اللہ کا دوست بننا ہے؟
Urdu Bayan, 28 mins
17th May, 2022

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Want to Become a Wali? Every individual has a desire and he should have a desire and this is also our objective that we become Allah ta'ala's beloved servant and Allah begins to love us and is pleased with us so that we become His friends. Allah is pleased with us and we are pleased with Him. And with this purpose the human being worships Allah, he strives that somehow I need to attain Allah's nearness to this extent that, despite whatever stage in life he reaches, he doesn't stop with this desire and purpose and striving and individual worship. And in reality the situation is that, as easy it is, it’s also very difficult and a great thing but Allah has made it very easy to achieve this purpose. And this is Allah’s glory and grace that He has made it easy to attain His nearness and love. We think it is hard. We think it is distant for us to reach but in reality it is not hard or distant to attain Allah’s nearness and His love. Between the servant and Allah, there is just one veil. Remember this point. One barrier and obstacle and if that obstacle is removed, then immediately the human being attains all the high ranks. And then? Allah’s grace is beyond that as well. I’m telling you something very useful mashaaAllah . Remember this. This is a tip I’m telling you. Every man will be saved from Hellfire and will become a wali Allah through this. Listen carefully to what I'm saying. The words of the Faqir are very great. This is not a speech I’m giving to you. For this reason we are gathered together. We are here for a purpose which is the name of Allah. So Allah's name has so many blessings that Allah instils beautiful points within my mind. What was I saying? To become near to Allah and become His beloved so that the doors of Hellfire are sealed and so that the doors of Jannah are opened. That’s our purpose isn't it? This journey is very easy and there's only one veil between us and that objective and we need to remove that. And Allah made it very easy to remove that barrier. It’s quite simple and not difficult at all. Allah ta'ala has prepared and given us the resources for everything. Dont we get thirsty? We get extremely thirsty on hot days, so Allah has prepared water for us to quench our thirst. A person becomes thirsty, Allah says, don’t worry, I'll bring water for you and I'll give it to you. A person attains water. Night comes and it is dark outside, Allah says, why are you upset and distressed? The night will come and then in the morning I will allow the sun to appear and the light will spread. So, when there's difficulties and problems, Allah says, why are you worried and distressed? Even if I give you a problem, I'll give you the way out and the solution. I will grant you tranquillity. So Allah gives both things. He gives sickness, and Allah says, Even if you're extreme sick, don’t worry, I have given you sickness, but in parallel, I will grant you health as well. So Allah ta’ala has prepared for everything and He gives to us. Allah says, why are you concerned. I have placed a barrier, and there is a barrier between me and you, but if you want to remove that, I can remove that for you. So what’s that barrier? Lets think about it. What’s that barrier between us and Allah which prevents us from becoming close to Allah. We pray salaah, yet that barrier remains between us. We engage in worship, yet that barrier is stood in front of us. The barrier isn't removed. Dont we wish to remove it and draw it aside? Allah says It will only be removed through the method which I inform you of. For example, there's a lock on the door, and you keep putting the key in, turning the key and you have ten keys. Allah says, what is the problem? You're putting the wrong key in the door so it won't open. Sit back, let me open the door. He puts one key in which opens that lock specifically and it opens the door so its our fault that we are utilising the wrong key so it won't open the door. The key that Allah has given for that lock, we should put that key in. Say SubhaanAllah. So you cant open every lock with every key. Through salaah, you cant solve everything. Allah ta'ala has created a solution for everything and with that solution you can unlock that door. We are trying hard and we are putting the key in and turning it. And we apply lubrication and oil on it, we go through sweat and toil and it doesn't open. Allah says, what you are doing? Step back. Takes a small straight key out, puts it in and turns it nicely and smoothly and the door opens. This is our case that we try hard with the wrong efforts. We perform Salah trying to get close to Allah, fasting, hajj and Umrah, this and that, but the veil between us and Allah is not removing. Today inshaaAllah we will remove the veil. We will learn how to remove this barrier between us and Allah. Lets first identify what is this barrier which doesn't allow us to get closer to Allah. Its a very dangerous situation. That veil is dangerous. It may seem like a powerful barrier but it is weak in reality. It looks strong