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English Bayan, 31 mins
3rd April, 2017

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Allah has given us a plethora of amaal, not just faraaidh. We are all more than capable to do them all, but shaitaan makes them feel hard. Best action is taubah, but shaitaan stops us, saying how will we then follow deen, but realise that Allah will help you. Hajj? Don't worry on money, passport etc. Make intention, Allah will help.

Story of sister who saved little money for hajj, passed away, but Allah still allowed her to do Hajj.

Rasoolullah (saws) told story of poor man from previous generation that wanted to make business, had no money, but Allah gave via loan from rich man who was stranger, making Allah as witness. After some time, needed to pay money, didn't have boat for river, just put it in river with tawakkul, and Allah made rich man find it!

If no action after intention, not real intention. Have to make effort. That's why, for taubah, some people's sheets have all ticks, and some many crosses - can't leave sin. We should review and renew promises we made at time of bayat, otherwise rise as thieves on judgement day - doing fraud with Allah. Do taubah, have courage. If feel weak, turn to Allah to help you.

ASIDE - love of Sheikh is sign of love of Allah

6th Apr, 2017