What is my Fault?
English Bayan, 38 mins
20th February, 2017

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"Don't leave justice to the judgement day"

Punishment for sin doesn't start in the aakhirah, but as soon as you do the sin, in this life. People's problems, family, health, wealth etc , lack of peace, is due to our sins. Why are we doing this zulm on ourselves? No tasbeeh, wazaif etc will save us from our problems. We run after these because we don't consider sin as sin. We do more sin to alleviate the problems that come our sins.

To eliminate the affect the of sin, Allah states to repent to Him. You can't reverse a sin (like putting milk back in the udder) but you can elimate its affects with taubah. We must realise that any problem you have, however minor, is due to your sins. Hadhrat Anas (ra) had a horse which at one time didn't respond - he immediately turned to Allah in taubah and Shukr that he was given the ability to realise his sins. He got the coolness of taubah (when you feel Allah has forgiven you) and his horse was then fine.

Today we have so many problems. Disobedient or ill mannered children, problem with wife, work etc. Unlike previous generations, our sins are spread out everywhere and obsorbed, like blotting paper, into our lives. The effect is dangerous.

Sin has a home, our hearts. We don't even feel it. Before we sleep, do we think we've done any sins? No. Speaking loudly or rudley, looking at someone in a bad way. Slap a child, elbow someone, horn someone. We think about our ibadat, but not our sins. And this makes the heart black, rusty, dirty. Just like you're told to hurry to catch a plane/train, Rasoolullah (saws) tells us to hurry and make taubah before death. Else death with no Iman.

Stain of sin - removed by burning in hell. In this life, remove this stain with taubah. If we're hungry, and the supermarket doesn't have what we want, we don't wait, but get something else. We don't wait for things in life, so why are we waiting to do taubah?

Our pride is stopping us recognising our sins, like shaitaan. Just like shaitaan told Adam (as) that there was benefit in the forbidden tree (which Adam accepted, because shaitaan said it in the name of Adam's believed, Allah) , he does the same to us. What was the result? Shaitaan blamed Allah for going astray, but Adam blamed himself - he accepted his mistake. In the same way, if we blame Allah for our sins, this is from shaitaan, but if we accept it and do taubah, we'll be forgiven.

"Oh Allah, forgive our sins, whether knowingly or unknowingly. " Don't delay in saying this. When you first commit a sin, it sits lightly on you and you can repent and come out of it, but if you wait, and keep doing that sin, it becomes entrenched, and gets worse (eg cigarettes to drugs). So do taubah quickly. You accidentally look at haram on phone screen (as can happen) - quickly do wudhu and 2 rakat taubah, and you'll be protected from it, shaitaan will give up on you. As the crying child runs to his mother, run to Allah. You'll have a peaceful life. Don't delay because you're worried about sinning again - you'll be protected and die with Iman.

23rd Feb, 2017