مومن کی عبادت کیا ہے؟
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5th May, 2022

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What is the Worship of a Mu'min? Hadhrat Sa'd Bin Abi Waqqas RadiyaAllahu anhu stated that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam stated, "I am surprised", with regards to the condition of a believer. Who is the believer? The true Muslim who practices. A Muslim who tries to be good and practices is called a Mu'min, a believer. So the word, 'surprise', has been used in this hadith. A person becomes surprised due to 2 reasons. One is when something unexpected and unusual occurs. "How did that happen?" You're taken aback. You're surprised, "so nice, so beautiful," "oh he's so strong." A person is surprised at something which is unusual or abnormal. So when a person sees something like that he becomes surprised. And another surprise is when a person is a bit down or sad that, "how can it be that this person could do this action, but he didn't? He had a lot of capability and he's useless. I'm so shocked that he has such a good car and how he's abusing it." So here you can extract various meanings from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sayings, but both meanings are derived from this hadith and if we look at the first one, then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is praising the believer to a high degree. Who? Me and you. Say alhamdulillah. Allah ta'ala has made us Mu'min, we recite the Kalimah. We have belief, we have certainty and according to that, we practice and we are believers alhamdulillah. So this is the reality. In one way he has praised the believers in a beautiful way in this hadith. Sometimes a person cannot recognise what he is. But another person says to him, "not you're not this, you're actually like this. So here there's no one more than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who recognised and understood the Ummah. There isn't is there? So the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained the reality of all the believers, that do you know who you are? "I'm surprised at what Allah ta'ala has made you." That’s one point and one way of looking at it. Allah ta'ala has given you the capacity to do good. You have a high status, you have a high level, Allah's given you power and understanding so that you can get close to Allah. Listen carefully. Who are these people? Me and you. Say SubhaanAllah. This is not some third party or some other group of people. Until Qiyamah, whichever Ummati is there who is a believer, there is good news for every one of them. Glad tidings from Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Why do you consider yourself to be insignificant? You think you're just here to eat and drink and that's it? No you're a very great individual. You don't actually know what you are here for and what you are worth. You can achieve so much but I am surprised when I see the Mu'min. Why? Why did Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say that and why was he surprised? There was a special reason here that we understand - Allah has given you such energy and capability within you, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you have been given such a quality that you are not dependant upon one thing. Its not just one worship that you do. Like prayer and through prayer you can attain Allah's nearness. Just from recitation of Quran you will attain Allah's nearness. Or only through Hajj and Umrah you can get close to Allah, you can only get close to Allah 5 times a day, not beyond that. No. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you have so much capability that every action of yours can take you closer to Allah. In other words, its not just that you pray salaah and that’s just one worship. No. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whatever you do, all day long, any moment in time, whatever you are doing, every action of yours is high level worship oh believer. Such that with that worship you become so close to Allah that you become the Wali Allah. Yes that’s the example that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given in this hadith. Yes very small example, forget big actions, even if you're eating a small piece of food, like a small morsel of bread or chapati. Even if you're eating that, that action itself will take you closer to Allah. So there's many paths that Allah ta'ala has given to me and you. Many paths and means and resources. Tell me, even then we go to hellfire. Forget about Hellfire. The reality is that we could actually attain the highest places of paradise immediately after we pass away. Imaan is the barrier. But the difference here is, understand this point. This message is not for every human being. Only a person who has Imaan can achieve this. We are all equal. For example you are sitting at a table and there's other people from other religions sat there. And you are sat there. The Muslim is sat there. For example, you’re doing an action. Lets say you are all eating at the same time. So look at the difference here. He is eating and we are also eating. But we are increasing our rank and nearness to Allah with every piece of food and the other person doesn't know anything. He is just dust and dirt and soil because he doesn't have the luggage for success. Look at the difference. He doesn't have Imaan, so he will not get anything from his action. But the believer due to his Imaan, even eating a piece of food, in this hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has given the example that even a piece of food is just like we wake up in the middle of the night for