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Urdu Bayan, 31 mins
12th May, 2022

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The Light in Darkness Allah ta'ala enables us to practice a very important thing everyday, but we don't pay much attention to this thing. In the morning when the sun comes out and the light spreads from all around us, all four corners, from all directions and then all the actions of the world begin as soon as the light spread and the man continues to become more active and he quickly completes his tasks so the night doesn't fall. "Let me finish, I need to get back in time." He tries to get back in time. Allah has given one moment for the sun to come out and enlighten us, so he tries his best to utilise that sunlight. A person has advanced and he tries to prepare some resources himself that, "let's extend the time with some light." And then we have artificial lighting that we have generated so that we are safe from the darkness, but even then eventually the night arrives and in reality this is a big sign for the people of wisdom and intellect. Because darkness is a very dangerous thing and the greatest punishment of the Hereafter will be darkness. If you sit in your home, your normal lifestyle and let's say a blackout happens here, then you can say the whole part of your life is finished. Whatever you're doing is incomplete, you can't finish that task, there's darkness and you can't see anything to this extent that its hard to even walk 2 footsteps. To find something in the darkness is difficult, it's the same house, its your house, but suddenly your life has become upside down. The world has become upside down. You can note this and experience this. And that’s when a person realises that light is a fantastic resource, light is a great and valuable thing. If there's darkness, then at that time, a very small candle will be seen as a very valuable asset at the time of darkness. For example you say, "I should've had one candle or even if I had one match in a match box, it would be very valuable at that time, so light is a very great thing. So this is a small example. We don’t look at this very seriously, but remember that everything Allah ta'ala has given us in this world , there is wisdom. And when a person ponders over these things, and over the realities then he becomes a wali Allah. When a person has concern about everything that Allah ta'ala has created, "this is great. This is very resourceful. This is very important." After death, the first thing, when a person transfers from this world to the Hereafter, then there will be darkness beyond darkness. What darkness will there be in the Hereafter? The Quran has told us, the Hadith has told us about the darkness in the Hereafter. And this is temporary darkness, in the world. Okay fair enough you can light a match, burn a candle and prepare for 30 minutes or 50 minutes and then the electric will come back and the human being follows this sort of assistance, but the darkness of the Hereafter will never end. Such an intense darkness. A person transfers from planet earth to the Hereafter, which is called death which is the truth. Every person is to go. Whilst he is sitting he may die, maybe whilst he is in hospital, via an accident maybe. A hundred percent we are to transfer from this world to the Hereafter, its a fact. So what an intense darkness there will be in the Hereafter. Think about it. It starts from the time of death and both things are there. There will be darkness and if there's darkness then all of the actions of the hereafter will stop after death. There will be a big punishment. Just like you are sat down and suddenly darkness appears here in the world, then its punishment for you isn't it because you can't do anything. So if its permanent darkness after death and there will be no light then tell me what will be the condition of the human being? Such a darkness in your hand, you have no power, no resources, the darkness at the time of death, the intense darkness of the grave, and this darkness is such that a person will be conscious. Its not that the person will be unconscious. You will have your senses. There will be intense darkness. No light. No assistance beyond that. These are different phases of the Hereafter. Not just one phase in the Hereafter. This world is artificial. This planet earth. The time will pass but there the time won't pass. 70 years beyond thousands of years. When a person comes to the day of the resurrection he will have to stand there and wait for 70 years of the Hereafter that where shall I move my feet next. And at that time there will be such intense darkness that there's no example of this world which you can use to compare and regarding the heat, there's no example of the world which can be used to describe the heat. And this is the life which will come to us my friends. We have such negligence upon our brains and our hearts today, they have been covered. We hide the facts of the Hereafter. Such a place, that if you were to experience its severity in this world with consciousness, then could you live in this world for a second? This is the punishment of the Hereafter. And this will happen. On the day of resurrection, the plain of resurrection, there will be intense darkness which we cannot even imagine. And everything we have to do. The bridge of Siraat, such a severe place, sharper than a sword, thinner than a hair, you have to cross it and there's intense darkness. Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated that all these places will come. Here we prepare for matches, there will be a power cut or a blackout what will we do? There's a 4 hour power cut. All of us will run, some will go to buy candles or matches or lanterns or back up lighting isn't it? But the Quran and the Holy Prophet sallallahu sallallahu wa sallam's hadith inform and give us information in advance. If you are a believer, you have to have Imaan in these things and then you're a Muslim. If you don't have Imaan, if you don't believe in any of the factors of the Hereafter then we are not Muslims. To believe in these things equals Imaan. You have to believe, and not say "how can this happen? How will this be?" No way. Then that person has no Imaan. You cannot possess even an atoms weight of doubt regarding Quran and a hadith. When a person says Laa ilaaha illallaah Muhammad-ur- Rasulullah, then he has to believe in these facts of the Hereafter. Even if there's a particles weight of doubt inside your heart, then your Imaan has left you. And shayateen today try to inject whispers and doubts in a person's heart so he considers he's a Muslim, but in reality he will soon learn that he had doubt. He didn't believe in these things so he’s not a Muslim. One should remain steadfast with certitude, آمنا و صدقنا that doesn't matter what comes in his life. “I believe from the depths of my heart. I have no doubt of these facts.” Qiyamah will occur, this will be the time and these will be the phases. This will be the severity. I will wake up like this. The grave will be like this. The reckoning will be like this. All the information that has come to us, the news that has come to us in advance from the Holy tongue where Allah says, و ما ينطق عن الهوى he doesn't speak of his own accord. He speaks what Allah ta'ala tells him to speak. Allah ta'ala praised his beautiful tongue in the Quran, the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam's blessed statements, not that it is common news coming from a layman. Allah says قل tell them from your pure tongue oh My Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So imagine the blessed tongue which Allah ta'ala the Lord of the universe is defining. Allah says to him, "I feel that you should spread this message." قل - قل هو الله أحد. قل أعوذ برب الناس Why does Allah ta'ala not directly address us? What is the reason? So we can realise and learn the greatness of our Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His great status. So Allah used him as a reference point. Our hearts should tremble and shake whilst we pray salaah and whilst we recite Quran that Allah ta'ala is telling us via His prophet, that "oh Nabi you speak, I wont speak. because I like your speech ." SubhaanAllah. Allah is telling him to tell us and Allah likes to hear him telling us, but we don’t like to listen? We have doubts? Tell me, how can we have Imaan then? All the hadith are there. The facts are there. There are 2 types of revelation which the scholars have told us. One is the Quran and one is the Hadith. Both are Wahi, revelation and both are from Allah ta'ala. Yes the tongue of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He enabled him to speak. He told his Nabi to speak. Direct in the Quran no angel came to him. Allah said in the Quran direct, قل, oh my Nabi, you speak to the people. So with regards to this subject, there is no room for doubt, not an atoms worth of doubt. So these doubts and whispers, evil thoughts, negatives things which come to a person, there's a cure for this. Its not necessary that due to whispers and doubts a person becomes a disbeliever. No there's a cure. Because there could be an illness in that person. When a person has those doubts and feelings and then he acts upon those doubts, then he becomes a disbeliever. But if you have doubts within you and they are buried within you, and they are pestering you, they are whispers, then don't worry. Then that is another situation. Allah ta'ala says that with this a person's ranks can be raised because he has doubts but even then he was firm on his Imaan, so shaytan cant make him fall down. So for the cure for all these things and for the journey, you need the company of the Wali Allah to get the cure for these. Otherwise you'll slip and fall to the ground. Shaytan will control you and overwhelm you but when you have the company of the Wali Allah, a sheikh, just like the child holds the finger of his parent. When he goes alone then he is scared. But when he holds on to the finger of adult he grabs the finger with firmness. So you should have the intention to hold on firmly to the Wali Allahs finger and don’t leave it. This is the example which the Wali