What is Taqwa?
English Bayan, 47 mins
21st March, 2017

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Taqwa, which Allah always links with Iman in the Quran, has much depth of meaning


Most of the Ummah, despite having Iman, openly and easily reject the deen. To them, Allah says have kauf = fear, fear of punishment, such as those shown to Rasoolullah (saws) during miraj.

No salaah (most deserving of Azaab - in families today, either father, mother or kids not doing salaah). Immodesty. Women will be burned naked. Today kids openly sin in front of parents - salaah, Immodesty, libaas etc. Parents will burn with them. Today, immodest women elevated, and modest ones criticised. Stomaches ripped open. Interest. Drink blood and flesh. Backbiting


For the other part of the Ummah, who are striving to follow deen, Allah says have caution. If man looks after another man, cares for him and his family through thick and thin, the latter will have great respect and love for the former. Same with Allah. And, despite this care, if you disobey, you'll feel ashamed, do taubah.

Be grateful that Allah saved you from sins mentioned on miraj. First from fear, then from shame and remorse due to respect/esteem and love of Allah. Soft hearted, ask people for forgiveness due to not wanting Allah's displeasure. We sacrifice for our friends, such as picking them up from airport late in night, so that they stay happy with us - so we should do same for Allah. So, by Dhikr and sohbat, you are on this path.

Someone asked, Quran, or Dhikr? Do what heart inclines to, like you do with food. Don't make contest - tricks of shaitaan. For those inclined to dhikr, schedule it in.
28th Mar, 2017