Two Fears
English Bayan, 57 mins
13th February, 2017

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And how to gain this Yaqeen? Zikr of Allah
17th Feb, 2017
Shaitaan, our avowed clear-cut enemy focuses on our loss in the aakhirah, not the dunya. He has lots of tactics - arguments in masjids, women going out etc. His attacks make you into a mushrik without you even knowing it. He does this by making you a coward.

Iman is so strong. The sahaabah hardly ate anything, but were so strong. We stuff ourselves with food, but are weak because of weak Iman. We have smartphones and tablets, which we use for Quran etc on, but then we and our kids use those same devices for haram - games of shaitaan, making us cowards.

Shaitaan poisons muslims to kill innocent people, saying they are strong and upholding the deen. This violence is a new technique of shaitaan. But Islam spread with akhlaaq, not this. We must save ourselves and children from this.

So, how do we protect ourselves from the regular attacks from shaitaan? Quran. How do we make ourselves capable of properly understand its message? Love and practise of the sunnah of Rasoolullah (saws) - whatever he did, we will do. We won't get it from learning Arabic (look how practising Arab nations are) or Darul ulooms. So who is making us leaving the sunnah. Other countries? No, shaitaan. His game is to make us blame others for not following Islam.

The kalimah is so strong, but shaitaan has made us weak, despite our strong bodies. The body builders are the weakest! Why are we cowards? Fear of dunya. For example, we say we can't have a successful business with interest, we lie on a job application. Shaitaan's clarion call to instill fear - "what will people say, what will the world say?". This is shirk. Promise you won't say this statement. We should say that we won't do haram because we FEAR ALLAH.

We fear about our businesses, about our children's education, fear they won't get a job etc. We are all doing shirk. These are the tests of life.

Rasoolullah (saws) saw amazing palaces in Jannah for those who, when haram is prevalent, rejects them saying they're afraid of Allah and don't need them.

There's the person who does Dhikr, has imaamah, white libaas, beard etc. So called pious. And when his wife is asleep he opens the laptop just to allegedly listen to the news and end up where? ... Astaghfirullah. Immodest. All his ibaadat and so called piety is down the drain. We need fear of Allah, not dunya

Wattakullah - fear Allah. The whole deen is in this statement. Hadhrat Ibrahim (as) was Allah's friend, but often his fear overtook this friendship. The angels are so great, but the believer is higher. We have the kalimah. But shaitaan has made us weak. We lie to get a job, and don't even get the job. We feel if we obey Allah our risq will stop, our wife and kids will run away.

Allah says "at least have conviction/yaqeen in Me. I am with you." Why are we worried about dunya. Don't be afraid of dunya.

Story - there was a river which a Maulana said you can cross by walking over, if you have yaqeen. A villager did this since he had yaqeen, but the Maulana didn't, and so drowned when ask to cross.

Yunus (as) - came out of the total darkness of the whale due to yaqeen. This is lesson for us.

So, we need FEAR and CONVICTION (YAQEEN), which you can get from the company of the friend of Allah, if you have the correct intention - that you want to change and do the dhikr they tell you. Your cowardice, a disease of the heart, one of the many diseases that will take us to hell, will be eliminated like this.

Example. Hadhrat sahib had a difficulty, but asked Allah, and help came in half an hour. So, ask of Allah.

17th Feb, 2017