but it is weak. What is that barrier? It is the barrier of sins and disobedience. The veil of sins. Just one veil. And it is due to this veil that we cannot get close to Allah. If we do not put the key in there to remove this veil and unlock it, shaytan has been given open permission. He has his workers, nafs, every second he promotes an individual to commit a sin through the hands, through the mouth and tongue, through the eyes. If not through any of these then, he makes a person sin through the heart. You look at someone, you get angry with him in your heart. You're abusing him. In other words, many doors of sin are open for the human being, all night long he prays Tahajjud and then he moves his tongue, he backbites and all his Tahajjud is wiped away. Wasted. And there are many Ahadith for this. That’s why the veil is not removed between Allah and us. How can we remove this veil? We prayed Tahajjud, engaged in worship, kept voluntary fasts, and when it came to iftar time, you backbite against someone. You speak negatively about someone. We say, "what’s backbiting?" "Oh he's a bad man, he's a dirty man." Even that, just to say that is such a significant statement and a big sin, regarding which shaytan makes us believe in this society that it is not a sin. "You did a good action. You kept a lengthy fast, you recited Quran, you worshipped Allah," and that individual doesn't know that the sin of backbiting is wretched and cursed. It doesn't just incur sins, rather all the rewards he earnt, is wasted and his reward goes to that person who he deems to be his enemy; the one he is backbiting about. This is the hadith. Yes a person commits sins with his eyes and today sins are so common. Look at the young people, the old people, they're in their rooms, there is the TV, they're looking at the news, they are looking at scenes and this is happening. The poor thing sat the entire night reciting and worshipping in the masjid, from morning till evening and when he went home, his state changed and all the recitation he did, went down the drain. In reality, a single salaah is so powerful subhaanAllah. With one action of salaah, Allah ta'ala has promised, "prostrate to me and come close to me." Tell me. That's enough. But the reason is that we don't put the key inside and unlock this veil of sin, There will definitely be sin because shaytan is doing his work. Its not that we will be safe from sin. No. We cannot be safe from sin. A hundred percent not. Sins will be committed. We are human beings and naturally there is desire, there are the forces behind us and we say that we won't sin? That's incorrect. So Allah ta’ala has given a beautiful point in regards to this. Suddenly the veil is removed. I will show you the methodology, you should implement this method inshaaAllah. A simple method. Its a small verse but Allah ta'ala has mentioned a great thing. وَإِنِّى لَغَفَّارٌ لِّمَن تَابَ وَءَامَنَ وَعَمِلَ صَٰلِحًا ثُمَّ ٱهْتَدَىٰ A short verse. Allah says that these are the conditions I’m telling you. I know how I will forgive the sins of my servants. Just do one action oh my servant. Allah says, I am the forgiver when you implement one action, when you say, "oh Allah forgive me. You are the forgiver." The greatest key to remove the veil of all sins is what? Repentance. Seeking forgiveness. Whenever a person repents, it doesn't matter how big of a sin he commits, it becomes like air and it evaporates. It vanishes. That’s the power Allah has placed in Istighfar. Shaytan will work hard to make you do wrong but if you repent alhamdulillah immediately that sin disappears. And the biggest act of shaytan is that he makes a person lose hope after sinning and he doesn’t allow him to repent. He doesn't want that person to perform repentance with his tongue, rather he takes him to the opposite, "is this is sin!? This is not a sin. I've performed great worship, I’m a worshipper. This is not a sin. Allah will forgive this. Allah is the Most Merciful." So he doesn't even allow us to move the key towards the lock. I will tell you the very simple method to gain the solution. First of all, accept that you will commit sin, whatever you are, whether you are a Qutub, Ghawth, Abdaal, peer, Hadhrat or a Sheikh. The pious predecessors have told us a beautiful method, that when you retire to your bed at night time, don’t be negligent and lazy. Remember and listen carefully, this is when you will get the solution. All day long you've committed sins, you've engaged in worship, you've committed good and bad, whatever you have committed, but the night time is when you can gain success. When you go to your bed, your mattress, quietly take 2 minutes out only. Dont be lazy. However you go even if you don't have wudu. If Allah sends you to bed with wudu then very good. But go to bed and do one action, “Allah ta'ala I am present here, I present myself to you. I’m going to sleep which is the minor death and I repent to you for all the sins I committed during the day." Say SubhaanAllah. Whatever I committed out of negligence, laziness, unconsciously, knowingly, unknowingly, I’m a human and I did it. But now