مومن کی کیا نشانی ہے؟
Bayan, 37 minutes
20th July, 2023

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What is the Sign of a Mu'min?

وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَشَدُّ حُبًّا لِّلَّهِ ۗ

"And those who believe are stronger in love for Allāh." [2:165]

The commentators of the Quran mention that the sign of the believer is that he loves Allah ta'ala intensely. We have faith and we consider Allah ta'ala as our provider and our ruler, yet, we fail to love Him intensely.

Love isn't demonstrated through verbal expressions and claimant. In reality, love is manifested, and this is its proof. In the Hereafter, we will not be questioned regarding our claim of love. Rather, we will be asked to present proof of our belief and love in Allah ta'ala and His Prophet ﷺ.

The proof of love is obedience. It cannot be possible that a person loves Allah ta'ala, yet, disobeys Him. This is the biggest fraud and hypocrisy.

The noble Sahabah went through many severe trials, exemplifying their intense love for Allah ta'ala. We need to take lessons from these shining stars. Today, we cannot even forsake lying and backbiting for the sake of Allah ta'ala's love?

Living in this world, it is inevitable that love for this world will overtake us. There is attraction all around us, but the great achievement is, developing the love for Allah ta'ala despite all of that.

No matter the corrupt generation we live in, we can still instil intense love for Allah ta'ala within us and extract the love of the world from within us. The way to attain His love is to sit in the company of those pious people who already love Allah ta'ala.

We have to make effort instead of making empty claims. We must obey Allah ta'ala even whilst facing a thousand obstacles and restrictions. This is love. This love for Allah ta'ala then overcomes a person and it prevents him from wrongdoing and sin.

We should love Allah ta'ala to a high degree and this is when we will be able to leave sin. We should develop the fear of displeasing Allah ta'ala and this also considered love for Him.

The way to measure a person's connection with Allah ta'ala is by assessing the level of one's love for Him. Our duty is to remove the love of this world and gain the love of Allah ta'ala. A person who truly loves Allah won't disobey Him.

The underlying reason for committing sins is that we do not love Allah ta'ala and as a result, the love of this world has overtaken us. We sacrifice the love for Allah for all those things we love in this world. In reality, the believer will only be successful when he performs actions for the sake of Allah's love. When a person worships due to love for Allah ta'ala, light and fragrance emanates from his actions.

We cannot attain the heights by relaxing and without making any effort. Our main target should be to crush our desires within and we should at least try to improve and solidify our intentions because Allah ta'ala values our efforts.

The way to love Allah ta'ala intensely is to visit the friend of Allah ta'ala. You should go solely for the sake of Allah ta'ala and you will never fail in your mission. Avoid approaching your Sheikh with your worldly problems and with bad intentions. Your intentions should be sincere and you should take advantage of your teacher to improve yourself and not for worldly progression. Through their company, a person's love for the world is removed.

We may have thousands of desires, but if we have attained Allah ta'ala, then what else do we need!? If you attain Allah ta'ala's nearness then everything will flourish for you without hurdles and restrictions! Allah ta'ala will deliver everything you require at your doorstep. We should have trust in Allah ta'ala's and we can only have trust in Him when we love Him.

You learn the love of Allah from the company of a Sheikh. Thereafter, when the love of Allah enters the heart via the Sheikh, then we should request Allah ta'ala for our worldly needs.

Hadhrat Mujaddid Alf Thani Rahmatullahi alayh says, that even if a person has sins stacked up to the skies and he approaches a Wali Allah, his sins will be removed and he will attain Allah ta'ala's love.

Practicing Tasawwuf is Fard Ain because it is the foundation of developing the love of Allah ta'ala. Tasawwuf refers to the effort you make extracting the love for the world and adopting the love for Allah ta'ala to a high degree.

The love of the teacher is created by the student. Develop your love for him first and then your love and connection will be strengthened. In reality, a students love compels the Sheikh to love the student and pull him closer. The more love you desire from your Sheikh, the more you should love your Sheikh. This is what will attract his love even more.

We should learn Dhikr from the Sheikh and this is how we will remain on the path of continuity and success. The more we attain Allah ta'ala's love, the more we obey Him. Thus, we become closer to Allah ta'ala and this causes one's success. Dhikr is the one action which immediately grants a person the love for Allah ta'ala. This is the beauty of Dhikr. When we remember Him, His love and Mercy is showered upon us.

Attach yourself to the Dhikr of the heart by learning it from the Sheikh. This is a very great worship! Imam Nawawi rahmatullahi alayh says, that when a person engages in silent Dhikr, then that person is no longer negligent from Allah ta'ala's remembrance for even a second. Furthermore, the Dhikr of the heart is 70 times greater than verbal Dhikr.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to implement.
23rd Jul, 2023
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