رمضان کے نام میں کیا پوشیدہ ہے؟
Urdu Bayan, 38 mins
13th April, 2022

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What is the Secret in the name of Ramadhan? All months are the months of Allah but this month, this month of Ramadan, Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala has said that this is His month. He himself selected the name of this month. In other words, it has a great attachment to this month that Allah ta'ala special concern and connection is with this month. Obviously if Allah ta'ala has selected a name then there must be hikmah, wisdom, there will be secrets behind that and knowledge behind that selection. Every single letter and word related to Ramadan. Every letter of Ramadan it represents the Glory, the greatness of this month. The first letter is ر (Raa), in urdu ر (Rey) we say. Then second is م Meem and the third is ض Ďaad. The forth is ا Alif. The fifth letter is ن Nun and put that together. Allah ta'ala has collected those 5 letters together. Ramadan. And what is in this word? And how has Ramadan been formed and gathered. With ر we have the Radaa of Allah. Allah ta'ala's pleasure. With م we have the Muhabbat of Allah. Of course if you have the Radaa of Allah then you will have the Muhabbat If Allah ta'ala is not happy, if He is not pleased with us then how will we get the love. For example if we do something and we say that this is a good action. But what should that be based on? Is Allah ta'ala getting pleased with that action or not? Whenever you do an action, you ask yourself this. So this is the foundation of an action that is Allah happy with what I'm doing or not. This action that I'm doing. "Oh you know other people, they praised. Other people they liked it and they were close to me and they liked it. But most importantly we liked this thing, that we engage in this action. But remember one's nafs always inclines him to wrongdoing. Never trust your own desires. That I love this. Set one standard, does Allah like it or not? Here the matters will settle. So to ensure this is hard for a individual. Then he attempts to seek loopholes. No no it is not like this. Because he wants to do what he desirers. This is the difference amongst the human beings. But for the one who understands that Allah doesn't like such and such, then he doesn't look at how much loss he will incur from the world, how much benefit he will receive, how much of a set back he will experience. He says if Allah doesn't like this, then end of. Then what is the benefit of this. Allah isn't happy with it. When he does this then the second thing, Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala suddenly on that human being, Allah ta'ala says, the next letter which is م Allah's Muhabbat. Soon as you get to Allah's Radaa. So this is the first message Allah gives of Ramadan. That when you enter into this month, do those actions through which you may earn my Radaa. Pleasure. And how does Allah get pleased? How does Allah get pleased? If you want to get benefit in this month, Then take a look at the first letter ر if you wish to please Allah. How is Allah pleased? Allah is pleased when we abstain from those things He desires us to abstain from. Allah ta'ala then says, Leave eating meat. We leave meat. Leave drinking water. We won't drink it. Dont drink Milk. Can anyone dare, this is good for the body though? Why should we forsake this? But this is halal? And what an excellent halal thing it was. All the foods are halal. Allah said abstain from these. Now they've all become Haraam. So with the ر Raa, we get the method of how to please Allah. This is not something easy is it? That we perform 2 sajdah and make our nafs happy? But Is Allah happy with what I'm doing or not? Allah says look let me tell you. Alah has given such an Ibaadah. This the nature of this worship. That leave food. Yes. In the morning we really wanted to have omllete with Paratha. Allah says no. You can't eat it. Let's make meat. You can't eat it. Chicken. You can't eat it. Kebab. You can't eat it. Roti. You can't eat it. Water. You can't drink if even if there is fire coming out of the ground. Allah says, no you can't do it. And you say, "thats fine i won't do it." The whole world will urge you towards this and you say, "no i won't do this." Do we do this or not? Just now great drinks could descend for us, from Jannah even, end of story. Even if the angels bring the drink, will anyone drink them? No one will drink it. This is Imaan. This is what you call Imaan. And who is strengthening this? Ramadan. Say SubhaanAllah again. Why else has it come? It has come to strengthen our Imaan. Regarding which is has been said that many people become deprived because their Imaan is not weak so they become happy merely with keeping a fast and leaving food. I didn't eat in the morning but I ate in the evening. That is my Ramadan and I've prayed my Taraweeh. No no. We have to make Allah happy