Allah I want to balance out my account sheet because you are forgiving. وَإِنِّى لَغَفَّارٌ لِّمَن تَابَ Allah, I’m repenting. I present myself to you and I repent and with your power and permission Allah, I will try again the hardest in the morning not to commit sins.” Say this as well at the same time. Don't be afraid, "oh I'm going to commit a sin." Say, "Allah I wont commit sins again. Today I want to balance out my sheet and tomorrow inshaaAllah If you grant me a day, I will try my best. Please forgive my previous days sins which I'm presenting, the ones I have committed until now." Say SubhaanAllah. So here listen to the hadith how forgiveness is attained. Hadhrat Hassan RadiyaAllahu anhu narrated this unique hadith, that there are 2 angels, one is on the right, one is on the left. The angel on the right is the Haakim, he overpowers the one on the left because he records the good deeds doesn't he? He is in charge and the angel on the left is under him. My angel is now listening to everything I’m saying here. So what happens now? I commit a sin, and who records that sin? The angel on the left. But whose order is followed? The angel on the right. So after sinning, the angel looks towards the other and says, "shall I continue? Shall I record it? Shall I write?" The angel on the right, the Ameer says, "no, wait." "How long?" The angel on the right says, "wait until he doesn't commit 5 sins, you cant record, just give him an opportunity. Give him some time." Say SubhaanAllah. So May Allah forgive. For example, you recited Quran, you did dhikr, and if you're sat in good company, then it takes a long time sometimes to commit 5 sins, they aren't committed immediately. So you have to wait for 5 sins. MashaaAllah Allah's mercy and power is also present. So the angel on the left waits until 5 sins are committed so he can record them altogether. So he waits and waits. And a person like me, sinful, he commits 5 sins, then the angel on the left says to the angel on the right, "what's the order now? He replies, "wait." He says, "the fifth has been committed." He said, "you can write it, but wait." Now what is the situation? Allah ta'ala may enable that person to do at least one good action. What’s the good action? He may say Allah's name from his mouth. Say SubhaanAllah. He is in pain and he says, "Allah." The name of Allah hasn't yet been taken and the gap between the heavens and the earth is filled of goodness and good deeds. Because remember Allah ta'ala has given us His name. An extremely great asset Allah ta'ala has given to us. Even if your negligent and unknowingly and unintentionally you say, "Allah!", then His name has filled your scale with good deeds. It is so powerful. And if you recite His name with an intention and sit now and focus, then that is something massive. Allah ta'ala has prepared such a solution. If someone nudges you or you bump into someone and you say, "Allah! Sometimes when you sit down, or you're sitting inside the car and you say, "Allah!" Automatically it comes out from your mouth isn't it, maybe unknowingly. If you're a dhaakir, then "mashaaAllah, subhaanAllah" always comes out from your mouth. Then that is your destiny. So if he says 'Allah,' then that person gets one good deed. So the angels on the right says "wait." The leading angel said that, "I've been told that when a person commits a good deed, then 10 good deeds are written for him so wait and let me complete my action," the angel on the right says. Say SubhaanAllah. So how many? وَإِنِّى لَغَفَّارٌ لِّمَن تَابَ Allahs says the truth in the Quran. Allah says you don't know how forgiving and merciful I am upon you and how many opportunities I give you. Allah says, I want you to become my beloved with every second. Why do you go far from me Allah says? Why do you seek me here and there, you have to go to the Ka'bah, Allah says, im so close to you, you don't need to travel. SubhaanAllah "I was travellng far and wide and I looked and suddenly I understood that he was in my heart. SubhaanAllah. He was inside my heart." And I was seeking him far and wide physically travelling. What great couplets! "I was travelling far and wide with my goods but then I suddenly realised that he was in my heart." Allah is in the heart of a human being. Allah is in every vein. He says, why are you running around in the world looking for me? You won't find me in the masjid here and there. Look inside you in your heart. Allah, you will find Him there. When you go to bed, you will remember Allah there. Yes. But we don’t know how to attain His nearness. We run around looking for Him. Lets purchase a ticket, a flight and even there we don’t attain anything because we are going to find Allah in our hearts. Say SubhaanAllah. And all we get from there is the water and the dates and we don’t bring Allah back with us. We bring zam zam water and dates from there and then we distribute it to people and keep a little bit at home. Why do we distribute it to people? So that people can realise that Hajji has come back. That's why we distribute. Yes forcefully. "Don't you want to come to my house to drink the water