Tahajjud, Muraqabah and that piece of food you eat takes you closer to Allah in the same way you wake up in the night and you worship. But we don’t think about this. Every movement and every emotion of ours. There is no situation in a Muslims life, this is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that upon your every action, I am surprised. I am delighted rather that it is taking you closer to Allah. For example, you're walking, you're outside and then you stop for a bit and sit in the shade, even this is worship. For example, you change your clothes, even this is worship. You go to sleep, this is also worship. If you're drinking water, or a sweet juice or a drink, this is also worship. Every blessing Allah has given to you is a worship. Every action is a worship. Putting your shoes on is also a worship. And thousands of people wear their shoes and due to this they become very close to Allah. And thousands of others don’t know what to do. So this, who gets the benefit? Only who? The believer. There are 2 types of believers. One is the negligent person and one is the true sincere Muslim. So divide the believers in to two parts or three. One are those who don't even believe. They are gone. Then we have the second grouping, those alhamdulillah who are believers, they have faith and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is addressing the believers. And the third group are those who are negligent. They don’t want to practice. "Its okay, fine leave it, don’t tell us." They don't bother. So what we learn is that the person who has Imaan, who is conscious, who understands just like today we are talking and the understanding is developed in our minds. "Oh okay, that’s the point, so these are all worship." So then you'll be alert. Then you'll stop and you’ll think that these actions will make me closer to Allah and this mindset is developed when? When you sit by a Wali Allah, a shaykh, a teacher because he improves your way of thinking. We ate before, we used to sleep before, we used to walk around before, but when you sit in the company of a Wali Allah, then he will change the direction of your travel. He will say use your every action of life in the right way. Why are you abusing it in the wrong way? Then you become alert and conscious and awake. Ooh this is the case, so you're eating and you're awake. Shaykh has told you that eating is worship, "eat in the right way," then you'll eat in the right way. Say SubhaanAllah. So this is called developing the awareness and when a person's direction changes and travels to the right way, then he understands that, "ooh, I'm a great human being", and he's not just looking after salaah that just through salaah I'll get Allah no, the Mu'min will understand, that Allah has made him so valuable as a human being that if I want to and with alertness and wisdom and understanding I want to get closer to Allah, then you're eating, drinking, standing, walking, travelling, every situation of life, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said its not a small thing. Rather I'm delighted that every action of yours takes you quickly to Allah's nearness. SubhaanAllah. If you're going to work, its worship, tell me. When you're preparing to go to work, its worship. If you're ironing your clothes, its worship, every action of your life, a to z is worship. Every action. In the same way there are other actions, you get wounded, its a worship. You fall down on the ground, its worship. You get ill, you get a fever, its worship. You get a flu, cold, it's worship. You sneeze, and it's high level worship. The angels in the heavens reply to your sneeze. SubhaanAllah. We don't think like this in the positive way. The reality of our life and our movements. So when you get to this position and you utilise Allah ta'ala's blessings, then even that is worship or during pain and problems, you are patient, even that is worship. But Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has placed a condition and we need to understand. So this is the point that now Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is changing the direction of travel for each and every one of us. He has told us that you are precious, every action of yours is worship and he said, alongside that, in parallel, when does your action become worship? When does a pain or a problem become worship? In a hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the example and he explained that remember this action, remember this point and only then will your actions become worship. This is the condition. من اتي قال Yes the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained that whenever you attain a blessing of Allah, whatever action you are doing, they are all blessings, you’re looking, its a blessing, you’re sitting it is a blessing, your using your hands, it is a blessing, I’m speaking to you, its a blessing, I’m lying down, this is a blessing, these are all blessings and gifts of Allah. This is not a blessing is it that you are in a detached house and material goods, these aren’t blessings. Ask that individual who has extreme flu. They will say, "yaar, if only my cold was to go," then how great is health! You don't have a flu. That’s a great blessing of Allah which you don't realise. So these are the treasures of Allah. Everything that is attached to us and a part of our lives is a blessing of Allah. Allah ta'ala made us and sent us down here. Allah ta'ala has given us food today. He has given us a home, we did wudu. We put our clothes on. We ironed our clothes with the intention that we will go to the dhikr gathering today in the evening. As long as a person is focused and