توبہ کا صحیح طریقہ - درس ۴۴
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12th August, 2020

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لۡنَا ٱهۡبِطُواْ مِنۡهَا جَمِيعٗاۖ فَإِمَّا يَأۡتِيَنَّكُم مِّنِّي هُدٗى فَمَن تَبِعَ هُدَايَ فَلَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا هُمۡ يَحۡزَنُونَ

Surah Baqara ayah 38

There is a similar ayah before this where Allah ta’ala subhana wa ta’ala said the same thing;

قُلۡنَا ٱهۡبِطُواْ مِنۡهَا جَمِيعٗاۖ

Allah said I ordered everyone to go down. Now here the maffasireen, the commentators have made a point that it’s possible that when Allah mentioned this the first time, it was for the order of getting them out of Jannah and sending them down to the skies. And then all the events that followed happened in the skies. Once they had made tawbah Allah ta’ala then sent them down to the world. So its possible Allah ta’ala with his Hikmah and Wisdom, allowed these events to take place in this way.

So next they were sent to the world and this was a dangerous and severe place. Allah ta’ala accepted the tawbah of Adam alayhi salam, but He didn’t send him back to Jannah. Allah didn’t return him to that abode and environment. Rather after tawbah he was still destined for the dunya. He was sent along with his children to live in the dunya. And in the dunya, Allah gave a complete environment which was totally opposite to that of Jannah. Whatever Allah showed to Adam alayhi salam in Jannah, the dunya was totally opposite to that. And on top of that that there was an enemy in full strength. And the order came that you need be successful in the world and come back to Allah with success. This was Allah’s hikmah, that he did all of this in this order.

A point arises here. Shaytan was whatever he was; he was a worshipper, an aabid and a zahid. He was knowledgeable and he had friendship with the angels and wondered around in the heavens. He had knowledge and status. He was dignified and was given an honourable status and high regard. His mistake was that he disobeyed Allah once. He didn’t come in front of Allah in a stubborn way, rather he went against an instruction. And this was his mistake. One case of disobedience and look how big the punishment was. Allah ta’ala eliminated everything. He was made wretched and all his worship was eliminated. He was made to be totally different. He was expelled and shunned due to that one act of disobedience.

But with regards to Adam alayhi salam, how many mistakes did he make? What did he do? It was just an error that he made. He (alayhi salam) had been given the crown of khilaafat and Jannah was decorated for him. The angels did sujood to him (alayhi salam) and Allah ta’ala blew the ruh into him. He was very close to Allah and had a high maqaam. Allah ta’ala loved him (alayhi salam) and was proud of him. He (alayhi salam) made just a little mistake, an error, an oversight. And look at the punishment that Allah gave. We have learnt and discussed how much punishment Allah gave and it was a big punishment. Allah ta’ala sent him down from paradise into the world. He (alayhi salam) and his children were sent down due to this one error, which you could say was an act of forgetfulness.

So on one side we have shaytan and his consequence. And on the other we have Adam alayhi salam and his consequence. One was an act of disobedience and one was a mistake. And ta’ala sent shaytan to the dunya, and sent Adam alayhi salam to the dunya along with his children. So what is the huqm in these situations. Allah says; oh children of Adam alayhi salam, if you sin so many times, that the gap between the heaven and the earth fills up with your sins, even then I will forgive you. SubhanAllah, look how compassionate Allah is with insaan. Shaytan, iblees disobeyed his Lord and Master. He said; oh Allah I swear by your honour and your jalaal, as long as I am around and I have power and energy, I will deviate them and I will take them off the tracks. And Allah ta’ala replied; I also swear by My honour and My jalaal as long as they ask me for forgiveness and continue to ask me for forgiveness, I will forgive them. This is insaan, this is the human being and his connection with Allah. Yet shaytan who had a high status and ibaadah; look what happened to him.

Insaan, human beings, have a great opportunity. Allah has given us great opportunities and chances. The Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said; I swear by Allah in whose hand is my life, if you commit so many sins that the gap between the heaven and the earth fills-up, even then if you ask Allah for magfirah, Allah ta’ala will forgive all of your sins. This an ajeeb and unique statement. That I swear by Allah in whose hands is the life of Muhammad sallalahu alayhi wa salam that if you don’t make a mistake and you don’t sin, Allah ta’ala will create such a nation that will sin, then ask Allah for magfirah and then Allah will forgive them. SubhanAllah, whoever asks Allah for forgiveness, Allah ta’ala forgives that person and overlooks his mistakes. Allah ta’ala gives us such beautiful opportunities. With one mistake Adam alayhi salam got such a big punishment. But with regards to magfirah; when a person commits a sin, and after sinning he asks Allah for tawbah and forgiveness, then even if he commits that sin seventy times over Allah will forgive him.