and the dates?" "Oh yes, definitely we will come." We distribute so that people can call us Hajji sahib and Umrah sahib, with the name and recognise you as a pilgrim. So my brothers, Allah says, you can find me in your heart. The angel on the right says, "wait, I've been commanded that he's done one good deed, I'll record ten." So ten good deeds will be written in his account. "How many sins does he have?" The one on the left says, "five." So he says, ten minus five equals five so he still has five good ones. End of story. Cancelled. So ten good deeds minus five sins, how many left? 5 good deeds. So he has 5 pure good deeds to his name in his record book. So Allah is Rabb and this is His system. Now what does shaytan do? The hadith says that he shrieks out and he screams and says, "Allah what justice is this? I tried my hardest and all my workers are surrounding him and he is committing sins and within a second you made his sins disappear and then you increase his good deeds in exchange!?" He complains to Allah. So when you're thirsty, Allah says I've created the water to quench your thirst. So one action we must do, Hadhrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi Alayh, Hakimul Ummah, he recorded an event. MashaaAllah it is very beneficial when you go to the Wali Allah, the pious elders. It is a very beneficial action. Sometimes you go there, shake their hands and sit there for 5 minutes. The Wali Allah won't eat you or swallow you. You will bring back Allah’s Mercy with you. He won't give you pain or distress. Just go there and sit down, say salaam, he will make dua. You just sit there and visit him and you will not leave empty handed even if you just visit him because Allah ta'ala has prepared the Wali Allah for the human being. Just like Allah ta'ala has prepared the resources for repentance, Allah ta'ala has prepared for His Wali's to be physically present. Hadhrat Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanwi Rahmatullahi Alayh said that there was an individual and he used to travel and meet the wali Allah and one day, he forgot his pen at the company of the Wali Allah. So his son, you know some children have bad habits, he was sinful, he wouldn’t come upon the right path and the father couldn't control him. So the father said, "I have forgot my pen at Hadhrat sahibs place, please bring that back." It was a pen or a tasbih. The son said, "i'm not going to get the pen. I'm not going there." Because a person like that is scared that “Hadhrat sahib is going to grab me. He's going to give me good advice. "Wear the turban, Keep the beard, do this," no no, I'm not going there. I'm not going to dhikr." They say, "Hadhrat, make dua for him." But at that point its too late. Bring the children from a young age. Sit them with you and show them. The light will enter their hearts when they sit in the gathering, the light will go through the generation of their families. There is one means, the company of the Sheikh, you don't need to work hard, but it has the most effect. Allah ta'ala hasn't organised speeches there, no lectures there. They don’t open the hadith and read tafseer, or Sahih Bukhari, advice, this and that. Nothing at all. Allah ta'ala has made a system that the light from his heart is transferred to the heart of the individual who is sitting there. That’s the effect of the gathering of the Wali Allah. You should bring your children there. So that wali Allah who that individual left his possession with, he didn't have a habit of speaking lengthy things. He would usually stay quiet. So the child was summoned and he was scared. So he said, "go there." The child went and he said, "Hadhrat, I have come for my father." He said, "who are you?" He didn't speak much anyway. MashaaAllah he was always immersed in dhikr, if he got the opportunity to meet someone with love, then he would. Every Wali Allah has a different style and a different method. Some give love and attention, its not that all the Awliyah Allah are the same. Everyone has their style, their method and their effects. There was a pious person. I think his name was Sheikh Zaamin Rahmatullahi Alayh. There were 3 pious people, there was Hajji sahib, Zaamin sahib and another sheikh. All of them used to sit in one place in India. And all 3 of them had different styles. So Hadhrat Zaamin's style was that he used to smile and speak jokingly. He was a great sheikh of high status, as is written about him. 3 great sheikhs used to abide in one area. So everyone has a style, different teachers, different manners. He used to smile and speak. Others are serious and firm. Others look with love and affection. Remember that every word of a Wali Allah has a meaning. There's a background objective to it. So his habit was silence and he said to the child, "what’s the issue you've come here for?" And he replied, "my respected father has forgotten something and he asked me to bring it back." He said, "son, what do you do?" He said, "I do this in the world." He said, "at least do one thing." He said, "yes?" The Sheikh said, "Make a promise from today that you will do one action. When you go