مکمل مجلس شب یوم عرفہ
Urdu Bayan, 47 mins
18th July, 2021

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Night of Arafah - 9th Dhul Hijjah When Allah subhana wa ta'ala gives a reward to a human being, then that person should definitely be grateful; and when a person shows gratitude for a reward, then Allah ta’ala increases and multiplies that reward. As for this Ni’mah, this gift, that Allah ta’ala has bestowed upon us today, there is no greater Ni’mah than this in the whole year, because tomorrow is the Day of Arafah and tonight is the night of Arafah. And as for this night before that day, Hadhrat Jabir radhiAllahu anh narrates in a Hadith that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam stated that when comparing all the days of the year, the greatest day is the day of Arafah; and for this reason, the pious predecessors have stated that all the A’maal that will be performed on that day will be the best of deeds. There is another Hadith regarding the day of Arafah which is narrated by Hadhrat Ibn Umar radhiAllahu anh in which it is stated that the day on which Allah subhana wa ta'ala frees the greatest number of people from Jahannam is the day of Arafah, and the day when most Maghfirah is dispensed is the day of Arafah, and shaytan is made most wretched and cursed on the day of Arafah. So these are all the Fadhail of the day of Arafah, and Allah subhana wa ta'ala has given us this gift. And furthermore, on this night preceding the day of Arafah, the Ibadah on this night is equivalent to Laylat-ul-Qadr. Alongside this, we should also understand that because this night is the night of Arafah, it contains light upon light. This is a great mercy of Allah that we are gathered for this great Ibadah, because what is the greatest Ibadah of the day of Arafah? It is the Dhikr of Allah. The best deed of the day of Arafah is the Dhikr of Allah. And the Kalimah of Dhikr that Allah subhana wa ta'ala has selected above all is ‘La ilaha illa-llahu Wahdahu la Sharika laHu laHu-l-Mulku wa laHu-l-Hamdu wa Huwa ‘ala Kulli Shayyin Qadir’ – this is the Kalimah for the Plain of Arafah. So we are grateful to Allah, for this is the Barakah of the pious predecessors, and it is due to that Barakah that we are sat here today. This is all due to the Nisbat, to the connection, with my Hadhrat Sahib, may Allah elevate his status and rank and give him the highest of Maqams. This is all due to his Barakah and blessings that we have attained this today. Why? Because on this night we are sitting down and remembering Allah. So if we do not make Dua tonight, then when will we do so? Allah’s Rahmah is descending, and Allah listens to supplications especially on this night. It is stated in Hadith that Allah ta’ala comes down to the lowest heaven, the heaven closest to earth, and He looks at the hearts of all human beings and then Allah ta’ala will forgive whoever is found to have even a mustard seed’s weight of Iman in their heart. You don’t even have to ask about Duas – Allah ta’ala accepts Duas so readily today. Whatever Dua a person makes, Allah ta’ala accepts that supplication. Now brothers, we need to be particularly careful about two things. Number one, do Astaghfar to Allah; repent to Allah and ask Allah ta’ala for forgiveness. Make true Tawbah and ask Allah ta’ala to forgive us for the mistakes that we have made up until now. Make true Tawbah to Allah for the mistakes that we have made, and Allah will forgive all of our errors. If we have lived a life of forgetfulness and ignorance up until now, then ask Allah for forgiveness. And the best method for this is by means of a connection with a friend of Allah. If you attain Tawbah on this night, that is the best of achievements. So come, let us all do Tawbah collectively; all those who are present in this gathering – menfolk and womenfolk – will have their Tawbah renewed and refreshed today. So let us recite the Kalimah once: Ash-hadu an La ilah illa-llahu wa Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Abduhu wa Rasooluh Astaghfirullah Astaghfirullah Astaghfirullah ta’ala Rabbi min Kulli Dhanbin wa Atoobu ilayh Ameen Ameen Ameen MashaAllah – that’s it. With just these few words, Allah ta’ala forgives all the sins, but only if a person has this Niyyah: ‘InshaAllah, I will pray my five times Salah in congregation’ – this is for the menfolk; and as for the womenfolk, they should resolve that they will perform their prayers on time and will not waste their Salah. Everyone who has repented should resolve to live their lives according to Shari’ah, in respect of their faces and their appearance and their attire, their eating, their drinking, their earning, their Rizq, their wealth – everything will be according to the Sunnah. This Niyyah is essential to the acceptance of repentance. And furthermore, the third step is that the Dhikr of Allah will be established in our lives. We will maintain connection with the Dhikr and every morning and evening, and we will join the Majalis of Dhikr. Make this Niyyah to Allah regarding these points. And the womenfolk should make Niyyah to Allah for the observance of Purdah and keeping segregated according to the requirements of the Shari’ah. We will ask Allah for forgiveness for the mistakes we have made, and we will resolve to correct and realign the affairs of our households, and we will all pay attention to our Batini sickness, the spiritual diseases that we have, and we will do our Islah. We will make effort on these matters, because Allah likes effort very much. Let us renew and refresh this Niyyah tonight, because who knows whether we will get this night again after today, this night about which Allah ta’ala has elevated in comparison to the days of the rest of the year; we cannot get a day like this in the rest of the year. So let’s make this Niyyah and do Dua to Allah for all those wo have requested Duas today, all those who are sick and have requested Duas, in particular those individuals in our Jamah who have asked for Duas. Make Dua for our womenfolk and for all those in our families who are sick; make special Duas for them - may Allah ta’ala give complete recovery to all of them. And then do Dua for the whole Ummah, and especially do Dua that Allah ta’ala quickly removes this disease and that He protects us all and the whole Ummah from this sickness. Ameen. Let us all recite the Kalimaat collectively and inshaAllah, we shall attain success in the Court of Allah.
24th Jul, 2021
aslam o alikm hzrt sahv g allah ap ko slamat rakhy hmasha or hzrt sahb g ap plz ye ksi byan main bta dain k agr hum off line bhi ap ka ye wala byan sun lain to bhi hmain faaz hasil ho ga or mureed hun gy ?
20th Jul, 2021
Allah hu Akbar
19th Jul, 2021