SubhanAllah, there are many hadeeth with regards to magfirah and forgiveness. Allah ta’ala has given us various kalima’s, verses and recitation for magfirah. If a person turns to Allah for forgiveness with these, then Allah ta’ala will forgive all of his sins. there is an ajeeb kalima Allah has given;

If we recite this 3 times when sleeping then Allah ta’ala will forgive all our sins. SubhanAllah. If we just recite astagfaar internally, and Allah gives us this habit, then Allah will forgive all our wrongdoings.

This is a beautiful kalima to say from the tongue.

أَسْـتَـغْـفِـرُ اللهَ وَ أَ تُـوبُ إِ لَـْيهِ

This is a great statement. These are kalima’s that Allah has given to us and we just have to say recite these. Yet Adam alayhi salam was given tawbah after such a long examination.

سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

this is a tasbeeh. Astagfirulla hilazee wa atooboo ilayhi. This is a tasbeeh.

It is stated in hadeeth that the person who recites certain kalima’s, these are so blessed verses that they are attached to the arsh (the blesses throne). If a person sins after that, then those sins cannot wipe away these kalima’s and they will remain hanging. When the day of judgement will come these kalima’s will be presented on behalf of that person, subhanAllah.

There is one great kalima that is called the sayyidul istighfaar. If a person recites this in the morning, all the sins until the evening are forgiven. And if a person recites in the evening all the sins until the morning are forgiven;

اللّٰهُمَّ أَنْتَ رَبِّي، لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا أَنْتَ، خَلَقْتَنِيْ

Allah ta’ala gave us these verses for us to recite. But we must also understand this point; that Allah’s nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam said that when we do tawbah, then we should be careful that we have regret, remorse and shame just like Hazrat Adam alayhi salam. These are the steps of tawbah. There should be an intention to leave the sins and the sins should be left immediately. And there should be a promise not to repeat these sins again. These are the conditions. Allah’s Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam said that we can do astagfaar 70 times, but we should have the regret and the acceptance of these sins. When we ask for forgiveness in our dua then these points should be in our minds. When we make tawbah and repent with these kalima’s then Allah ta’ala forgives the error. Allah ta’ala has given us so many tests and challenges in this dunya, but subhanAllah, the doors of forgiveness are open too.

These small kalima’s are useful for us in the world, but the real method of tawbah is proven from the Quran. It is essential for a person to do tawbah like this during his life in the way that the Quran has told us. Allah has given us a complete verse with the tareeqah to do tawbah. SubhanAllah, this is a very special way to do tawbah after which a person starts his journey towards Allah subhana wa ta’ala. Allah ta’ala gives an order in surah mumtahina. Allah says;

يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّبِيُّ إِذَا جَآءَكَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنَٰتُ

Surah Al Mumtahanah ayah 12

Here the verse is directed towards the womanfolk because it is necessary for the womenfolk to do tawbah like this. But the menfolk are also included because this is a general application.

يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّبِيُّ إِذَا جَآءَكَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنَٰتُ

When the believing women come to you. For what reason? For the sake of asking forgiveness. In other words this is a tariqa that the quran has prescribed. This is the one method for women and men. This is the real tareeqa and method for doing tawbah. The Quran ordered Nabi karim sallallahu alayhi wa salam who was present and alive at that time. And after this, this Silsila continued via the mashaikh and we already know this. In the field of fiqh we have the knowledge of Quran and hadeeth, and this all started and emanated from the Holy Prophet sallalahu alayhi wa salam. After Rasulullah sallalahu alayhi wa salam passed away the Aalims continued the work of knowledge. These were the muhaditheen and the mufasirreen. In the same way with regards to tawbah and repentance, this knowledge is connected to tazkiya, reformation and rectification. Refining a person and improving his character. Tawbah and repentance is part of tazkiya and tasfiya, and this is also a branch of the deen. After the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam came the shayook and the mushaikh. They are the teachers who continued this teaching. The shaikhs are the teachers of tazkiya. They work on the baatin, the inner state of a person and his spiritual improvement. So after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam who will come? The friends of Allah, the awliya Allah. A man or woman will approach the shaikh in the same way just like Allah guided in the quran;

يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّبِيُّ إِذَا جَآءَكَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنَٰتُ يُبَايِعۡنَكَ

Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam if they come to you and take the oath of allegiance. In the same way we should go to a shaikh and say I want to do tawbah. How should we do tawbah? The method has been explained. Allah has explained this in the verse;

يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّبِيُّ إِذَا جَآءَكَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنَٰتُ يُبَايِعۡنَكَ عَلَىٰٓ أَن لَّا يُشۡرِكۡنَ بِٱللَّهِ شَيۡ‍ٔٗا وَلَا يَسۡرِقۡنَ وَلَا يَزۡنِينَ وَلَا يَقۡتُلۡنَ أَوۡلَٰدَهُنَّ وَلَا يَأۡتِينَ بِبُهۡتَٰنٖ يَفۡتَرِينَهُۥ بَيۡنَ أَيۡدِيهِنَّ وَأَرۡجُلِهِنَّ وَلَا يَعۡصِينَكَ فِي مَعۡرُوفٖ فَبَايِعۡهُنَّ وَٱسۡتَغۡفِرۡ لَهُنَّ ٱللَّهَۚ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ غَفُورٞ رَّحِيمٞ

Surah Al Mumtahanah ayah 12

When a person goes to shaikh for the purpose of bayah and pledging the oath of allegiance, then this is not a game. It is not some silly action. This is tawbah, and in fact the life of a person starts from taking bayah. We make claims that we are bayah with this shaikh or that shaikh. Bayah is a serious pact and a serious action. When you take the pledge of allegiance with the shaikh then promises are made. You promise you won’t commit shirk, you won’t steal, you won’t commit crimes. You promise you won’t listen to songs and dancing and immodesty and nakedness. There is a long list and you have to promise these things. Make an oath to the teacher that you won’t leave the salah, you won’t leave pardah, you won’t commit sins, you won’t steal, lie and commit fraud. You won’t be bad in your akhlaaq. The whole list of promises and this is called bayah, and this is called taking allegiance with the teacher. This is the real tawbah and this is the genuine tawbah. Allah ta’ala has mentioned this in this verse. SubhanAllah.

The shaikh says you need to do this and the students says yes I accept. This is called tawbah. So those people who have done tawbah and taken bayah listen carefully. Womenfolk and menfolk listen carefully. This is the bayah that you did, and if your bayah is maintained then in the hereafter Allah ta’ala will open the doors of paradise for you. This is the reward for a person who does bayah like this and goes to the shaikh with the right niyaah (intention).

We should remember the promises we made with our shaikh. We will observe pardah and we won’t lie. We won’t commit fraud. We will have peace at home and the children will be brought up properly and Islamically. If we make mistakes, we will ask for Allah’s forgiveness straight away. We will pray salah punctually and we will save ourselves from shirk and bidah. We won’t go to wrong gatherings and wrong shariah weddings, and we won’t go to functions and parties. Whoever has left these sins, there is a great reward for adhering to this. But on the other hand there is also a great punishment if we continue with these sins. So we must do astagfaar and tawbah and turn back to the right path. The Quran is telling us this and what a great reward a person gets when he does tawbah like this. When a person says Allah I have done tawbah Then Allah replies, subhanAllah,


Then oh Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam accept their allegiance, and once you have accepted their allegiance then look at the great reward;

وَٱسۡتَغۡفِرۡ لَهُنَّ ٱللَّهَۚ

SubhanAllah, Allah’s Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa salam was told by Allah that once you accept their allegiance, their bayah, then raise your blessed hands and do dua for them and ask Allah to forgive them. What a great reward. Allah says; my mehboob sallallahu alayhi wa salam now raise your hands and do dua for them and ask for forgiveness. Likewise, today the shaikh does the same thing and continues this sunnah when a man or a woman does tawbah at his hands. In Madinah munawarra the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam would raise his hands and likewise the shaikh will raise his hands. A person will come to the shaikh and say Hazrat please accept my bayah and then he makes the promises. As soon as he makes tawbah and then takes bayah, immediately the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam will raise his hands and make dua for that person. Those people who have already done bayah, its so shameful that the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wa salam would have done dua for them and still they continue to sin and make a U-turn. They don’t do pardah, they continue sins, immodesty and shameful actions. Imagine the ahzaab that they are embroiled in, that they leave salah after doing bayah. My brothers after reading this verse today, Alhumdulillah, we still have an opportunity, and with our honest hearts and sincerity we should do tawbah again in the presence of Allah. Our repentance will be revived. Pray two nafl salah and promise that ya Allah the promises that I made I will not break them again. Please do not take away the rewards from me. We should be extremely ashamed that the Nabi of Allah raised his hands for us (sallallahu alayhi wa salam) and we committed crimes and sinned again. How sad and how bad. It’s a big ahzaab and punishment, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam raised his hands and made dua for a person, and after he committed acts of immodesty again and sinned again. So lets not make this a game that we go to a shaikh and we take bayah, and then after we make it again, and we play games with our lives.

And then Allah says further,

إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ غَفُورٞ رَّحِيمٞ

This woman or man has come to take bayah and take allegiance. The shaikh makes dua for the person, and then the Holy Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam makes dua. Allah then says; I am Allah, I am your Lord. I am Allah and I am the controller. Lo Allah is gafoor.

