شبِ عاشورہ
Urdu Bayan, 9 mins
18th August, 2021

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Night of Ashoorah In respect of its virtues, today’s Majlis of Dhikr is very great and very important. Alhamdulillah, this is the Fadhl of Allah that, through the Barakah of Dhikr, Allah subhana wa ta'ala gives us nights such as these in which we can sit and remember Allah. This is called staying connected to Dhikr of Allah all year long; Allah ta’ala never gives loss to those who remember Him or leaves them devoid of benefit. This night is a very great night, a tremendous night, and there are so many virtues that we don’t have time to go through them all. Tomorrow is called the Day of Ashoorah, and this is a very great day, and this is the night precedes that day - and Allah ta’ala has put immense Thawab in this night. One narration speaks of those who worship in this night as much as they can according to the Tawfeeq and ability that Allah ta’ala gives them; and we are now nearly halfway through this night, and alhamdulillah, we who are gathered here, after becoming free from Salah, with Allah’s Tawfeeq have been seated for Allah’s Dhikr. We have gathered in the form of an assembly, about which Allah says ‘Those who gather to remember Me, I remember them in a better gathering.’ How fantastic it is for us, that on the Night of Ashoorah, Allah ta’ala is remember us due to this gathering of Dhikr – amazing! The reward for this is too great for us to understand, for we cannot imagine the extent to which Allah ta’ala bestows His rewards on a human being. MashaAllah, this all due to the Sadqah of our pious predecessors, and through their Nisbat, a person can attain these things. So regarding an individual who worships tonight and then couples that with keeping a fast tomorrow, it is stated about his death - which is the most difficult test that a person will face, for the time of death is severe like no other – that due to having worshipped tonight and fasted tomorrow, he will pass through death in such a way that he will not even realise that death has come to him. SubhanAllah – what a great guarantee comes with this Amal! And another unique reward for those who keep a fast on the Day of Ashoorah is that they attain the reward of ten thousand angels and ten thousand martyrs and ten thousand Hajj and Umrahs and sixty years of worship! SubhanAllah – look at what a great honour this is. Also, if a human being does some good deed, for example by assisting somebody to break their fast by giving them food, then it is stated in Hadith that he will attain a reward equivalent to having assisted the whole of the Ummat-e-Muhammadiya to break their fast – Allahu Akbar! SubhanAllah - and also mentioned in Hadith is that person who puts his hand on the head of an orphan – and you might think you have to look in the alleys and streets to find an orphan on whose head to put your hand, but no, if you assist him and have sympathy for him, or give him a gift or some money, or help him or spend on him or give him affection, then especially tonight and tomorrow on the Day of Ashoorah, look at the Thawab if a person does this: that individual’s status will be raised in Darajaat of Jannah equivalent to the number of hairs on the head of that orphan! So, brothers, this is a great night, and there are great virtues of doing Dhikr and of worshipping during this night. This is that night on which the grandson of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, Hussain radhiAllahu anh, and the flowers of his blessed family, the descendants of Hadhrat Fatima radhiAllahu anha, were on the desert sands of Karbala. They were falling into Sajdah on this night, immersed in Ibadah, making Dua to Allah and pleading to Allah, knowing the great test that awaited them tomorrow. They had to give everything in that test – they were to lose everything in that examination. For what cause? For the sake of the truth and honesty of humanity, they had to raise the standard and make the distinction clear. They had to revive Islam and demonstrate the Tariqah of what to do when the ship of Islam is in danger of sinking, namely, not to fear but rather to demonstrate the qualities of Hussain radhiAllahu anh at that time, SubhanAllah. This is such a great night because such a great message was to come out - Islam is revived after every Karbala, SubhanAllah. And if we look at the reality of Yazid, and how these deaths relate to him – what was that really? It was a demonstration of how to finish his way of fraud and lies and deception and contamination of the Deen. When these things come, these are the hallmarks of Yazid, and to eliminate these, alhamdulillah, and in their place to spread humanity and affection, be like Hadhrat Hussain radhiAllahu anh. He wanted to promote the true Deen of his grandfather – sympathy, love, affection, Radha, respecting others, accommodation others and sympathizing with them, and having excellent manners, not plundering, looting and murdering. In order to show this Islam due to those conditions having arisen, Imam Hussain radhiAllahu anh had to face the exam on the day that follows tonight, an exam in which he had to lose everything. He had to revive the Deen through this exhibition that had to be given to the Ummah, and SubhanAllah, they did this. So that night, he and his family made Sujood, pleading and crying in the Court of Allah, in their state of isolation, hunger and thirst. And they were not crying due to fear of death, but rather out of their concern to elevate the Deen of their grandfather; they were crying to save the Ummah – that is why they were crying. They were begging that the Ummah might be saved from those wrongdoings. So, my brothers, tonight is a tremendous, memorable night, the Thawab for which we cannot imagine – there is no limit to the extent of that reward. It is Allah’s Fadhl and His Grace and His Mercy that He gives us the Tawfeeq to do A‘maal and to practice on these days and nights, so have courage and determination. Make effort and try your best, for we may not get this night again and we might not get these words next time. Try to practice and to implement these A’maal. May Allah ta’ala give us all the Tawfeeq to do this. Ameen. Recite Durood Sharif
20th Aug, 2021
Mashallah Subhanallah Jazakallah khair my beloved Hazrat sahib
19th Aug, 2021