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26th April, 2021

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One Very Important Wazifa

This month of Ramadhan, alhamdulillah, is a month of Barakaat, mercy and blessings. Allah subhana wa ta'ala has put together all the the Rahmahs of the whole year, and He bestows that to His servants in order that we don’t waste any opportunities. At the end of Sha’ban, Allah’s Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentioned the benefits of this month so that we would not waste our time in negligence, and so that we would realise that every action and every good deed that a person does contains a lot of Barakah from Allah ta’ala; and so that for the rest of the year, a person can become habituated to those good actions.

We can see that there are two parts to our lives; there is sorrow, and there is happiness; there are difficulties, and there is ease. If there is happiness today, tomorrow may bring sadness; if there is sadness today, tomorrow could be a day to rejoice and be happy. Every day is not the same; those who are rich today could be in poverty and living on the street tomorrow; and those who are poor might become very wealthy and prosperous. Why is this the case? This Allah’s distribution and nobody can make a fuss about this. Allah ta’ala knows best what the Hikmah is behind His allocation and He knows the reasons for things being the way they are. The conditions of a person change, but as a person goes through life, he always has this desire that whatever he does, it may unfold smoothly, and that his life may progress smoothly and nicely without any distress or problem. A person wants protection and security – that is in the Fitrah, the nature of a human being. He thinks ‘Whatever I do, I don’t want it to be obstructed; I just want it to go smoothly and nicely.’ Obviously, we look for ways to achieve that, like a Wazifa to recite so that all of our matters can become smooth and relaxing, and so that we do not encounter any barriers to what we want to achieve.

That’s fine – a person looks for easy ways, easy solutions, and easy methods. But imagine how much Barakah there will be in the method that Allah’s Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam has told us will bring ease and smoothness to our lives. It is so sad that we do not go towards that solution which Allah’s Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam has given to us. Our mindset very seldom goes towards that, and this is the root cause of our distress and sorrow today. If we do the A’maal that Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us to do, then it is impossible that our life’s matters will not go smoothly.

Abu Hurayra radhiAllahu anh narrated that the Master of the two worlds sallallahu alayhi wasallam stated on one occasion that Allah subhana wa ta'ala has stated – just imagine what a great statement this is, where the gracious Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam is himself saying that Allah has stated this point. Imagine how authentic this is, how weighty it is, and what great solution it will be for us – think about it. Think about it. He narrated that the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam stated ‘Rabbu ta’ala has stated “Adhkurni ba’d-al Fajr wa ba’d-al Asr Saa’atan”’ – Allah is saying ‘Oh My servant, if you remember Me after Fajr and after Asr’ – SubhanAllah! Allah is saying ‘Remember Me after Fajr and after Asr.’ For how long? Four hours? Two hours? Three hours? How long? ‘Saa’atan’ – just for a few moments; just spend a little time in the Dhikr of Allah. Not a lengthy period, just Saa’atan, just for a short while, sit down after Fajr and after Asr. Sit for just a short time, a little while – and what is the reward? ‘Akfika’ – Allah is saying ‘If you do this action of sitting down for Dhikr just for a short while, I will take the responsibility of securing everything for you between those two times of the day.’

Tell me – what a great guarantee this is! If you sit down in the morning for the Dhikr of Allah, Allah is saying ‘I will not let your matters be held up and there will Barakah in them.’ So start your work after doing Dhikr in the morning - we start this way. We pray Fajr, and after Fajr, we do Dhikr of Allah according to our capacity and the amount of time that we have. If you have a lot of time, alhamdulillah, then sit for the whole time, but if you have ten minutes, sit for ten minutes, and if you have five minutes, then sit for five minutes – Allah ta’ala has given you that freedom. ‘Saa’atan’- just sit for a little bit, for a short time. This is not a minor guarantee – whose guarantee is this? Allah subhana wa ta'ala, the Master of the Universe, the Lord of the Universe, the One who can straighten out all matters, and who can spoil all matters as well – control of everything is in His Hands.