Tawbah is so important for every man and every woman. This method of tawbah has been revealed in the Quran. How can people say this is bidah and innovation when the Quran is prescribing this method that this is laazim. I have recited this whole verse to you. This ayah is prescribing this method. We haven’t taken this method out from nowhere and said let’s do tawbah like this. The Quran has prescribed the genuine method where the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wa salam raised his hands. Allah says whatever crimes you committed, sins you committed and shameful acts you did. Allah says end it,

إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ غَفُورٞ رَّحِيمٞ

Look at what Allah does now. Allah says I am gafoor and I will wipe away all of your sins. Nothing is difficult for Allah. Even if you have a mountain of sins. I have told you a hadeeth that Allah ta’ala wipes away and removes all the sins if a person genuinely does tawbah.

We have wasted our lives. We did tawbah at the hands of a shaikh and then we made it a game and a mockery. Are we not going to die? How much life is left and how long are we going to live? Think about it. Some women and men are 30 years old and some are 40 years old. Many people have done bayah like this by going to a teacher and making tawbah. How much of a game we have made from this? Will Allah leave that person? No Allah will grab that person! Allah is giving us a chance and an opportunity. Allah ta’ala will definitely take account of the sins. So we need to do tawbah of our mistakes and errors, and have regret that Allah I made a severe mistake so please give me another chance and make this an opportunity for forgiveness. Ya Allah I made this all a game and a mockery, and was jesting on small things, doing sins and going back to my old ways. Those people who did bayah, they are listening to music and have songs in their homes. There is immodesty and shameful acts going on. For the sake of Allah understand what your life is about. Why do you not understand what your life is about? Allah has given us a promise. Allah says inallaha gafoor rurhaeem. Allah forgives all the sins after bayah. This is Alah’s rahmah. Allah says I am gafoor, subhanAllah. Allah says I am merciful and forgiving. The sins that you committed in your life and the places where you committed these sins on the earth. The seas oceans and the skies - we commit sins in so many places and even in Madinah and in Makkah - In all these places wherever you have sinned, Allah says to all of the lands, amass them sins. Allah collects all those sins and says look at my rahmat and my mercy. Allah announces that wherever these sins were committed, eliminate those places, nothing should be present as a witness against this person. This is the return for taking bayah at the hands of a friend of Allah.

يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّبِيُّ إِذَا جَآءَكَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنَٰتُ يُبَايِعۡنَكَ

Oh My messenger if my believing men and women come to you, and if you are not present, then when they go to a shaikh, then give them bayah in this way. This is your function, and this is your objective. Their function of life is to enable a person to do tawbah. Not that they take this as a joke, cut their beards and play games. Look at the people who took bayah and their immodest actions. With my eyes I have seen this. They have no care that they have done tawbah at the hands of a friend of Allah. Will we be saved? Will it not be that Allah grabs us? Here we may get away with it, but in the hereafter there will be big punishment. You take bayah and then sin, and shaytan plays tricks with you and you commit kuffar. You are playing games with a wali of Allah? You made a promise to Allah via the shaikh and then you go back to your old ways. Faces have changed and imaamah’s have come off. Libaas has come off and we are back to our old ways. Sometimes you come and sometimes you leave. And you wonder why you have problems and worries. Well wait and see the problems that will come.

Today if you ask for true repentance and forgiveness then Allah is gafoor rur Raheem. So many hadeeth that I have given to you. If you have done bayah in this way, then subhanAllah the great maqam and status in Jannah will be attained. So Allah says I am Raheem and Merciful. All of the sins that you committed before, Allah collects them. Allah announces that there shall be no more witnesses from wherever you sinned on the earth. For example, if you sinned on the pavement, then that pavement becomes a witness. If you are standing on some earth and you look at a woman, then that earth will be witness that you looked at that woman. And if a woman looks at a man, the ground will testify. So we must all do tawbah. My brothers and my sisters, all of us need to do tawbah. Otherwise such a big azaab will come on our heads. Allah will accept your tawbah but if you make it a joke and jest and make a mockery, then the azaab will come to you after your bayah. Its not a joke to take bayah with a shaikh because this is the verse of the Quran. Make a promise and stick to your promise. If you stick to your promise and you are steadfast and do tawbah then Allah says I am gafoor, I will forgive all your sins. I am Raheem and I will collect all your sins. Allah has Rahmah and Mercy. This is called gafoor rur Raheem.

As for those people who continue sinning and keep saying ‘Allah is gafoor rur Raheem.’ Look; here Allah is saying that he is gafoor rur Raheem but first take bayah and do all these actions. Leave the sins, make promises, do amal, practise, then Allah says I am gafoor rur Raheem.