Allah give. These words I have heard and I am sharing this with you, otherwise I'm not a Wali Allah, Im not a Sheikh, whatever I heard from my Hadhrat Sheikh, I share with you and I tell you. SubhaanAllah. If you find a Wali Allah in your life then hold on to his little finger firmly, just like I gripped on to my Sheikhs finger. Until today, I'm still holding it mashaaAllah. SubhaanAllah you never leave that finger. You keep hold of that resource. So keep hold of that finger tightly. Alhamdulillah you will be safe from the big whispers. Its not that whispers will not come to you, whispers come to everyone. Shaytan even comes to the biggest Wali Allah. Imaam Razi Rahimahullah was a great Sheikh and shaytan attacked him at the time of his death. He was a scholar, Muffasir, Muhaddith, he wrote tafsir of the Quran, so shaytan came to him and he was asking him, challenging him, and shaytan is answering him, the final answer has come and he is distressed but he had taken the finger of his Shaykh firmly and the assistance of his sheikh during his life time, so his sheikh said give him this answer, that I’m telling you, so he gave the answer to shaytan and then shaytan ran away. SubhaanAllah. So these are the facts and the wisdom that Allah Ta'ala has given us the instructions that I have prepared for all the help and resources in your life, for you. I created shaytan for whispers and Allah says I have also created the Wali Allah to save you from the whispers of shaytan. SubhaanAllah. The company of the pious people. But we don't go there. We run to shaytan. We want to listen to shaytan. Go to the opposition, and strengthen your Imaan. Its not necessary that there’s only one Wali Allah for every man. No. Take the finger of that Wali Allah in whom you have love, trust and belief, and in the Wali Allah whose company you enjoy. You have certainty in his words. Compatibility. If you don't have certitude and conviction in your sheikh and you don't listen to him, then you're a donkey. You're just sitting there. What are you going to do. You have no need for anything do you? So my friends there are many Wali Allah in the world. Go to that man, that Wali who is giving you benefit and through him, your certitude in Allah is increasing and this is a very important thing. We have been prohibited for example your heart is not meeting with his heart and there is no compatibility, then don't go in his company and criticise that "He's a waste. I don’t like him." No. You should then accept that he is not in my destiny. "Let me find another sheikh. But he is good. He's a Wali Allah but I'm not compatible with him, its my fault, this is Allah’s wisdom and I'm not going benefit from him because I'm deficient. There is something lacking inside me. I need to find someone who is compatible for me and sit with him and talk with him, and this is the reality. Allah ta'ala says when I match your hearts in the first sight, in the first meeting, the student goes and says, "yaar, I really like what he is saying, compatibility has struck, so then make friendship with that person, and if you don’t like his words, then there's no forcing you. You can't force someone to love someone else. Can you? There's no forcing love. Even if the wife for example, if you're living with someone and there is no love, then that is just passing time. Some people complain but the beauty is when the wife comes and the love comes, then that’s a great achievement. A person's life will be smooth and nice. So this is a blessing from the blessings of Allah that the wife is there and the love is there. So it's not necessary that you're in the company of your sheikh and you're listening and you don't feel the compatibility and then you're criticising him after that? What stupidity? Why are you wasting your time. Then leave it to yourself that I'm lacking something here and I can't succeed here, so I'll leave his company, but I wont criticise him. "Oh he's like that, he does this, he says this, he doesn't do that." This is a silsilah. He has got students who are benefiting. If its not arriving to you, then why are you fighting with that teacher? Why are you criticising that teacher? There are thousands of teachers. Go, there are thousands of other doors. Go and look for someone else. Say SubhaanAllah. There’s nothing to quarrel or clash here. For example if you have love and compatibility with someone, then that is good. But if not, then fine. But the condition is this, the benefit of the Sheikh will come to you when you are immersed in his being, when you assign yourself to Him. When you look at him, you love him and you enjoy his words. Then the love will increase within you. If you have this emotion, then consider that the true Nikah and bond has been made, the pact has been made with the teacher and this will not break. It will continue to the Hereafter mashaaAllah. Allah says, solid, 100 percent, the dowry has been given, your pact is strong don’t worry. No whispers, no shaytan, no deviation. Implementation is different. Maybe you can be weak in practice sometimes, strong in practice sometimes