to sleep, recite Istighfar 3 times." That’s it. That’s what he said to him and it penetrated his heart. It was the timing. It's all about timing. I'll tell you the truth. Dont think that my son is dirty, sinful. He's a druggie, he smokes cannabis, he drinks alcohol. No no. If Allah ta'ala wants to correct someone, then the words of the Wali Allah carry softness and tenderness. You don't know what word can penetrate the heart of the child and he will become a good human being. We are all sat here and we are all naked in this environment. And all of us have experienced this that one word would have effected us and been useful. Not the lengthy speeches and lectures. No. There is just one hint that a human being is given and it transforms his life and all the previous wrongdoing is removed. He comes to me for another reason, the other colour overtakes him. Mostly I see people around here like this, he came to for another purpose and mashaaAllah the effect took place. So the people at his home said, "you went to do something else, what’s happened to you? You've come back different." So that’s exactly what happened to that child and that affected him. And according to him, in the night, he recited 3 times Istighfar in the night, and the child attained such a high status, that his father was shocked at his transformation. It was because the veil was removed and the right key was given by the Wali Allah. When you go to bed, don’t think, "I've done this much worship, dhikr, I've read this much Quran." Forget all of this. Forget this. This is Allah’s grace whether he will accept it or not. Just say, Allah I spent my time in a good manner. But you gain benefit from that one action, which is repentance. Whoever believes that his deeds are accepted, Shaytan is the devil. "You are a worshipper. You are pious. You have recited 15 juzz today. You have done tafseer. You have done this today. This much dhikr today. This and that you have done." Then what do we do eventually. "I don’t need to do istighfar, what difference does it make, I have done so much." Allahu akbar. I’m telling you this now. I swear by Allah, success will come from that one Istighfar and nothing else will be accepted otherwise. We are all wrapped up in our sins and all the worship we have done, all the actions will be thrown upon our faces. The actions done during Ramadan, before Ramadan, after Ramadan. Whatever you have done. Never consider to be successful through your deeds. Think one thing. May Allah accept my repentance. That’s it. So before going to bed, he recited Istighfar 3 times. وَإِنِّى لَغَفَّارٌ لِّمَن تَابَ And about that, it is stated that it is Allah’s promise and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given the good news for that person who sits down in Allah’s presence, he repents and then he becomes such as though he never committed any sins at all. If you commit sins the whole day, you did wrong and spoke rubbish intentionally and unknowingly, and then you repent at the end of the day, its like you haven't committed any sins at all. The sins vanish. Say SubhaanAllah. So when we do this, Allah says, all your prayers will become light, your Quran and dhikr will become light, the angels will come to you and the doors of paradise will open. The veil will be removed. Believe what I am saying. With this method of going to sleep, subhaanAllah you can imagine that you will begin to see brilliant dreams. You will become the Wali Allah, the beloved of Allah, because that door has opened and the veil has been removed. Say SubhaanAllah. "I was going far and wide, searching. Why are you looking around? Place the right key in the lock alhamdulillah." Do you understand what I'm saying? Do you understand the message? Has it affected your heart? Yes. When a servant repents, the veil is removed. Suddenly he becomes the beloved servant of Allah. Make this your habit. Dont be lazy and ignorant before sleeping. Don’t remember anything else. Sit down and recite Istighfar 3 times in Allahs Presence. Any words of Istighfar which you can recite. "Oh Allah forgive me, I have committed sins. Tomorrow I don’t want to live the life like this. Allah, it's your choice whether you accept or not, but I wont commit the sins." Even if you commit the sin again tomorrow, don’t worry. So brothers, Allah has given us the solution to sins. A big solution to the sins. Ostentation, Pride, envy. All sins that we commit, if we put the right key in the lock, then all our sins will be removed and our worship will be accepted. The veil will be removed. Do you understand what I'm saying? So this is our purpose and this is what we need to ensure that we do. The rest, if Allah grants us the ability to do dhikr, Quran, salaah etc, keep it going no problem. But grab hold of this action of the night for sure. Start it from today and inshaaAllah it will be a very valuable action and solution which I am prescribing to you. May Allah ta'ala grant us all the ability to practice. Ameen. Recite Durood Shareef.
28th Jun, 2022
Always great to hear the blessed voice of my beautiful Hadhrat Sahib. Dhikr was amazing.
18th May, 2022