This is such a big learning and a proof. This is a slander to Allah, that a person says that all I am forgiven. I have been to the Rowdha Mubarak. I am rich and wealthy and have Allahs nazar and karam and mercy. Allah has called me here. The Nabi of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam has called me here. Jusy imagine. Sinful people, immodest people, shameful people, imagine their words. A person is openly sinning and committing crimes and then saying; I am fine don’t tell me.

Allah says;

إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ غَفُورٞ رَّحِيمٞ

Here I am forgiving after you do all of these things first, then and I will forgive your sins, and this is my Rahmah. I will wipe the sins from your body and all the places that witnessed your sin I will wipe them away. I will accumulate your sins and then I will say to the angels, look what your Rabb and your Sustainer is about to do. All the sins that you committed, zinah, stealing, crimes and alcohol, all of these I will transfer them into deeds and include then in your book of deeds.

SubhanAllah this is the first step of tazkiya when you want to reform yourself. When you say you want to be pious and a human being. The sister says she wants to become pious. The brother says he wants to become pious. The first action is to take bayah. The first action is to seek the friend of Allah, the shaikh. Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam is not here anymore is he? So you have to find the teacher. To do tawbah where do we need to go? Because Allah’s sunnah has continued. The sunnah of bayah. You need to find the shaikh. The first step is to pray 2 rakah nafl salah and say Allah please guide me to your friend so via him I can do tawbah. Just like you prescribed in the Quran I need to go to the shaikh and ask for your forgiveness via the shaikh. When you give your hand to the shaikh this is the hukm of the Quran. This is not some innovation. This is the verse of the Quran. The pious predecessors, the most pious ulema what do they call this; tazkiya and tasfiya. This is a branch of the deen!

Hazrat Shah Abdul Haq Muhadith Delwi rahmatullah alayhi. Hazrat Shah Wali Allah delwi rahmatullah alayhi. Great scholars! Hazrat Shah Abdul Azeez delwi rahmatullah alayhi . A great family and a great dynasty. I am telling you their names. They are great personalities. Shah Wali Allah rahmatullah allayi, in his kitab in shafi-ul-aleem, has written a whole baab, chapter, book, volume on this subject. Hazrat Qaazi Thana'Ullah Pani Patti rahmatullah alayhi was a great scholar and mufassir of the Quran. He was a commentator on the tafseer of the Quran. He states that tazkiya, reformation, purification of the baatin, purification of the soul is fardh (compulsory). The Quran is instructing this in the verse. It is fardh and it is not an option. It is waajib to find a shaikh and to take bayah with a shaikh is sunnah. Hazrat Hakeemul ummat rahmatullah alayhi said this is fardhain, compulsory upon every individual muslim. Yet we say it is bidah and innovation? How can it be innovation?

So for this you need to find a shaikh, sit in his company, make the connection and do tawbah at his hands. Now with regards to the shaikh, you need to look at who the shaikh should be. Not necessarily a person who says he is a inheritor of the lineage and the order of the shaikhs. He is famous, people run after him and he has a big lengthy title. He is a muhadith and an alim. This is not the criteria. We are talking about ilm-ul-baatin. The Quran has revealed this. Hazrat Musa alayhi salam was sent to Hazrat Kizra alayhi salam, to go and learn ilm from him. There is no condition that you must find a shaikh who is a muhadith and scholar, a faqi of hadith, a jurist, or an alim. There is no pre-condition in a shaikh. What type of shaikh do we need? SubhanAllah, we have been told the signs from the sunnah. Allahu akbar. Hazrat Abdul Qadir Gilani rahmatullah alayhi said that I found a shaikh who had the Quran in his hand and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallalahu alayhi wa salam. His life is passing through the Quran, Shariah and the Sunnah. He is itibahe sunnah, he implements the sunnah, and this is the sign of the friend of Allah. This is the sign of a Shaikh, subhanAllah? How do we know and recognise the deputy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam that we should go to him and take bayah? The signs of the shaikh and the wali Allah, subhanAllah. The scholars and the muhaditheen, who I have given the names to you, they say there is one sign; that when you see a wali of Allah you will remember Allah. When you sit in his company the love of the dunya will end. Allah’s love will take over, and you will start to implement the sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. All shaytanee and negative thoughts will start to diminish and reduce inside you. When you sit in the company of the Shaikh your knowledge will increase. When you leave his company, you will have the desire and the passion to leave sins. You will listen to his words and your knowledge will increase. When you make a mistake, you will feel shame and remorse from your sin. When you have these feelings, emotions, and experiences in the company of a teacher, and you see all these signs, then this is the kaamil shaikh! Don’t delay and hasten to that teacher. Present yourself and say Hazrat, respected honorable teacher please accept my bayah, whatever order and instruction you have I will accept.