but don’t worry about that, but if you have the love and attachment, that's the main thing. Love is a great asset my friends. So what I was saying, in which there was an example of love. So what were we discussing. Time is passing. Time is short. What were we talking about, what were we discussing? Darkness. Its very difficult to summarise it in 5 minutes because time is limited today. So when there's darkness, what does a human being do? He prepares. He runs to get light and regarding the light which Allah instructs us about and the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions, how dangerous must that darkness be? So we should prepare for that shouldn't we? Allah ta'ala has prepared for you and Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has announced to prepare in this world for the darkness which is to come in the Hereafter. To beat that darkness. Light the candles here. Strike the matches here and bring the lanterns together over here because you won't get them there. Say SubhaanAllah. There you will get darkness of the grave. If you take the light with you from here, and you light the candles then you can purchase the highest power light here in this world and it will be lit for you in the grave before you get there. Allah has prepared for this. For example it has been announced that darkness will come in the Hereafter so where will you get the light from? If an announcement is made that there will be a power cut, then in advance you would run to the electrical store to buy lights. Allah has announced that in the Hereafter there is darkness beyond darkness and no light. Intense and dangerous darkness so where will you get light? Allah says I gave you the world so you can collect the bulbs in this world, you can purchase and gather the lights and electricity in this world. Spread out. You will get electricity from here, Go and sit in the gathering of the Wali Allah and he will enlighten your heart. Allah has dispersed great generators on the earth who develop energy. Say SubhaanAllah. But become a person who absorbs it, become a person who purchases it. Allah has made big stores. The Naqshbandi store. The Qadri store. The Chisti store. The Soharwardi store. Whichever store you go to, you will absorb the power. Purchase the tube lights, the bulbs. We say, "no no, this is innovation, this is wrong." The Quran is full of proofs, light upon light. Allah says you only get one light in these gatherings, and the highest voltage of bulb. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, which is the powerful light which will enlighten your life and your hereafter, purchase that. What is that? يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا اذْكُرُوا اللَّهَ ذِكْرًا كَثِيرًا . وَسَبِّحُوهُ بُكْرَةً وَأَصِيلًا . هُوَ الَّذِي يُصَلِّي عَلَيْكُمْ وَمَلَائِكَتُهُ لِيُخْرِجَكُمْ مِنَ الظُّلُمَاتِ إِلَى النُّورِ وَكَانَ بِالْمُؤْمِنِينَ رَحِيمًا Allah has selected a special light for the believers. Allah loves the believers. He says, they are mine and I am for them. Allah has prepared and given the full resource of light for them. Allah guarantees, the Quran guarantees, لِيُخْرِجَكُمْ مِنَ الظُّلُمَاتِ إِلَى النُّورِ that any type of darkness they are in, whether grave, reckoning, wherever you go, Allah says I will raise you at that time and whoever has this light, he will have more intensity of light on his face than the full moon on the 14th night. His grave will be full of light, when he goes in to the grave, the light will be there already for him. SubhaanAllah. So he had gathered that wealth of life. On the day of resurrection people will come out their graves. In hadith it says they'll come out disfigured, ugly, lost in darkness, they'll come out after 70 years in the grave and then they will stand for 70 years. "When is my turn, when is my turn?" Some people will exit the grave and their whole bodies will be enlightened like the moon and they will dust down the soil and just and they’ll just walk on. When they go on to the next field, then the hadith comes from Abu Dardah RadiyaAllah anhu narrates this hadith, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is telling his sahabah, amazing! Those people on the day of resurrection, when there's darkness, when there's no comparison. You don't know how intense the darkness is. Such a group of people will be there who will be sat on thrones of pearls and their faces will be shining like the moon on the 14th night. Who are these people and what light did they bring from the world. Sahabah asked who are these people, Ya Rasulullah, tell us what deed did they perform and where did they get these lights from? How will they be illuminated? This is where the answer of love came from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The proof of love. They said, they gathered the lights of the world. These are those people, who had the tube lights, the power, the voltages, and the word will be announced, "are these Messengers, Prophets, Sahabah? Who are these people?" They are the same people of the world but they learn that the darkness will come so purchase