so abandon those things which Allah has ordered you to abandon. If you do this then for your entire life you'll be in the state of Ramadan. Your entire life. We need to reinforce this lesson. Yes. Dont settle for merely leaving food and drink. We need to strengthen this resolve. Yes. When we are eating, then why are we eating? We eat quickly and we keep a look at the time. "Oh there's one minute left." The name of this precaution is called Taqwa. Look. Look at the condition that the human becomes in at that time. The entire Ummah is acting upon this one order. Women, men, children. They wake up in the morning, the lights are switched on, food is being cooked. Everyone is awake hurriedly, they'll be keeping a look at the clock, what is this? Is it really a big deal if you are one minute under or over? No. Rather, we dont wish to displease Allah even in regards to "one minute." So is this the case for merely a few days only? Brothers, we have recited Laa ilaha illallaah. We have testified to Allah that besides Him, we won't believe and accept anyone else. What an amazing practice Allah is making us exert ourselves in. SubhaanAllah. How merciful is He. How kind is He that he is giving us this great message. If we want to celebrate the happiness of Eid, then celebrate at that time when my Alllah is pleased. Yes I understand the message from Allah what it was. Yes now I understand and my life has changed. Now I've returned but that world, whatever I have received from Ramadan I will act upon it no matter what happens. SubhaanAllah. Otherwise we are just empty, brothers. What is the point of that? It is a matter of shame, it would be a matter of shame if we don't exercise Mujaahadah upon this. What was the first thing? Pleasure. The entire Ramadan concludes at this. When you become such a person whom Allah becomes pleased with, then He is the Wali Allah. Not the one who performs sujood. Not the ones who perform Umrah. Why brothers do you go around wasting your money?Allah says, If the way to earn His pleasure was through these things then, I swear to Allah, there would be no Insaan left on the earth. Every human at this time now. Your Bolton here would be Empty now. Everyone would have gone for Umrah in order to please Allah. No. So where shall the one go who has no money? Who has nothing. Allah has created a very easy method. That whether I am happy with him or not, those who travel. But I am happy with you. You lower your gaze, you stay away from sin, Allah is pleased. You didn't spend any wealth, you spent nothing in order to perform this action. What that person over there didn't receive, you received over here! How great is the Mercy of Allah upon us. So the measurement gauges we have made, Allah ta'ala says, one shouldn't follow his desires. Because when you follow your desires, then you make yourself happy. "I am a big this and I am a big that." I like to do this thing. I like to do this thing at that time. I like so and so thing." No. Open Allah's diary and Allah ta'ala has provided the entire guidance for a believer. Where has he provided this? Within the sunnah. Allah has decorated the entire deen within the sunnah. That just like it has been narrated that Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do such and such action at this time, and this action at that time, and this thing and if a person follow this, then what is happening? Allah is becoming pleased! This is why it is mentioned that a person acts upom  - أطيعوا الله والرسول then what happens to such a person? Allah ta'ala becomes pleased with him. فقد فاز فوزا عظيما Have you seen how fasle our deen is? Are you understanding? How false our deen is which we have made up. Every person says, "I'm a Wali Allah. I'm a Ghaus. I'm a Qutub." Why? "Just because I do alot of worship, I keep many fasts." These are very good things. But Allah doesn't become pleased through these things. When is Allah happy? When Allah says I dont like something and so abstain from it and you abstain from it. That's it. Then even if you pray 5 times salaah, it is sufficient. You are grateful to Allah. Dont do drama's. One hajj of your life is sufficient. Accepted. One hajj. Brother, how many hajj did Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam perform? Tell me. Yes when Allah becomes happy with someone, then what is the next thing he receives? What is the next letter tell me? م Meem. And what does he receive from Meem? Muhabbat Ilaahi. Love of Allah. For which we strive to attain. For which we engage in Muraaqabah. Allah Allah Allah. For which we go to the Khankah's for. For which we dedicate a lifetime towards. For which we spend all our wealth in. It is something we are prepared to do anything for. Allah says, my love comes when? When I am pleased. And when am I Pleased? I am pleased when you obey me. Otherwise you will never receive the love of Allah. You can do as many tasbih's you want, you can