When a person takes bayah then Allah ta’ala will gives him all these rewards. There are 4 schools of tasawwuf; Qadriya, Chishtiya, Naqshbandiya and Suhuwardia. The 4 biggest schools of tasawwuf. These schools are named after great pious predecessors who passed in the history of tasawwuf. It is fardain upon every muslim to do tazkiya and take bayah at the hands of a shaikh. So this is a point about tawbah and the method of doing tawbah, the point arose and I have explained everything.

I will go back to the point that we were discussing. I will go back to that point now so please listen. It was due to a little oversight and error that Allah ta’ala sent Adam alayhi salam down from heaven to earth and shaytan was also thrown down. The wretched shaytan and cursed shaytan. But our situation is different to that. The more we sin, Allah gives us opportunities. Why is this the case? Shaytan disobeyed, and was thrown down to the earth. Yet we do many sins and we have many opportunities to make tawbah. This is a big point so listen to this carefully. May Allah give us the opportunity to understand this point. What is the reason for this difference? What is the reason? Look, Hazrat Adam alayhi salam and shaytan, they were in different realm, a different kingdom. They were in aalimul mushaahida where there was real experience. They saw Jannah, they heard the voices of paradise, they saw the angels and with their eyes they could see everything. They were in the realm of experience, and it was physical and visible. Allah was kareeb and nothing was hidden. They were in the abode of Jannah and everything was close to them. They could see all the luxuries and they were in aalimul mushaahida. In the realm of experience, they could see everything, hear everything and nothing was hidden. And this is the point to understand. In that place they made the mistake. But we human beings, where are we living,? We are living behind a veil. Everything is behind the veil. We haven’t seen anything. We haven’t seen paradise and we haven’t seen hell. We haven’t seen the angels. We haven’t seen anything. We know about the azaab of the qabr, but we haven’t seen it? We haven’t seen the palaces of paradise. Have we seen the hoors of paradise? Have we seen anything about the hereafter? No, so what are we established upon? We are behind the veil. Behind the curtain. There is a barrier. They were in the kingdom of visibility and they could see. But we can’t see. There is a big difference between the two. Allah is explaining this, and Allah is demonstrating this point. This is the delicate point that we need to understand. They had seen everything in paradise. But in the dunya where we are living it is different. They were in the kingdom of visibility. We are behind the veil and everything is in hidden and we can’t see. So there is a difference between the 2 sins. When a person sins where he can’t see and he doesn’t know, then obviously there is a difference. On the other side there is a person who has seen everything and experienced everything. Here in this world we have shaytan and nafs and the attractions of the world and evil forces. But there, there was nothing. That’s the difference, that is the big difference. That Allah ta’ala gave them such great rewards. They were living in the world of experience and they knew everything and saw everything. So their one error had a very great magnitude. A small error will be considered as a massive massive disaster. Here we can’t see the paradise, we can’t see the hereafter. We are behind the veil and behind the curtain. We are in hiding. Allah has given us the way out; to ask for forgiveness, once, twice, so many times.

So this is the difference that they were punished and expelled, and here the point arises and comes out. What is the lesson that we get? What do we learn from this my brothers? In the dunya there are different levels of people. Just like I told you about ilm-ul-baatin, the knowledge of the baatin, the inner state. There is the first person who has no amal and no knowledge and he doesn’t even try to learn, he doesn’t even try to learn the knowledge. So with such a person Allah ta’ala’s treatment will be different. He will make mistakes and he won’t even have any feeling about his sins and carry on. Then there is the second person who Allah has given some understanding. He will be higher in status, closer to Allah and in a different situation. Its easier for him because Allah has given him understanding and knowledge and has favoured him. Then the third group is that insaan who Allah ta’ala has given a life of experience, mushaaida, tazkiya and purification. With this person Allah’s treatment will be different. A different treatment. His consequence will be totally different and unique.

We are in that third group. We are learning tazkiya and learning that uloom that will take us into the life of mushaaidaat. We have started tazkiya, purification of the heart and are sitting with the Shaikh. The asbaaq and lessons are not minor lessons. All the asbaaq, the lessons and teachings that the shaikh gives to the student, these are such lessons that when a person practices them, he gets to the kingdom of experience. In the sililsa Naqshandia and in tassawuf, all the asbaaq take a person on a journey. The student is on a journey. For example lateefa qalb, lesson number 1; when you do this zikr you are on a journey and you get to that maqaam, that rank and that station. Yes, you arrive to that station that is attached to that nabi. Then you get to lesson number 2 and then you go beyond that. So the more you do zikr and you increase in asbaaq, the lessons are higher in maqaam and higher in status and rank. This is all based on Allah’s hikmah and wisdom. It’s not about seeing with your eyes. This is not the condition. Your shaikh gives you a maqaam and you follow that method. Your must have connection with the shaikh in terms of the 4 things; love for the shaikh, aqeedah, kidmat and service, and obedience. You must have these 4 connections with the shaikh. Then your rabtah shaikh will be strong and your connection with the shaikh will be strong. The path that the shaikh has prescribed to you, you are taking those asbaab and implementing them. You are on that journey whether you see it or not. You are on that maqaam, and you are on that level, and this is tassawuf.