the lights now in advance on the earth. So they went to the light and in the same way, they absorbed the light. They collected the light morning and evening in abundance. كثيرا Just like the Quran said, morning and evening. The generator was running every moment, and they absorbed the lights because they knew they had to leave this world. What a great fact. So that’s why you've come here isn't it? To get the light. Why else have you come here? You’ll go back full of intensity. Your generator will be full of the intensity of light. You cant see it here but there's so much light here. Do you know where we are to go? The earth is waiting, the grave is waiting for you. When a human being goes from the world with the light, then the light will go direct to his grave and your grave will be lit up, doesn't matter where you are living in this world, whatever continent, whether you are going to die in the mountain, on the earth, or on the ocean but your grave is calling you morning and evening and your light is going to the grave and the grave is saying to you, "you have decorated me, don’t worry. You've got nothing to worry about, the light is here already and morning and evening it is waiting for you. What a great invitation the Wali of Allah give to us. Beautiful. But we don't have brains to understand this. We are so weak. Ramadan came and Ramadan has gone. Yes. Those people who collected the lights throughout the whole of Ramadan, it made their lights stronger. Even today we receive texts from people from far in the world, from sisters and brothers. Hadhrat Sheikh, amazing, 3 times dhikr in Ramadan, it was a fantastic time. Those discussions were fantastic, to this extent people are enjoying that the books are about to be printed. Very quickly the book will come to you. SubhaanAllah. The lovers are present in this world. Yes. They didn't say Ramadan has gone. They said we definitely need this to be published and they started to be printed. People have started to print the book. SubhaanAllah. Everyone has taste and passion and love. Its about love and passion. Who are those people? Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, these are those people who loved each other for the sake of Allah in this world. You haven't come for me here. You haven't left your home, you sat in your car and you came here. This is the love of Allah that has dragged you here. Its not me. Me and you, what relationship and connection do we have? Nothing. This is love, the definition of love which cuts and ends all other love in this world. Remember. But the love for sake of Allah, that light, never extinguishes. A mothers love, a fathers love, every second. Whoever has a connection, they say " Hadhrat sahib, I keep on remembering you, it doesn't matter where you are in the world. I feel like an excuse to mention my Sheikh, i start talking to my children about Hadhrat sahib or I talk to other children about Hadhrat sahib or I talk to a man about my sheikh. Why? Because I feel like it. Wherever I'm going I want to mention my friend in the world. This is love. So these are those people who loved each other for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of shop or business, not for relationships. Even the blood relatives end, but the connection for the sake of Allah between these people, which Allah says He generated, "love between them for my sake." Allah says one additional thing. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, "even the family relationships ended." He doesn't consider that he's a Pathaan, or he's a Pashtun or he’s a Punjabi, or he's from this tribe or that tribe. No. They don't look at these and their tongue is one. The language of love. SubhaanAllah, "I don’t know, I'm coming for dhikr." All the people that have sat here and come for dhikr. "Where are you going?" "I’m going for dhikr." And apart from dhikr, they have no other relationship. The love for DhikrAllah is the love of Allah. What else is it? Is it dhikr for Laylah Majnu or money? No If you're engaging in dhikr, then it is the dhikr of Allah, the Lord of the universe. So if you're coming here and If you ask your brother, "where are you going?" "To dhikr. The gathering of dhikr." What is this? What love is this? The love of Allah. Because you're going for the sake of Allah, you're going to remember Allah so it is stated that if my love is there between those individuals then there will be the love of Allah and they will go there. There will be no relationships. "Oh He's my relative. He is living there I'll go there." Or "I saw this man go there." They won't look who has come, old Muslim, new Muslim, Hindu Muslim, Sikh Muslim, Reverts. They won't know nothing. All they know is that dhikr is being conducted there and I'm going to do the dhikr of Allah in that gathering. That’s the first condition. Love is such that there is no barrier. Family system gone, tribes gone, relationships gone, no connection with anyone. No one is asking, who are you? Where are you from? Why are you here? The love is increasing for the sake of Allah. They sit close with each other and