do as much zikr as you want, no love. The reason we do tasbih, the reason we do zikr is so that our inner self, our heart becomes cleaning and sparkling and begins to please Allah. We engage in it to remove the dirt. So that we can be clean and begin engaging in those actions through which Allah becomes pleased. Then He is happy. SubhaanAllah. Love. Then He attains Muhabbat. So when one has attained Muhabbat. Has it ever happened that, a person holds the greatest love for his children, is this the case or not? Would you throw you your child in to the fire? No you wouldn't. You would never. Rather, you'd become burnt yourself and save your child that, "no I cannot throw him." Why? What is the reason for this? Tell me? Love. SubhaanAllah. So the one whom Allah loves, if Allah strikes him with poverty or affliction, or He gives him something, does He give this in order to make a person distressed? Tell me. When he gives a person sickness, is it to make a person distressed? If Allah causes a change in a person's situation, is it because He wishes to make him distressed? So would that mean that, there were more than one hundred thousand Sahabah and Allah willed to cause them distress? Allah says the person whom I have the greatest love for, I safeguard him from the world in the same way a sick person is safeguarded from water. SubhaanAllah. From this world. This world which is being exalted. Wealth and shops are attained. This is not a proof or a form of assurance that Allah is pleased with him. That these things are a blessing. No. So Allah safeguards him from the dunya in such a way. And what is meant by safeguarding from the dunya? It is not that Allah grants him wealth upon wealth etc. Rather, the meaning of safeguard is that Allah removes the importance and the significance of the world from a person's heart! He could have millions in wealth stacked up infront of him, but he wouldn't disobey Allah. This is called having dislike for the world. You understand dislike for the world now yes? This is what it means to have dislike for the world. That he receives millions on wealth, but what is it? He is not disobeying Allah. He says, "take this brother, I dont want this." Why? Because he emptied his heart and love entered. Allah loves him and safeguards him from the world. Allah is removing the world from his heart. So pleasure is love. And Muhabbat, love, my brothers, when these things are bestowed upon a person, then he is not distant from Allah, but through his calamities and difficulties, he grows closer to Allah. SubhaanAllah. The more a mother hits her children, the more he clings on to her. You experience it for yourself. However much she tries to distance him, the more he becomes attached to her. He is even more stubborn. The more she slaps him, the more he runs to her lap. So does Allah not love His servant too? So for those who understand and love Allah, they draw even closer to Allah, they are persistent in their duas, they become even more closer to Allah, they weep even more, "Allah my request is not being fulfilled, please fulfil my request." And for those who have hypocrisy, they don't have love inside, those who are distant from Allah, they begin complaining. "Why is this work of mine not being fulfilled. What is this? Why has so and sons work been fulfilled and not mine?" Their hearts are resentful all the time, that "I am depressed. I am lonely. I have no one." SubhaanAllah. For that person whom Allah loves, can he ever remain alone? Can he ever be lonely? Rather, such a person says, "I don't need anyone I have my Rabb with me all the time." SubhaanAllah. He is overjoyed in knowing that Allah is closer to him than his jugular vein.   أَقْرَبُ إِلَيْهِ مِنْ حَبْلِ الْوَرِيد He says. He realises that Allah is closer to him than his jugular vein, the one who loves Allah. And from where can this love be attained? Through Ramadan. So Ramadan is such a name. You will receive Allah's pleasure and love. And the next letter is ض. What is the meaning of ض? For the one who loves Allah, the one whom Allah is pleased with, He receives the guarantees, the assurance. That how can it be that I love you and send you to Jahannam? I guarantee that for you is Jannah! ض Allah grants this glad tiding to every believer alhamdulillah. Every believer is receiving this glad tiding. That are being assured that, "you are a Jannati!" Every action of his calls out that he is a Jannati. He opens his fast. "Jannati." He woke up. "Jannati." He had Suhoor. "Jannati." SubhaanAllah. He drank water. "Jannati" He lowered his gaze from immorality, "Jannati." He safeguarded his tongue from evil. "Jannati." Its not just that he's a Jannati, but every Jannati receives the glad tiding, that he receives an additional Jannah. Doubled for him. SubhaanAllah. Top of the that. Bonus. Brothers when we close our eyes, then we will be able to see that alhamdulillah such a person who spends