The Way to Find Straight Path
English Bayan, 47 mins
10th March, 2017

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Quran is hidayat for everyone, believer and non-believer. It is summarises this hidayat in Surah Faatihah.


First 3 verses are Dhikr. So hidayat from Dhikr. Hidayat isn't ibaadat, but follow sunnah. We can go to functions and conferences, but can't follow sunnah. If so, can't answer question in grave. Azaab on other ummahs for not following their prophet. So, learn Dhikr to plug this gap.


Next 3 verses. Dua. Second link to hidayat. But our dua just after fardh salah, special nights etc. Is that it? Link with Allah so weak? No, ask all the time. Safe travel, calm sleep, no argue with wife, good business, stomach ache etc. Doesn't have to be in Arabic. This will make strong link with Allah. Don't be ashamed. Don't think anything too small to ask, else pride. Story - Huzoor got stomach ache in Dhikr majlis, back pain at Ishraq, fever just before Majlis. All cured when they asked Allah.

Islam isn't Masjid. Masjid for fardh salaah. (dont waste Masjid resources. Eg wudhu at home, Masjid wudhu for masafir). More important than Masjid ibaadat is haqooq ul ibaad. Leave your pride and take company of a Sheikh.
14th Mar, 2017