Eye of the Heart
English Bayan, 50 mins
28th February, 2017

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To be blind, you have to have eyes. A tree can't be blind, because it didn't have eyes in the first place. So, Allah says the heart can be blind, which means it must have eyes. Unlike our normal eyes, which have a limit on their vision, that of the Heart doesn't have that limit - it can perceive even the Arsh.

Those people whose eyes of the Heart are open, knows your faults and can rectify you, the shayookh. One such Sheikh would perceive people as animals, due to those people's sins. They see the reality of sin.

We wouldn't drink a glass of milk if it had a spider in it, but we run after sins, because we don't perceive their affects. The eyes of our hearts are blind. Backbiting, interest have such nasty stench.

If your real eyes are open, you would perceive Jannah in your ibadat. You wouldn't want to sleep. Just like a cataract affects normal eyes, sins cause loss of vision for the eyes of the Heart. Life is a waste without these eyes. How can we die in this taste? Rasoolullah (saws) says do dhikr in abundance to cure these eyes.

The condition of this Dhikr is to be fully practising shariah, full conformance to the sumnah, and leaving all haram. Otherwise this Dhikr is a show.

Allah has so much mercy for this Ummah, He has made Dhikr so easy. Just go to a Sheikh and learn it. And yet we lie to our Sheikh? Hide our sins? We do zulm on ourselves with our sins. We haven't changed. Don't taint going to a Sheikh for Dunya. If you have proper niyyat for the gatherings if Dhikr, you will afterwards perceive the stench in the dunya and keep away from sins.

So save yourself from haram, THEN do dhikr. Otherwise don't bother. Open your eyes, upgrade your ibadat (so, for example, your salah is the mirage of the mumin) and stop worrying about food and drink. Why worry about risq? You'll get what's written for you. A car mechanic might not even be able to afford to own one, but the ignorant one might have three. That's life. Some people are poor, some rich, some happy, some sad. Stop running after dunya.

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