him Ramadan in this way, what he has attained. What reward he has received. And this is why Allah's Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that you don't understand, he supplicated to Allah 2 months in advance for life  so that he is able to witness Ramadan. The biggest deprivation for a person is that he passes away before Ramadan. This is the selection of Allah. This is His decision. He taught us to make dua to Allah that Allah shows you this month, Allah bestows this month upon you so that you can reach it. And for those who have attained this month, it is been stated about them, that the most unfortunate and wretched people of this world and the Hereafter will be those who were given this month, but they were deprived from Allah's Mercy. They didn't attain Allah's pleasure, nor His love. They spent their lives in the world without obeying Allah's orders. What a great thing brothers. This is a big blessing Allah ta'ala has bestowed upon us. Assurance, guarantee is given. When Allah ta'ala gives guarantee then how much of a great thing it must be! Can anyone prevent it? Can anyone remove such a person from paradise then? And then after this, is Allah. The letter ا Alif. What is this? Allah has come in between. After Jannah immediately comes what? Allah. What does it mean by Allah? That in Jannah I won't leave you deprived. For Allah whose sake you spoke you listened and  obeyed. So there must been a yearning created within you to witness Allah. Has it ever been that you love someone but you don't desire to see them? You tell me. Take a look at the common example of the world when a man has love for a girl. He wants to marry. He says, "okay, let me see a picture of the girl at least." Do we say this or not? And this is a permissible thing. When you love someone, then he keeps a lookout that oh, my beloved will pass from here, and the my beloved will pass from here, he will pass from here. I'll see the style of his walk. Let me see the path that he at least went through!" Yes that's the Majnu, the love that he possessed. That "okay he's gone this way, let me see, on this soil he walked." Wallahi you begin to have love for that soil. Even today when I go Pakistan, wherever Hadhrat sahib used to pass through, wallahi I sit in those places and engage in Muraaqabah. And if it was permissible, I would perform Sajdah there. I would do Sajah. If it was permissible. That's how much the love for a person is increased. When you have love for a friend, and then you are distant? How can that be? We have alot of hypocrisy. We utter so much rubbish from our mouths but we are not as such. Say SubhaanAllah. Recite SubhaanAllah, even at the truth too sometimes. What I'm trying to say here is, change yourself. Change yourself. The time is very less. How many days do we have left? What fast are we on today? 13th or 12th? Tell me. How has it passed? I told you didn't I that the first 10 days, they pass by really slowly. Ramadan begins passing by gradually. In the beginning its very slow placed. And in the second Asharah, it passes by even quicker and in the third Asharah, it has wings on and flies away so quickly. You wont even khow where Ramadan has gone. If you want to act then act in this month. If we do these actions, then SubhaanAllah, Allah will bestowed upon us all these things. Will you make an intention? That whatever you do, you will do for the sake of Allah's pleasure. No matter how big the sacrifice, we will give it. Say it louder. InshaaAllah. Allah is happy. Allah's love. When love is created then Allah says I am your Rabb. I can't remain hidden from you. And you wouldn't want me to be hidden, veiled from you. You won't like Paradise or the Hur's or the palaces. Lovers, you know lovers, you can show them anything else, besides the thing they love, but they say, "I want that thing, which I love." SubhaanAllah. "No yaar, she is cross-eyed, her nose is crooked, have you seen this model that I'm showing you?" He replies, "no I want that one whom I like." "Are you mad? What is this that you like? Is your mind okay? Let's change it for you. Let's change this. He says, "No I want that which I like." Because he's a lover. My examples that I present are small. The Ulamah present big examples. I give small examples. Do you understand what I'm saying? So when you go into Jannah, the Jannati's wont be enjoying themselves in Jannah. They'll be waiting. Still there is the veil? The barrier? I remember this dua of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He taught us a dua, to supplicate to Allah for the yearning of witnessing Him. SubhaanAllah. Why? What is the meaning of this? This is such a beautiful dua. Because if someone is granted the longing to witness Allah, then would such a person be a hypocrite? Would such a person disobey Allah? Would he go against Allah's orders? Would he spend Ramadan unaware and heedless? Because the longing for Allah's