So if you sit, then Allah ta’ala says ‘I will assist you and give you guidance in all of your actions during the day.’ The pious predecessors have stated that once a person attains this in his life, then what else does he need? How can he have any concerns? May Allah ta’ala give us these Darajaat of Yaqeen – this is Qur’an and Sunnah. May Allah make our Yaqeen so high about this. When you want to ask for something, who should you ask? Allah! Who should we plead to? Allah! Adopt the means, but do Tawakkul upon who? Allah! Without the means, you cannot succeed, of course. If you need to get somewhere, you adopt the means and utilize the tools and resources, but the tools and resources are nothing until and unless you have Tawakkul and trust in Allah. Allah ta’ala has stated ‘I will tell you the means and I will give you Tawakkul also!’ SubhanAllah! ‘All you need to do is sit and remember Me in the morning, and then I will deal with your job issues, your children issues, your marriage issues – whatever problems you have – whether societal problems, disputes, if you are stuck in a problem or a matter, or if there is a problem at home, just start this action.’

We have a lot of problems and complaints and are hasty and are in a rush. If we start doing Dhikr, then we complain the next day if our issues are not being fulfilled. We come for four or five days maximum, and then we start complaining that we have not benefitted. Shaytan will keep chipping away, slowly, slowly - until you leave it. Where is the Yaqeen, then? We should have Yaqeen in this, because Allah ta’ala has said that ‘If not today, then tomorrow; and if not tomorrow, then still it will definitely occur.’ Via this method, success will come – there is no other way apart from this. If someone else comes and tells you about another god who guarantees you this, then fine – go to him. But there is only one Allah, and there is only One who gives - it is only He who gives. It is so easy – Allah ta’ala has prescribed this for us. Maybe it will take time, but the promise will not cease or remain unfulfilled. Somehow or other, it will come. So stick to this Wazifa and keep your Yaqeen in it.

This is a principle, that when you have a Wazifa and a lesson, you have to have Istaqamat and do it continuously and steadfastly, not leaving it for one day or two days, and then thinking that you can’t do it and leaving a long gap - and then we complain. No, after today, make a pact and a promise and think ‘This word has come to me in Ramadhan, and this is the Barakah of Ramadhan. I will make a new start in life and give myself a new lease of life, and I will make a solid pact to myself that whatever I do, I will come. And whether or not there are issues and problems at home, first I will do my Dhikr, alhamdulillah, and after doing Dhikr, I will make Dua to Allah ta’ala and say ‘Oh Allah, You said Yourself that if I did Dhikr for a small time, You would be my protector. I had time, oh Allah, and I did remember You in that time, and it is You, oh Allah, who creates the ways and the means and the methods – You are the Raziq and the controller. So, oh Allah, my objective today is that You complete My affairs for me and assist me today in my issues!’ SubhanAllah, what a great point - Allah is then with you! Allah is with you – why? Because you have remembered Allah.

We make complaints to Allah, but who starts his life like this every morning? How many such people are there? Very few, very few indeed. And then we say ‘I have got problems and difficulties, and I’m not successful. My condition is very difficult and my business is not flourishing; difficulties and issues come’ – and this is because we have left that Tariqah and those principles that Allah ta’ala has explained to us. So with the Karam and mercy of Allah ta’ala, if we start this from Ramadhan, from today – what is the time? It is Asr. And what are we about to do? Dhikr of Allah – SubhanAllah. Think – think. So what did Allah subhana wa ta'ala wa ta’ala say? After Fajr and also after Asr. Do Dhikr in the morning, and the effect of that will last until Salat-ul-Asr.

Allah’s Hikmah is surrounding this, for the angels are due to change their shift at this time – remember this. The angels who have been present since Fajr time will leave, and then the next shift of angels, the night-time angels, come after Asr. The duty changes – the shift changes. So the angels leave and go to give their report to Allah ta’ala, and it will be said ‘How did you leave those people?’ The angels will say ‘Some were doing this, others were doing that, but there was one Jamat who were doing the Dhikr of Allah.’ SubhanAllah – the angels who have gone back will give that report. And the angels who are coming in will also make their initial report, saying ‘When we descended, we saw this man doing this, another man busy with that, but alhamdulillah, there were some people who we saw sitting after Asr doing Dhikr of Allah.’ SubhanAllah. So brothers, will you do Dhikr? Look at how fantastic a Wazifa this is! No Pir can tell you this, no Wali of Allah can tell you this – this Wazifa will help you automatically. But we are lazy and do not have Yaqeen about these things, and we think ‘What’s this going to do for me?’ - so we do it for a few days and then we leave it. No. One hundred percent, be sure and understand that this is a fantastic solution that Allah ta’ala has given to us. We need to make a solid routine of this in our lives.