preparing for a good action, and that is rotating in his mind, then he gets reward for that preparation. That’s why I say, from the morning, check the notification and advertise it so people are thinking all day long about the gathering and you earn the reward. Quickly release the notification in the morning, early. The notification comes, and people think, "my friends" SubhaanAllah, so they're receive reward for the notification and thinking that, "it is 5pm now, okay, text message has arrived and in their mind there is a thought and it is an illuminated thought that when a person is thinking about going to Allah's home, to meet Allah, then the light is developed in that person and he is getting reward, because to meet Allah is a great worship and meeting Allah, the Lord of the Universe is not a minor meeting. So who are we meeting? Allah is waiting and we are waiting. We are all preparing. You are waiting for the evening so Allah ta'ala is also waiting for you. MashaaAllah. And Allah ta'ala says, im waiting, you sit in the gathering and I will host a better gathering than yours. Allah says you call me once and I will also call out to you. SubhaanAllah. So Allah ta’ala says, when you sit down and say, " فاذكروني أذكركم " Allah says, according to my glory and status, I will also remember you. Because when there is friendship then this is the friendship isn't it? When you call out to Allah. Make friends like this, Make Allah the true friend of yours. That’s what Allah wants that my beloved who love me, they call out to me. Allah says, you remember me and I remember be. Clear. Allah says, how can it be that you do my dhikr and I don’t remember you. How can it be. For example, you say to someone, "I like you very much," "I love you." And that person doesn't love you. Allah says, "no, I'm desperate for you to come and remember me." Sometimes in the night I call out, sometimes in Tahajjud time I call out, Allah says, sometimes I look at you my servant at Magrib time that has my servant come to pray, sometimes I look at you at Duhr time, sometimes I look at you during Dua time, during your sign and desperateness, Allah says I am looking that is my servant calling me? Where is he? SubhaanAllah. Such an honest sincere love between Allah and His servant, that is the greatest friendship, nothing else. The amount Allah ta'ala remembers us, the mothers of the world don’t remember their kids. Allah ta'ala remembers us so many times and how does Allah remember us. Allah says, "have you got any problems? Do you have any need? Are you sick? Do you need a solution to your problems? Are you distressed?" Allah says if that's the case then raise your hands, "Allah, I’m unhappy." Allah says I hear you straightaway, so brothers, this how excellent our status is. Allah says that I have made your life and every second a worship, but how will all your actions become worship? Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explained, what is the condition? When a blessing of Allah comes to you and we are continuously living our life of blessing then do one action, pay attention at the time you see the blessing of Allah. Just like I send a notification out about the gathering, so that you are focused and alert and preparing and Allah says I've sent you a notification. That’s why I've sent it to you. You can get close to me with every action of yours. Allah says I want you also to focus on me and with every passing second you should be aware of me. To get to this point, you should engage in one action which is what? At that time you should say "Alhamdulillah, Wash-shukr." "Allah I’m grateful." Allah says you need to be in the condition of shukr continuously in your life. "Allah, it is by your grace that you gave us Ramadan. Allah it is your favour that you allowed us to fast in Ramadan. It is your extreme favour that the food we eat is digested in our bodies. So you're in the masjid and you say, "oh Allah im so grateful to you, at least I've come in to your home, the masjid." So make it a habit and every action will become worship for you. Its not difficult is it? And you don't even need to say it, just make a habit in your life that you turn to Allah with every action. "Allah I’m grateful to you." So there's 2 things here. Pride won't come in to you that you think, "I achieved this." "I came here." "The car brought me here." "I implemented this action. I achieved this." No, "Allah I couldn't have even arrived here without your permission. I couldn't have even travelled here. Allah, it is your power, and I'm so grateful to you that you enabled me to arrive here otherwise you could've sent me somewhere else. You could've diverted me." So whenever a man thinks like this positively, then he practices this. The status of being grateful, its been stated, that when you receive pain or a problem, Allah says, this is also from me because your life will continue positive or negative whether it is a believer or a disbeliever, whatever is written in his destiny that he will wake up in the morning, he will sneeze, he will have a headache, he will have an accident today, the tyre will be punctured, after that, his business will flop. There are ups and downs in our destiny and they will carry on just like a film carries on. So what we need to control is 2 things. I'll make it easy so you understand. In our lives we cannot stop what is going to happen and what Allah has ordained. Your cycle of life will continue. Today if your car is going to have an accident, its going to happen. If there is a tragedy today, its going to happen. If a calamity is going to occur, its going to occur. If you're going to receive something, you