So then you have come into the world of experience. So many people have got asbaaq but they haven’t got aqal and understanding and they are wasting the opportunity. How can a person make a mistake when he is on the path of tasawwuf? He has got 13 lessons or 14 lessons. Even if a person is on the 1st lesson which is lateefa qalb, the zikr of the heart. He is better than millions and billions of people who don’t have this lesson, and who don’t know what lateefa qalb is and don’t have an attachment with a teacher. That person who has lesson number one is better than millions of muslims. It doesn’t matter if they have ilm and knowledge but if you are on the journey of tasawwuf, you have taken that step and gone onto the path of tasawwuf, which is Sunnah. You have the knowledge of the realm of experience. If a great alim or scholar doesn’t have the knowledge of the baatin and doesn’t have connection with a shaikh, then his knowledge is limited and theoretical. But if he attains the knowledge of the baatin, the inner state, then noor ala noor, there will be light upon light from his ilm. So we need to implement these principles that I have communicated. SubhanAllah.

So this is the realm of experience. The aalimul mushaaidaat has no comparison. You cannot compare the two. Allah ta’ala gave the example of Hazrat Adam alayhi salam where he erred, but we can’t compare the 2. Allah gave the forgiveness to Adam alayhi salam but not to shaytan. And we have more opportunities and chances. We have the opportunity to do tazkiya and we are progressing through the asbaak. We should not compare ourselves to the sinful person who consumes the wealth of others. Who earns money through unlawful means and commits crimes and sins etc. Allah has given us a high status and a high maqaam. We are doing good actions and we are comparing ourselves to a sinner? Just like we say oh there is a difference between Hazrat Adam alayhi salam and shaytan. No, there is a big warning here. We must be aware that those people who are living in the realm of experience, will get the punishment just like Adam alayhi salam was given due to the error that he made. If we make a mistake despite knowing the reality, there will be a severe punishment. If you get the asbaaq and lessons from the shaikh, then don’t compare yourself to normal men and women in the world saying oh they don’t observe pardah, so I don’t need to either. He has a TV so I can keep one as well. Janaab the difference between you and this person is like the heaven and the earth. This is like the example in the Quran. Hazrat Adam alayhi salam made a small error but look at the consequence where he was taken out of paradise We must compare in the same way as with Adam alayhi salam and shaytan. When the experiences start you are on the journey of salook. You have the recognition of Jannah and your yaqeen increases due to tazkiya. Then you shouldn’t compare yourself to those people who don’t have this path. Don’t compare yourself to those people who don’t have amal and aren’t on the deen. Who haven’t got tazkiya. There is a big difference between the two. The lesson that the Quran is giving today is

قُلۡنَا ٱهۡبِطُواْ

SubhanAllah, we need to understand this very important point. Every person on the path of tasawwuf is a student, and if he makes a mistake the punishment will be more severe. Spend your life properly. Even if you have to go hungry, don’t go towards haram and sin. Don’t say; oh its ok I am bayah so I will be forgiven because I do so much zikr. This is not the objective of bayah. I have just read the quran verse to you about bayah. Allah ta’ala gives a great rank to the person who gives his hand in bayah to the shaikh. But don’t take it for granted and don’t abuse it. Allahu akbar

قُلۡنَا ٱهۡبِطُواْ مِنۡهَا جَمِيعٗاۖ فَإِمَّا يَأۡتِيَنَّكُم مِّنِّي هُدٗى فَمَن تَبِعَ هُدَايَ فَلَا خَوۡفٌ عَلَيۡهِمۡ وَلَا هُمۡ يَحۡزَنُونَ

Allah says the dunya Is a challenging place. There are some very valuable words in this verse. This is a lengthy subject so I will conclude it for today. We discussed a lot of points on tasawwuf. May Allah give us tawfeeq to do amal on all of these points and inshAllah next time we will discuss this verse and discuss the points. If I continue explaining this ayah, I am sure we will run out of time and I don’t want to go through these points in a rush. Allah ta’ala has given us points that we need to do amal on, and I will miss them if I rush. So I will complete this verse in the next dars. May Allah give us tawfeeq to do amal on whatever was discussed.