joint together and the current is transferred. For example, if you love someone, don’t you feel like sitting next to them? If you love someone then you join yourself with that person. The heart attaches to each other. You sit close to each other. The family relationships end, the worldly relationships end. Just the love for Allah is there. The third thing, it is stated that there is no love for the world, no greed. Only one desire when they sit together and only one discussion. Dhikr Allah is what they perform. So they had these 3 qualities within them so on the day of resurrection Allah shows the entire people of the universe that these are the people and that's how they will look like on the day or resurrection. So do you do these actions? My friends such a great achievement. We don’t even know what our state will be but SubhaanAllah Allah ta'ala's glory, May I be sacrificed for my Sheikh, that he gave us such an asset, such a resource which we don’t even know, but he has made us such that we will stand like this on the day of resurrection due to the blessing of my Sheikh. He just gave me the instruction for this world and he said, "your work will not stop, he gave us such a system that I speak here and the whole world listens. My voice reaches the whole world. Men women, brothers, sisters, they're sat all around the world listening. And who are those people? The hadith says that these are those people, today they are sat down in London, here there. America. They are doing dhikr with me, these are those people on the plains of resurrection. , they'll sit on thrones and their faces will shine like the moon on the 14th night. Whoever doesn't believe in this, then he needs to correct his Imaan. This is a sahih hadith. Hadhrat Abu Dardah RadiyaAllahu anhu is the narrator. SubhaanAllah. So it is stated, why do you fear the darkness of the grave or the day of reckoning. Allah says I have given you a light. Go and light that candle and do the dhikr of Allah. Grab hold of those gatherings. Attend those gatherings. Gain the company of those people and youll be so fortunate that as Qiyamah comes, everything will be there for you. Look there is a sign of Qiyaamah that all you will see is Masaajid increasing, tabligh and propagation of deen is increasing. Lectures are increasing. The printing of the Quran is increasing, everything is increasing but one thing you will see that when it decreases, then consider that Qiyaamah is becoming closer and closer. Everything else will increase but when you see one thing decreasing, consider it as destruction. That is the Ruh, soul of everything. The Dhikr of Allah. The Gatherings of Allah's dhikr wil decrease in quantity. SubhaanAllah they will become less and very few and far between will you see people like this getting together, sitting down, different places, different families, different regions, sitting down, morning and evening, doing dhikr Allah. When these gatherings reduce then understand that judgement say is becoming closer. Dont look at the big mosques, higher quantity of mosques. Allah says that this isn't the sign because Qiyamah will come at that time, until one man is engaging in Allah's dhikr. This is the power of dhikrAllah. Alhamdulillah. SubhaanAllah. Morning and evening Allah ta'ala has established such gatherings that mashaaAllah we are doing this action. May Allah grant us the value and appreciation for it. So my brothers, tomorrow is darkness there is no guarantee. If today we want light in the hereafter, Allah ta'ala has given us an open playing field. Allah has given it to us in this world. Masjid Zakariyyah. Bolton is light upon light with Allah's Grace mashaaAllah. I dont know which faqeer's dua has been accepted for this city of Bolton that alhamdulillah this wilderness has become a lush green pasture that there were three gatherings here in Ramadan. Yes. The person who conducts the dhikr doesn't get tired, instead he says, let's do more and I’m ready to do more. The people run away, but he doesn't. He is ready and he says, " if you want 4, ill do 4." MashaaAllah. So this is Allah's glorious blessing on this planet earth. Alhamdulillah. Its Allah's Grace that people are accepting this alhamdulillah passion and love is increasing. They have love mashaaAllah. It is not the case that there’s people in the world who dont want it. There is so much desire and Allah ta'ala is spreading it. There's so much desire that people are coming from outside with speed. MashaaAllah Thursday night dhikr. May Allah ta'ala increase our desire and passion. May Allah give me strength and give you strength too. Go and attend the gathering, Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has instructed. Go in such a way that your tongue should be moist with the dhikr of Allah when you depart from this world. Recite Durood Shareef.
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SubhanAllah, my most beloved Hazrat Sahib... you are my light in this world of darkness
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Subhannalah I like it
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