will. Sometimes a blessing will come, sometimes a pain will come. Sometimes a headache or a migraine will come. The cycle of life will continue but you need to utilise all these instances to get closer to Allah. But what do we do? When a problem comes, " oh I'm finished, oh I've lost this. Call the AA, I've got a puncture," you're desperate and you don't remember. When you go through a problem you should turn to your Lord first and foremost. Turn to Him first. So when a blessing comes, you don't just say, "oh a blessing has come," you're praising yourself and you're grateful to that man "thank you for giving me a job and you done me a favour." Forget everyone. First and foremost who do you turn to? Run back to Allah. "Oh Allah I’m grateful to you, with your grace and favour I got this job. This was implemented." But we don’t do this. This is the reason behind our issues that we deviate. So whatever we get, a good thing or a bad thing. You wake up in the morning and you're healthy. What do you do in the morning? "Allah I’m grateful to you." You have breakfast a nice breakfast. You have toast and fried egg and different dishes at breakfast time, food and drink, then be grateful to Allah. If you don't have nothing, even if you don't have milk at home and you're painfully hungry, turn to Allah in the same way and say to Him, " "oh Allah I’m grateful to you." So in both cases, you are grateful. One is the gratitude of the first example. What do you call that? So when you have the blessing and the resource, then to express your happiness, that is shukr. When you have pain and difficulty, then you express that with patience. Both are gratitude. For example if a pain or a problem comes to me, an accident in the car or I’m in a calamity, then you are in the condition of patience at that time. Patience is also an act of gratefulness SubhaanAllah. So there are two styles of gratefulness. One is patience through difficulty and the other is happiness when you receive the blessing. So both are being grateful because you are remembering Allah through both. So two things. When a human being has sabr and shukr. He goes through all the phases of life like that and then everything of the believer is not a minor thing. Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he gets extreme reward. That’s why he said when he looked at us that he is dismayed. He is surprised. So much reward you can earn in one day, while you're walking, eating, changing clothes, sleeping, every action of yours can be worship. That’s a great statement. But we're wasting all of these opportunities. At every second, always remember where to be patient and where to show gratitude. And understand another point of this hadith, a great point, that just with patience and gratefulness we cannot succeed. Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, has told us this as well. Yes. He didn't just say that if you're grateful, and if you have patience, both places Allah has mentioned one word, قال الحمد لله شكر , , قال الحمد لله صبر So what we learn is that, in both instances. If you want to make that action an act of gratefulness or if you want to exercise patience, then do one thing definitely. Alhamdulillah is attached to both. Its the dhikr of Allah. So when you do the dhikr of Allah, then there's patience. And when you do the dhikr of Allah, then you are grateful for the blessing Allah has given you. So for both. If you live in this world without dhikr and you think you're grateful to Allah and you have patience, then that's not patience. That’s not gratitude. Rather, that will be become an issue for you, and we hear this regularly, "oh I'm grateful to Allah, I've had a lot of patience.” Patience is such a condition my friends. Sometimes Allah gives extreme pain and difficulty to human beings, for example, until now, my mind has not understood this. In our silsilah, there is a sister and I mention her purposely so we can make dua for her and earn her duas mashaaAllah. She has 5 or 6 children, we see her example and this is from Allah , this is the status of patience. She did wudu and after doing wudu she took a first step and she fell down. She lost her touch and senses and couldn't move her arm and leg. She became disabled. Within a minute her life changed completely. And now her limbs are not working. Brothers this is when Allah tests and who gave this? Allah ta'ala says I've given a high level status to this person. Allah says, everything I give you, your destiny is written and it will come and go. I know, and I wont give anyone a difficultly which he cannot bear in this world. لا يكلف الله نفسا إلا وسعها I give that person the power and the ability with patience that he can endure every instance in his life. So the people who are looking say, "ooh he has so much pain, his body is wounded, he has had an operation, it is severe." But have certainty. The person who has had a heart operation, he doesn't have that much pain compared to the people who are watching him. Yes the people who watch him or witness that have more pain that the person who is experiencing that because if he or she has patience, and with the status of patience, a person gets through such. How? Allah ta'ala has given this pain to me. Allah ta'ala has given this difficulty to me and when does it become patience? When at the same time dhikr is happening, say SubhaanAllah, because I've seen this. The person, she cannot even hold a phone, cannot even hold a glass of water, she can't move around in the bed easily and she was fine, totally healthy before. Nauthobillah. Allah is not doing oppression upon anyone is he. He's not giving a punishment. But this