائے ہوئے طریقے پر زندگی گزایں ۔ آمین
29th Sep, 2023
Subhanallah Subhanallah Subhanallah love you hazrat sahib
29th Sep, 2023