What a great Ni’mah that Allah ta’ala has allowed to descend onto this town of Bolton, into the environment of Bolton. Allah has mentioned about how good it is to do His Dhikr – well here, a whole Jamat does Dhikr. Think for yourself. There is a Jamat that sits down here after Fajr and they remember Allah. How much mercy must come? Tell me. How far from here is Masjid Zakariyyah? Five minutes to get there from here, perhaps? Just five minutes to get there, yet it seems so difficult for us to get there. We are living in such a dangerous generation now, and the time to come will be even more severe – remember what I am saying. When Allah subhana wa ta'ala is upset with His servants, then – may Allah have mercy! It is all dependent on Allah’s mercy now. There is no solution to the conditions that we are passing through now – I am telling you the reality.

There is no medicine that can solve it – there is only one solution: Allah is unhappy, and we need to please Him. Allah gets happy very quickly; His pleasure comes very quickly – not even your mother’s mood would turn that swiftly into happiness with you, so long as we employ the right Tariqah to please Allah. We need to adopt that and implement it. If Allah is unhappy, then we cannot get success – we cannot. All the Fitnah and Fasaad comes when Allah ta’ala is displeased, so then Allah changes the system. We think that this is all due to the Dunya, and that this is why the problems are happening, and that this is why this virus has come. We think that one thing causes the other – no, no, not at all. Allah is unhappy, that is it - but we don’t accept this point. This is the method to please Allah. Allah is saying ‘This is the method by which I will become happy.’ We should seek out that clue and that hint; we should seek out this point – Wa’llahi. Allah will become happy with us so quickly, and Allah ta’ala will say ‘I am happy with you, and on top of that, I make you My beloved, My dear one!’ How long does it take? When Allah is happy, then the heart opens more and more, and Allah says ‘I have wiped everything away and you have become My beloved servant.’

Now I will explain to you. We try to set up rules and procedures and systems, thinking ‘Let’s do this – it will make Allah happy’, or ‘Let’s do that – it will make Allah happy’ – no. Allah says ‘Follow My prescription that I have given about how to make Me happy. Follow that prescription and come to Me, and then all this Corona issue is nothing! It is nothing – I will make it disappear in the wind, into the air!’ So Allah ta’ala has made the rules and principles, and tells us to follow the formula He has prescribed, and Allah ta’ala establishes the system for this.

Look, Allah enabled Dhikr to start in this town a long time ago now. The thought came to me that I had to come here from Manchester, even though I have a big Khanqah and Masjid there, and thousands of people were coming. I had been doing the work there for thirty years and didn’t need to go anywhere – big Jamats were coming, and people were becoming Muslims. Great work was happening, MashaAllah, in a big Masjid – and that place is still there. But Allah ta’ala said ‘No, wrap up your bedding and go to Bolton.’ But what connection did I have with Bolton, my brothers? I left my shop, my business, my home, and I picked up my children and brought them here. Why? Was I coming here for a job, or some other employment? Was there some job advertised here? Did I want to establish a factory to do manufacturing? I left everything there. Tell me. Everyone was saying ‘What’s going on here? What has happened to you?’ The brothers who were with me are still upset today, sitting there. They had been with me for decades, and now it was quiet for them. They sat in silence, thinking ‘He’s gone.’

And when I came here, nobody knew about Dhikr. People were upset, thinking ‘What is he doing?’ Here, they were upset, while there, they had all been happy – but this is Allah’s Hikmah and His wisdom. Read the Qur’an: when Allah wants to be happy with a certain region or locality, then Allah ta’ala takes the Khairat from the ocean. He lifts up that moisture and forms it into a cloud; Allah says ‘I have control over this.’ Then He raises the winds, and Allah sets the direction of those winds, and they blow in the direction that He ordains; and after that, the clouds go to that dry, barren land and Allah makes those clouds stop there; and then Allah makes the rain fall there and allows that dry, barren land to become moist and green with vegetation. SubhanAllah – say SubhanAllah. Allah’s mercy has come onto the people of Bolton. He likes its Masjids and its institutions, and Allah says ‘There is good work of the Deen happening here, so why don’t I give them such a good action through which generations will be looked after?’ And that is Dhikrullah, the Khanqah environment, the Islah of the Nafs, the rectification of the soul, Deen, Ikhlas, sincerity. Do you understand what I am saying?

