Advice of Ayah-ul-Kursi
English Bayan, 40 mins
11th March, 2017

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Ubayy bin Ka'ab (RA)

14th Mar, 2017
When Rasoolullah (saws) asked Obaid ibn Kaab (ra), what is the greatest verse of Quran, he replied Ayat-ul Kursi. Rasoolullah (saws) then said this Ayat stays close to Arsh amd has lips and tongue, with which it does Dhikr! Point is the dhaakir has a high rank.

Why gives this verse such high status? It talks of tauhid, has reward of quarter Quran. Recite it, it states it'll take you Jannah. Hadith - recite after every fardh salah, only thing between you and Jannah is death. How is this? Hadith - recite it, Angel comes to wash your sins and increase your Deeds, for 24 hours. 5 salaah, 5 angels!

Major and minor sins. Minor sins washes by wudhu etc. Major needs taubah - zina of eyes, backbite, despite people, shun sunnah, immodest. Accept them, have humility and ask for forgiveness. But Kursi takes you to Jannah by helping to get rid of major sins, by helping you do taubah! So if your life full of sins, recite this verse abundantly.

Also, Kursi protects us with its Dhikr. Dhikr doing Dhikr! Eg recite at night, whole neighbourhood under Allah's protection for 40 days, from jinns, calamities. No need for so-called evil magicians that we run after. No yaqeen.

Story. Theives couldn't break padlock because Kursi recited in it. A thief told sahabi about this ayat
13th Mar, 2017