was written in her destiny that this is how I will elevate her status and I will give her a high status in Jannah but it will come through this worship or that worship. Allah says that this woman's status is very high, Allah knows the previous history of a person before that and her past but this woman has such a high status that she won't be able to do that much worship and Allah says I want to give her such a high status so she can attain the nearness of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so Allah gave her that experience. Allah ta'ala has selected that distress or pain for her. Allah ta'ala doesn't want to give her pain. Allah ta'ala doesn't want to give her difficulty. Allah ta'ala will grant her ease at the same time. Allah will also take her out of this difficulty and grant her health. He will grant her ease but this is an example i've given to you. So brothers, both things are high level worship, being grateful and patience. Whatever Allah has given to you, be grateful and when you're doing dhikr to Allah for all the positive things, then do dhikr at the same time. And when you're being patient through difficulties, then at the same time in parallel, engage in dhikr. Abundance of dhikr. But you'll only do dhikr and shukr only when you engage in dhikr usually in your life. That’s why we invite you to do dhikr so it will be beneficial for you today and tomorrow. Because we don’t know what’s going to come across us tomorrow. So today If I don’t get habitual in dhikr, then when I need to express patience, then I won't be able to do it because I don't know about dhikr but alhamdulillah in normal situations, when your heart is alive, you do Muraqabah, you come and sit, you go to the dhikr majlis, then automatically you are a dhaakir for doing the dhikr of Allah regularly throughout your life. So my brothers, there's two messages here and excellent messages in this hadith. Number one, we need to analyse ourselves and look inwardly, are we believers or are we negligent? Are we faithful or are we lazy and ignorant? Do we earn reward with every action of our day? Yes. So today, every moment, even now we are in a situation where we can earn reward because every second we are passing through a situation or a condition. Every second a believer is able to convert that in to worship. So practice either patience or gratitude. But with that, in parallel, Keep the dhikr of Allah alive in your lives. The dhikr of Allah is a very important part of our lives remember this. People get fed up and they say, "Hadhrat you talk so much about dhikr," but I do that because my teacher instructed me and he said that, "without the dhikr of the Allah, life is a waste." If there is no dhikr in your life then every action is a waste. Because Allah ta'ala said, whatever worship you do, look in the Quran, Allah says, "do Hajj" but do dhikr in parallel. If you do Umrah, then do dhikr in parallel. If you're in the path of Allah, then do dhikr at the same time. If you're praying salaah, then do dhikr at the same time. Every action you commit, you must engage in dhikr with it in parallel Allah says. It is attached with every action of our life, that’s why Hadhrat Sheikhul Hadith sahib says, dhikr is the soul of every action of your life. How can you remove the dhikr of Allah from your life? Tell me. How can you do this? So there's no option that "can we do it? Shall we do it? Do we need to do it?" It is Allah's Mercy and an extreme blessing from Allah that He's made us alert to not to leave dhikr. Dont disregard dhikr. Otherwise you will lose out and waste all the rewards Allah ta'ala has given to you in life. And with dhikr in parallel, every worship becomes easy for the human being. Patience becomes easy. Gratitude becomes easy. And both are fantastic things. When a person endures and he has patience, it helps him at the time of extreme need. And remember that, if we ask that sister who is in difficulty, she is laying down in the bed and there is no one to help her. What's helping her now? Patience is helping her. And we need patience, if we want Allah to assist us then, in advance, we need the dhikr of Allah. So don’t we need to be doing dhikr? Shouldn't we be doing it all the time so that we are prepared for whatever comes. So be habitual. Becomes accustomed to doing dhikr. Its very easy. Gain a connection with your sheikh, become a student of a sheikh and request that sheikh, "sheikh sahib, please prescribe me some dhikr, what should I do during the day? How much shall I do?" And he will prescribe it to you so that you get used to it and become regular in it, you do dhikr and the actions of life. Because a believer doesn't put the brakes on in the world. He doesn't stop. The question doesn't arise. We have to keep moving in this world. For example, you have a baby in your arms. You have to take the baby out for a walk. You have to give water to the cow. You have to give food to the cattle to eat. These are all your duties. And every action of your life will become worship if you do it in the right way. You cant say to him, "oh he's only taking the milk out of the cow." " but I've just done wudu and I'm worshipping. MashaaAllah I'm going to pray nawaafil" and he's milking the cows. No. Every action in our lives is a necessity. We think that whoever hasn't done wudu and whoever isn't on the prayer mat, he hasn't got tasbih in his hands, we consider such a person to be a waste of time. "Im a worshipper", this is not the concept in Islam. No. Worship is that action which draws you nearer to Allah. For example you're praying one hundred thousand Tahajjud but you're praying Tahajjud in such a way