So Allah ta’ala prepared the solution for the people. Alhamdulillah, it has been more than twenty years now that I have been here, and people have taken the benefit from the Dhikr. Ask those who have benefitted how this has benefitted generations of their people, alhamdulillah. Allah ta’ala knows best who He wants to improve. Allah ta’ala wants Walis – these have been created due to the Dhikr of Allah. Respected scholars have benefitted, from India, some who have passed away like those I mentioned last time, Hadhrat Moulana Mu’min Sahib rahmatullah alayh, Hadhrat Moulana Rashidi Sahib rahmatullah alayh – big names from among the Ulema-e-Kiram, who came here and learned Dhikr. And Hadhrat Mufti Khalid Sahib has a Khanqah there, and Dhikr is being propagated there. He used to come here before, not to Manchester, so Allah ta’ala said ‘No problem – no issue. Sometimes it happens that instead of the thirsty man going to the well, I pick up the well and bring it to him!’ So now there is benefit in India - Dhikr is happening, a Khanqah has been made, alhamdulillah, and great Ulema and respected scholars have departed the world doing Dhikr of Allah. Respected scholars came here, alhamdulillah, and learned Dhikr and then initiated Dhikr in their localities – and we are sat here silent! This is a bad thing, isn’t it? So will Allah not be unhappy?

So be steadfast and regular and consider that this is a gift from Allah. Utilize this formula in your lives that you sit down after Fajr and after Asr. Take courage and have determination – we ask a lot of things from Allah so that our day passes smoothly, so at least drive for two minutes to Masjid Zakarriyah where Dhikr is taking place after Fajr. Sit there for a few minutes, and after five minutes come back after doing Dua. Don’t think that you shouldn’t come if you can’t go for the whole duration; sit there for five minutes with this Niyyah – ‘Oh Allah, make my affairs smooth. If illness is coming, may that stop; if distress is coming, may that stop; if a problem is coming, may that problem stop. Oh Allah, my condition is changing, and poverty may be coming – may that poverty stop. This is what I have come here to ask You for. You have told me the method, and I have adopted this formula and have taken the Wasaa’il and the Asbab. I need help in the Dunya - and obviously, I also need the Akhirah, and in Your Dhikr, of course I will get Akhirah as well.’

So should we do this or not, my brothers? Yes – so don’t make complaints then. Tomorrow Allah will say ‘Why didn’t you go? I opened My Court for you, My gathering for you, and I told you the Hadith, and the Masjid was near you. I sent a person to Bolton for you, so can’t you go from one Masjid to another in that town to attain it?’ How sad! How ungrateful we are if we don’t do that. This is not my personal gain or my personal objective or my personal account. That is why I have not made a Khanqah here. There are four Khanqahs already – after Manchester, there is a Khanqah in London, in Burnley, in Bradford, and all four Khanqahs are running and there are Masjids there, alhamdulillah - they are occupied. But as for us people in Bolton - why not here? I said that I would not make one here, because then every Masjid in Bolton can become my Khanqah! If I had a Khanqah here, would I come here, brothers? Would I come to you? No. So Allah ta’ala has initiated a beautiful Sunnah here, saying ‘I sent you to the thirsty people, so you should become the well and go there. Don’t call the thirsty people to the well, rather become a well and go to the thirsty people. Go to their places and to their localities and present yourself to them. They are asleep, so awaken them. You have to go to every Masjid. Don’t call them to you.’

Brothers, how long does it take to make a Khanqah? How long? A Khanqah can come just like that. Where a Faqir sits, he never asks for charity for a Khanqah – never. Remember this. Of the four or five Khanqahs I have made, you will never have seen charity collections being made – why? Because this is Allah’s promise - Allah says ‘Wherever My servant sits on the earth, wherever My Name is mentioned and remembered, seven levels are made alive in that place.’ Experience this. Shall I make a Khanqah here? Allah’s Fadhl would come very quickly. Are you prepared for a Khanqah to be made? Are you? The Jamat is sat here. They would make it themselves, but what would happen then? Then there would be a restriction, because you would have to come there, and lazy people wouldn’t come. Allah says ‘No – I have love for My servants, so you go to their service. Go to every Masjid and ask them for time – beg them, plead with them!’ Look – Allah has given the tool to you and has also told that person, the host, to go and plead with you, saying ‘What time will you give? Okay, give us a night-time. Give us permission to do Dhikr after Isha time.’ Do we do this or not? We have to go to the people of the Masjids, to the committees; we request them and say ‘Allow us to do Dhikr here.’ What a great, unique action, that human beings sit together for just a few moments to do Dhikr. Allah ta’ala says ‘I will change your life – it will change and be transformed today!’