Todays main subject matter was tazkiya and tasfiya, purification and rectification. Allah ta’ala has given men and women the great nehmah of pledging allegiance. To do tawbah and to go on this journey of sulook is a great nahmah and a great gift. We looked at the ayah of the Quran about bayah and its meanings. We understood the maqamaat and the status. You have done tazkiya and tasfiya and you are going on this path. Do not be ungrateful and take a u-turn and shun it. Don’t compare yourself with those people who are not on this journey and haven’t understood this practise. This message is to every sister and brother who has taken bayah and who Is listening. I am not talking about myself; I am just a representative. I am not the teacher, in fact where is the source? In the Quran that I have just recited in front of you, Allah Ta’ala is referring to the Prophet sallalahu alayhi wa salam;

يَٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلنَّبِيُّ إِذَا جَآءَكَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنَٰتُ

So this has come from Madinatul Munawarah and started from there. I am just fulfilling the objective with the instruction and order of my shaikh. It’s a great action if you go to a shaikh and take bayan at his hands. Life is but only a few days and your eyes will open in the hereafter. Today you will live a tough life, but tomorrow your eyes will open, and you will say; Allah! What a chance I wasted! I had the chance to take bayah with a shaikh in the world. So if women and men want to take bayah, they must understand that it is a serious path and a genuine path. If someone wants to take bayah, yes of course he can but he must ask himself is he serious? Does he want to implement the principles or is he just taking bayah for culture or tradition? Does he want to leave the sins? Why are you telling your cousins and your relatives to take bayah? People come to me and say can you give bayah to my brother or my relative. Ok I will do that, but will you implement the rights, because if you don’t there will be double azaab an double punishment. Tawbah is no minor action. It is because of tawbah that we are in this world today. Did shaytan get this opportunity to do tawbah? Did he get a second chance? Look at what a great favour this is on us. This is a sadaqa of Allah’s beloved Sallallahu alayhi wa salam, due to which we can do tawbah time and time again. So we should recognise this and be aware and grateful of this. We should be grateful of doing tawbah time and time again.

Your status will increase in every gathering of zikr, yet people say; oh I couldn’t make it in the morning or the evening. Tomorrow your eyes will close, and you will pass away. You can laugh at what I am saying. I am just reminding you, and I will keep on saying and keep on reminding you. InshAllah I won’t get tired. InshAllah Allah won’t allow me to tire. As long as I have the yaqeen and Allah ta’ala gives me energy and power, I will continue to remind you and give you this message and communication. I make dua that Allah gives tawfeeq to the people who are listening. How many people have missed the zikr in the morning and there are woman and children who don’t sit in the halaqa in the evening. This is a massive loss in your lives. For the sake of pounds you leave the majaalis. You have the connection in a big Silsila. Such big mashaaikh are present in the majaalis. Hadhrat Mujaddid Alf thani is in this Silsila and you have a connection with him. He is your spiritual father. Can you imagine his rank and his status? No-one can imagine it in this world. Yet we are so ungrateful that we leave the gatherings. Do you think Allah will leave us? Allah won’t punish those in the world who don’t pray salah, who eat and drink and have music and dancing and jump up and down. Is ahzaab coming down on their heads? No, Allah is letting them carry on. In their homes there are shameful instruments but is ahzaab coming down on their heads? No. Because Allah is testing them in this dunya. Just wait a few days until the eyes close, and see how Allah grabs. Allah says;

وَٱمۡتَٰزُواْ ٱلۡيَوۡمَ أَيُّهَا ٱلۡمُجۡرِمُونَ

Surah Yasin ayah 59

Allah says put them to the side. You ran away in the dunya, but this is not the dunya now. Now you can’t hide. Stand to the side. When the announcement will be made at that time, what will we do then? Will we be let off? Will we run away into the cracks then? Allah forbid, if we are expelled from the Silsila then where will you go then? Where will you go then in the dry desert world. Be grateful, be grateful, May Allah ta’ala give us all the understanding and ability

و آخر دعوانا ان الحمدﷲ رب العالمین
4th Oct, 2020
Ya Allah, forgive me and everyone who wants to repent to you and get back to you sincerely for Your sake and nothing else.. Forgive us ya mere kareem rabb.. آمین ثم آمین ??
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Allah pak hazratko jaza khair ata karay Zikar ki Mahfil say dillni Barta Bohat payare Mehfil hoti ha allah pak Hazarat ki Mehnat ko qabool Farmay Ameen

13th Aug, 2020

I am really enjoying the dars on the story of Aadam as. And how everytime Hadhrat Sahib have a unique lesson from this story. Never Understood it better. Alhamdulilah ♥️
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Ya Allah grant me Ikhlas and a strong connection with Hazrat Sahib and this Silsila

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