آج کا ذکر مخصوس کیوں ہے؟
Bayan, 8 minutes
25th June, 2023

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Why is Today's Dhikr Special?

Tonight is the night preceding Yawmu-Tarwiyyah. On this night, Hadhrat Ibrahim عليه السلام saw himself sacrificing his son in his dream. The next day he spent pondering over his dream - whether it was from Allah or from Shaytan. This is why it has been given the name 'Tarwiyyah'.

The pillars of Hajj have begun. We may not be present for Hajj, however, as mentioned in Ahadith, we have also been given a reward during this night. The angels have surrounded us, Allah ta'ala's mercy has descended upon us and a special Sakeenah (peace) has been granted to us. This is because we have assembled together to engage in Allah ta'ala's Dhikr.

We should be so thankful to Allah ta'ala for giving us the opportunity and the ability to remember Him. We should be grateful that He has not prevented us from remembering Him due to our great sins, because in reality, we are incapable of earning the blessings of these great nights.

It is not our achievement or due to our good qualities that Allah ta'ala has gathered us. This is the achievement and the effect of the company of the Great Wali Allah, Hadhrat Ali Murtaza رحمة الله عليه, that we are here earning great rewards.

People are occupied in many things at this moment, perhaps even immersed in impermissible actions, but here the angels are surrounding us!

We were not able to perform Hajj, but at least we gained some benefit in the company of a Wali Allah. We should value the company of the Great Awliyah Allah for they are the deputies of the Messengers and through them we receive the blessings of the Messengers.

Take hold the company of a Wali Allah and don't abandon it. If you recognise someone as a friend of Allah, you should never abandon his company even if you face restrictions in his company or become distracted by the whispers of Shaytan. The one who attaches himself to a Wali Allah with sincerity, will become successful and he will reach great heights.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
27th Jun, 2023