that it’s taking you further away from Allah. You’re reciting through Quran a hundred thousand times, but its not that recitation which is taking you closer to Allah, rather it is distancing you from Allah. Understand this point. Every recitation will not take you closer to Allah. Every prayer will not draw you closer to Allah. Every Hajj will not draw you closer to Allah, remember this point. Make your prayer worthy, such that it takes you closer to Allah. Make your recitation worthy and capable of taking you close to Allah. We try to do shortcuts. "Oh I've read Quran, I've prayed salaah, oh I've done this isn't it. That’s it, finished. Its fine, I've done it. That’s enough." We think that these actions are very minor that they are insignificant. No that is not the case. We need to follow the method and the means Allah has given to get closer to Him. Why is it that other minor actions in the world take you higher in level than that person who is doing worship? Let's take an example. A person is walking and he can't see and he's looking for the road. So what thought should come in your heart. Tell me. You'll have affection for that person and sympathy for that person and love for that person because the heart has generated that. Say SubhaanAllah. Yes. Try to understand what I'm trying to say. So what's changed? Your heart has changed. So in the same way Allah ta'ala says if you want to come to me then prove your heart before you come to me. Allah says, "my servant I don't need your prayers. Allah says I don't need your recitation of the Quran. I don’t need your Tahajjud. Allah says what I want is that your heart should be developed and improved. Say SubhaanAllah. So one person who has thousands of evil thoughts and wretchedness in his heart and he's running after Tahajjud, but the other person who is pure in his heart, he witnesses another person who is in trouble and he is sympathetic, then he's thousands of times better than the first person because he's arrived at his destination. Allah ta'ala says you can never become close to me with a hard heart. When you have love for the creation of Allah and your heart becomes soft, let's say you are a doctor, there is a doctor and a child goes to him for an injection and in his heart he has sympathy that the child is going to cry. The doctor gives him a sweet and he tries to put him off and he gives him love because he has sympathy and affection in his heart for the child and that love has increased and he considers the pain of the patient as his pain. Its a high grade worship as a doctor and he has attained Allah's nearness. Yes every job and profession is unique. Every action is beloved. Why? because the worship which shakes and impacts your heart, that’s the genuine salaah. That recitation which shakes your heart, is the true recitation. The Ramadan which shakes and impacts your heart is the true Ramadan. Ramadan isn't just about fasting. All the actions are accepted and your heart will only be affected when you're doing dhikr. If your heart hasn't moved with the dhikr of Allah and inside your heart there is no yearning or softness, there's no love or change, then the dhikr is not having an impact on you and that is not the dhikr of Allah. So its not just turning the tasbih around. Its not just turning the pages of the Quran that you are reciting. Its not just advancing to the rows and praying salaah rolling the beads of the tasbih. That is not dhikr of Allah on its own. Or just circling the kabah or kissing it. This is not Tawaaf. Drinking zam zam water is not Umrah and Hajj. None of these things. Look at the essence behind all of these. Until the situation of your heart is improved in parallel to all these actions and situations, then you can not get accepted. Whenever you do a worship, first make an intention "oh Allah this worship I’m doing, make it impact and penetrate my heart directly." "Oh Allah I’m going on a journey, I’m going to recite your name", it cannot be that you return empty handed. "Oh Allah, make my heart shake from within. Oh Allah, allow the impact of your name to come in your heart. Oh Allah, extract the pride from my heart. May my pride disappear. May I consider myself as the worse of all the people. I have no quality, no knowledge, I am the worst. Allah, you have given me everything, so make me like this the way you want me to be as a believer." Then the dhikr of Allah is benefitting us. Then there is enjoyment. Then there is achievement. Do you understand what I'm saying? So this is the emotion of a human being. Very fine point but this is a class of Tasawwuf, mashaaAllah, so I always think that we should discuss those points which make our heart shake and improve. So inshaaAllah I'm hopeful that I have benefited from this and you have benefited from this. So think before you do any action, make the action worthy so that Allah ta'ala accepts it and that the love between us and Allah increases. Dont just bop up and down and say I prayed salaah, I've done this action physically. "Oh I run a Madrassah, I'm a teacher. I do this." No. Knowledge. These aren't things to count. We need to look at the quality. Allah says come to me with a pure heart. Allah says I need a pure heart, come to me with a pure heart, not physical appearances, but rather, the essence of worship. So we're in 2 states all day long every second, either we are in patience or gratitude. So keep the dhikr of Allah alive all the time. So when the time of patience comes, you are patient. And you are grateful to Allah upon a blessing and this will become a high level worship. May Allah swt grant us all the ability to practice this. Ameen.
21st Jun, 2022