So we have to think ‘Why would Allah be unhappy with us and displeased?’ Why is He displeased? Allah says ‘Do you not have love for My Name?’ SubhanAllah - Allah’s Name! What a beautiful Name – there is nothing more beautiful than the Name of Allah. I will share an Ajeeb point with you, and maybe you will understand the words of the pious predecessors. One of the pious elders, when he used to read the Qur’an, his emotions used to change - passion would overwhelm him and his body would tremble. After a little while reading, his body would shake. Somebody asked him ‘Hadhrat, what is the matter? Is it the Qur’an that has this effect? When a person reads the Qur’an, it does have an effect.’ He said ‘No, it’s not that.’ They said ‘What is the issue then? Why are you shaking?’ He said ‘It will sound a bit weird if I tell you’, but they said ‘No – tell us what is happening.’ He said ‘The situation is this, that Allah’s Name penetrates into my heart, and whenever I read the Qur’an, as soon as I read it, right there and then, I shake. Passion overwhelms me.’ Allah’s Name is everywhere in the Qur’an, isn’t it? He said ‘Wherever Allah’s Name comes, whenever I see Allah’s Name, there and then I start to shake and tremble. So much love for Allah’s Name has come inside me, that I cannot bear it! When I look at Allah’s Name, it looks so beautiful to me that I cannot describe it!’ The reality becomes clear from this that when you love somebody more, then that love becomes absorbed into your heart.

Due to the Sadqah of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, may the love for Allah ta’ala come into our hearts. Dhikr of Allah is such a great action, my friends - so do Dhikr. Remember Allah and utilize this formula, and inshaAllah, you will see that a lot of ease will come to you in your life. Do this after Fajr Salah and after Asr Salah – although as a Jamat we normally do Dhikr after Isha and not after Asr. But after Asr, you can do Dhikr yourself, individually – and a better method than that is that you learn a short, concise Dhikr from me. This is also a Tariqah. A person thinks ‘What Dhikr should I do? How many Tasbeehs, how many repetitions? If you learn this Tariqah and method, which is prescribed and authentic, then what will happen? The Dhikr will be less in quantity, but better and weightier, and will have more impact because it is a prescribed Dhikr. It will be easy for you and simple for you - very easy and simple.

This Dhikr is a great and high-status Dhikr – that is why people learn this. One thing is learning knowledge yourself, and another is knowledge that you go to Dar ul-Uloom to learn – is there not a massive difference between the two? One thing is online learning, another face-to-face learning; it is one thing to learn the Qur’an yourself, and another to learn with Qari Sahib in Dar ul-Uloom, who corrects your Tajweed. Which is better? Tell me. The knowledge gained in Dar ul-Uloom is better – that is why people go there. So in the same way, it is one thing to do Dhikr yourself, and another to do an authentic, prescribed Dhikr, and the Sheikh knows what a person needs and how much he requires according to how busy he is and so on. So for this day and age, Allah ta’ala has sent Silsila Naqshbandia Mujaddidia to the world, and has made such an easy method. It is so easy that the affairs of our lives don’t have to stop – business doesn’t have to stop, our sleep isn’t disturbed, and sicknesses don’t come - and yet you get the full, complete benefit that you need, SubhanAllah. So learn that Dhikr.

I am here all the time, in this Masjid, in that Masjid, so if you can’t learn here, come to Zakariyyah Masjid. Or come to my home - I will give you tea and I will teach you Dhikr as well! SubhanAllah - I will give you first-class tea inshaAllah. I am poor, but, according to your standard, I will make Samosas and give you Samosas to eat as well - so learn Dhikr there. Will you learn Dhikr or not? But we don’t have courage and determination. So our job is to deliver the message of Allah – may Allah ta’ala bring to life that dead earth that is barren. I tell you this now – there is no greater action than Dhikrullah. The Qur’an says {وَلَذِكۡرُ ٱللَّهِ أَڪۡبَرُ}.

SubhanAllah - that’s it!
28th Apr, 2021
Assalamoalaykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh JazakAllah khair soooooo much who are putting their precious time and effort to run this unique website Subhan Allah.

May Allah Swt reward you all immensely. Ameen absolutely no words to thank you all.

It's the barakah of my beloved Hazrat jee that we are gaining the noor of Allah Swt in our hearts.

Subhan Allah

28th Apr, 2021