love has been created inside him, then understand that he has left everything else behind! Through merely possessing the yearning for Allah's love, a believer, attains the entire deen. This dua. How many dua's there are and what are the secrets behind these dua's. What kind of dua is this? To ask for the yearning of Allah's love. We don't focusing on the meaning of this. We ask for this and that. Ask for yearning, and you will receive everything! SubhaanAllah. You will receive everything by making this one dua. So whichever dua uttered by Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam's blessed lips, make a habit to always make those duas. "Allah grant me this, grant me this, grant me this." And with every dua, you receive everything. Yes. You will attain the love of Allah.  But this love won't come empty handed, rather it will bring everything else for you! So whatever you asked for in the Dunya, Allah says, "I am Allah, however you have spent your life in the world, now I know that you are not enjoying Jannah. I made you struggle. I sent you into Jannah. You got the hur's and rewards. Such sights that we cannot even imagine or think about what will be in Ramadan. But Allah says, "You're a unique Aashiq that you are even looking at any of these things. Come let me prepare for you. Today your Allah will allow you to witness Him." Then I'll mention the hadith to you regarding this which are on a different level.  What is the sight of Allah? Who will this be given to? Which word am I giving the interpretation for? Yes, for the one who spent Ramadan correctly. Guaranteed Allah says. That whoever spends Ramadan like this, then it has been said in hadith regarding this that he has passed Ramadan with Salaamat. Which Ramadan? Salaamat Ramadan has passed. Ease and peace he has passed Ramadan with. He has attained safety. From which thing? He was safe from the displeasure of Allah. From which thing does Allah become displeased from? When He orders us with a command of prohibition and we go against it and act on it. We did all those things which Allah has asked us to forsake. Leave this. Leave this. Leave this. And we left it. And whoever spends their Ramadan like this then what happens? He has passed a Salaamat Ramadan. Allah says, you spent one Ramadan like this, yes? Then for the entire year I will bring the same salamati, prosperity and ease to you.  Mistakes happen, keep your gaze lowered, control your tongues, control your anger, control your habits in this Ramadan. Dont focus on finishing Quran's, focus more on these things. Observe the evil actions and observe those actions which make your Ramadan good. An accepted Ramadan. When you practice and make effort on attaining these things then alongside this you may engage in Ibaadah, recite as much Quran as you like and it will be light upon light! Do as much Nawaafil salaah as you like, it is light upon light. Everything is accepted. But if you're not abandoning sin, then the entire matter is upside down. Just as it is mentioned in the hadith isn't it. That you haven't received anything from your fast besides hunger and thirst. You haven't received anything from it. This is a very great message and if you continue in this way, then your entire life will be Salamati and will depart this world with Salaamah, peacefully. And if you went off track and followed your nafs, your desires, then your mindset is similar to the way you considered Ramadan to be. That we prayed taraweeh, we did such and such, we congratulated each other, it is mentioned that that such a life is a wasted life. A life of deceit.  Then it's Allah's vision for those whom Allah is pleased with. This is the final blessing and reward which Allah will grant. What is that? The sight of Allah. And who will remain conscious after the vision of Allah? Tell me. Who will remain conscious? Amazing hadith have been mentioned regarding the method and the condition of Didaar-e-Ilaahi. The act of witnessing Allah and the things related to it. MashaaAllah. That what will be the state and the condition at that time. Who will receive this? Those who spent their lives according to the teachings of Ramadan.  What is the final letter? ن Paradise and then ن for Naar. Fire. What does ن Nun stand for? نار Naar, fire. I have come in between you and Hellfire. I have already granted you Paradise. Now forget. Forget. Jahannam has become cool for you. You have no connection with the Hellfire. I have forgiven you. Each and every moment, Allah bestows His forgiveness upon human being. Each and every moment. He forgives the human beings with each and every moment. This is how blessed Ramadan is! This is the explanation of Ramadan which are spending. Make dua to Allah that we understand this message of Ramadan.  