Relationship Between Allah & Human Being
English Bayan, 55 mins
21st February, 2017

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Allah's creation is so diverse, we are still discovering it, but mankind has the highest rank. Imagine, we only use 10% of our brains. And believers have a higher rank. And the Ummah of Rasoolullah (saws) have the highest. We are so near to Allah, we should ask for all of His treasures, not temporary dunya things. But we don't, we have weakened our link. We only make dua when we are stuck in this dunya. Don't lower yourself. We think we should make connection in old age, when our dunya commitments are less. Such an old man has wasted his life running after dunya.

Ask for grapes of Jannah, not a better business, and you'll get them straight away. Even the prophets wanted to be in this Ummah. This is your status. You've been given the best gifts - Iman in this Ummah, and Dhikrullah. The reason we have been given such great capabilities and status is not for Dunya, but for Dhikrullah. And the point of Dhikr is to strengthen our link with Allah, to keep us on His path - follow Allah and his Rasool. When you do this, you know your Dhikr is of use. Dhikr is the path, obedience is the destination. Don't confuse the two. Once you're like this, you will have true love, and won't ask Allah for trivial things. Boro Hadhrat (ra) said, Have determination and Rahma will come. Don't always expect ease in life. Don't do what's easy/bad, but what's right, when you have a problem. Lying for business, fraud etc.

Will you scratch someone's car if they're watching? So why do we do haram when we know Allah is watching? Is this the result of our Dhikr? No noor in our heart.

Nowadays Dhikr from a Sheikh is associated with fancy dreams, visions etc, not shariah. This is from shaitaan. The haq is Dhikr of the Heart to become a proper slave of Allah, to take the khair from Allah. Follow this, whatever your dunya situation, however hungry you are.

So, Capacity (Iman, ummati) , path (Dhikr) and destination (obedience).

Don't think you're wasting your time with Dhikr. Check yourself every day - how much have you left haram, how much have you sacrificed your desires for wrong etc. Dhikr will make your heart your mufti. It will make you feel when something is wrong, whatever weak people say to you. They say you can't be strict in this day and age, what will people say etc. Such people are in nifaq and need to do taubah, or they'll die as mushriqs.

Dhikr will show us the destination - we need determination, courage and sacrifice.

These bayans are advice for your benefit, not undue criticism. Don't think like this. Take the advice, do your Dhikr and change your life. Then Allah's Rahman will come. You will get all the khair from His treasure chest, much better than selling your Iman running after dunya, like spiders.

24th Feb, 2017