That we attain Allah's pleasure, we attain Allah's love, in the akhirah we attain the Deedar-e-Ilaahi. We will include Paradise in our fate, in our destiny and attain salvation from the Helllfire. This is the meaning of Ramadan. This was the meaning wasn't it? To attain all of these things, we must adopt one action. Ramadan is informing us of this. It is the root of all worship. The root of all worship. All these things that I have mentioned to you, you only require one thing to attain all of those things. Just one thing. What is that? لعلكم تتقون. Taqwa. This is the biggest thing! Whoever has attained purity, Tazkiyah, this is why people run towards the Wali Allah. The intellectual people, they run towards the wali Allah. Why? Because from there they will attain those things through which they will acquire the entire deen! SubhaanAllah. They gain Tazkiyah there. And after Tazkiyah, what is the result of Tazkiyah? Taqwa. Taqwa is the result of Tazkiyah. Ramadan is giving us Taqwa. The Sheikh instills Taqwa within you. Has it ever happened that a mureed is satisfied when he disobeys his teacher, when he leaves commands of his teacher, how can the Sheikh be satisfied with that student? Never ever will he be happy with that student if he doesn't listen. The weakness is there in the connection. Always those students develop and exel when they have an understanding with the teacher, compatibility. Good understanding. Look for example. That house will always have prosperity where the husband and wife have a good understanding. Dont emphasise on the womans face and appearance before the wedding, focus on the understanding. Is she is deendaar, pious, you ar pious, she is pious. If you are following the deen, then she is following the deen. Then don't look at her ears or nose or face. Say, "I accept her." Based on her deen. Because I will develop the understanding, when I go dhikr, she will be happy. SubhaanAllah. When I return from Dhikr, she will have food prepared for me. When I wake up in the night for Tahajjud, and I go on a tour with my Sheikh, then she will make my clothes ready for me. She will iron my clothes for me and If I am lazy in doing dhikr then she will push me and encourage me, why aren't you going for the Majlis!? Yes. There are such women in the world for sure. And mashaaAllah the hurs of Jannah can't even equate to the dust on the heels of these women. When the see that the child is wearing Amaamah, they will say, SubhaanAllah my child is wearing the Amaamah. And it the child keeps the beard, then she will kiss the face of the son that you have revived the Sunnah of the Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The mother will say. When she sees her husband, she won't look at the money in the pocket, that did he bring something home she will look at his face and smile. That, "subhaanAllah you have returned from Umrah, from Hajj, you have brought blessings for our home. You have brought Mercy to our home. You have come back from Dhikr in the morning. What great light you have brought to my home." Says the wife. Then the man should be like this aswell for the woman. But unfortunately what men do we look for today?  "Oh he has a job, good career, high post."  You know when we look for a partner for our children, we look at the pocket, the money, the wealth." The woman says, "such a man I want who works",  and the husband says, "she should work aswell with me, my wife."  SubhaanAllah. Then who will look after the children? The neighbours? Who will teach the deen to the children, the neighbours? 90 percent of our society is like this today my brothers. Every man likes that woman who has a job and a career. She earns,whatever she earns from and brings home the money. 2 jobs. "Bring the money home," he says to the woman.  And the woman says, "he needs to have money in the pocket aswell beforehand." Then we say Ramadan has come, let's keep the fast. SubhaanAllah. What a Ramadan. What fast my brothers? What fast are we keeping nowadays? Lets look at our brain cells first, our mindset, our ideologies. What was I saying? When the husband and wife have a good understanding then MashaaAllah, طيب ، طيبات , what is that verse in the Quran? خبيث، خبيثات. That's what happens then isnt it. Allah ta'ala says, that that is the compensation, the reward that you will get. This is the situation with the Sheikh aswell. If you have understanding with your Sheikh, then will you receive benefit or not?  Tell me. If the Sheikh says to you "right" and you say, " no left, I love my Sheikh. I'm an Aashiq of my Sheikh, he says wrong and I say left and I will die for him and I have love and and I will do this." But we have no understanding between the husband and the wife. This is the spiritual husband and wife. The Sheikh and the mureed. Just like the wife is happy SubhaanAllah upon seeing the husband. The mureed is happy when he sees the Sheikh. Just like the wife when she presses the legs of her husband so in the same way the mureed does this for the Sheikh.  Just like the wife serves her husband the same way the mureed is happy when he serves his Sheikh. When he does Khidmah of his Sheikh. Unique examples im giving to you. Why? Because that Nikaah has taken place and this Nikaah has also taken place. Its a contract. The Mawlana Sahib performed the Nikah, and he himself performed the contract. He put the hand into the hand of the Sheikh and recited the Kalimah. That's the bond. When the Mawlana Sahib recites the kalimah at Nikah time, he meets the husband and the wife. When the student puts the hand into the hand of the Sheikh, then the Sheikh introduces the student to Allah. SubhaanAllah. Imagine the difference. So whose relationship should be stronger? Tell me. Say it loudly. SubhaanAllah. The Sheikh with the student. This is what we should do, that's why I'm telling you. If you don't have it, then do it. Then why are you playing games? Why are you wasting your life? Why are you running after Waswasah? Whisperings of Shaytan. Why are you falling into the traps of Shaytan? No no no. He's a small Sheikh. I want a big Sheikh who is widely acclaimed. SubhaanAllah. Who are you to differentiate between big and small? When Allah gives you a Sheikh, be happy with that Sheikh. Be content with that Sheikh. If you're not happy and you keep on looking and finding, then you will loose the Sheikh that I gave you Allah says. Even that Sheikh, you will loose him.  And you will run around but eventually you will get what I gave to you Allah says. You will find that which I gave you.  Hadith Qudsi this is. Whatever Allah gives to you, be happy and content and at peace with that. This is what Allah has given to me. Now I need to work on this. I need to develop my love for my Sheikh. I need to distance myself from Waswasah. I need to serve my Sheikh. I need to attain the nearness to my Rabb. I have got the message of Ramadan. I need to please Allah. Atttain the love of Allah. I need to perform Taubah from my sin and I need to attain paradise and I need to distant Hellfire from me and I need to see Allah. Yes and what is the resource Allah has given? Your sheikh, your teacher. Then you need to take from the teacher, their leanings. Just like the whole of Ramadan. Allah has sealed Ramadan with Taqwa. Everything, Allah's pleasure and love, everything will be attained through one thing. Which is taqwa. What is Taqwa? That Allah subhaanahu wa ta'ala, whatever command he issues, we keep obeying that command. Whatever Allah orders us to abandon then abandon. Forske food. Forskae drink. Whatever Allah says. "This is halaal, why are you leaving it?" No. Whatever Allah says, we have left everything and we are happy. We are happy. Allah says do this. "I want to drink milk, I can't drink milk." No. Everybody is happy. Radaa. Look at how great this point is. Allah has given us blessings in Ramadan. Allah is making us practice the principle of deen. So be happy with Allah whatever He orders. So what are we? Allah says connect your heart with me. Just like you connect your heart with your wife and your house is happy. When you meet your heart with the wife the house is happy. So when you connect your heart with the Sheikh then your heart is happy. When your heart is happy, what will happen then? SubhaanAllah. Allah's tajalliyaat, His magnificence will descend into your heart. Allah says you won't find me anywhere, in the whole world you won't find me. Where you will find me and you will attain my nearness is through the heart of a Mu'min. So today was the lesson I gave you of Tasawwuf in the light of Ramadan. May Allah grant us the tawfeeq to practice this Ameen. InshaaAllah the words we have heard are not for hearing but for implementing. Whatever we feel that we are lacking from these words, my bayaans, keep on listening afterwards aswell. Don't look at YouTube, listen to my bayaans. InshaaAllah you get a great message. Dont waste your life in wasteful things. Even if 10 times you've heard this bayaan, I guarantee every time you hear it again you will get a new message. Many people I hear, Hadrat sahib I was upset, I was down. I didn't know what to do. But you gave me the message and I have succeeded by listening to your message. It is not me. It is Allah who loves you. He is telling you these messages. Yes I'm telling you this guarantee, I give you right now from Allah. I say all the people that are sitting, the words that I have given today, thousands of people will have attained this message. Thousands. That yaar, we heard this but we thought this. We learnt this. I had this distress but I've got the solution from the bayaan. So this is the sign of Allah's love. And Allah says you've come for me then I've come for you Allah says. I will give you the message. So should we come to this Majlis? Is this Majlis only for Ramadan? No dont leave this Majlis okay? Recite durood shareef.
15th Apr, 2022
Subhan Allah May Allah Ta'alah give us Taofeeq to act upon what Hazrat Sahib Said
14th Apr, 2022