How to Refrain From Sin
English Bayan, 49 mins
4th February, 2017

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There are two ways we can find ourselves in our journey of life and death. In life, we can be at peace and happy, or stressed and sad. At the time of death, it might be a great torment, or very easy. Our grave might be tight, full of scorpions or part of Jannah. We might be sweating on the plain of resurrection or we might be relaxing and be at peace. We might have an agnosing journey across the bridge of Sirat, cutting ourselves as we go, or have a very nice and quick one. In the afterlife, we might easily go straight to Jannah or have to burn for a long time in Hellfire first.

What differentiates between the two? One thing only - SIN. And we have someone who helps us to do them - shaitaan. Shaitaan is always whispering. He will make us make excuses for sinning. He will make us bow to society in order to sin. He makes us think sin is small. Even if a husband and wife are quietly sitting, shaitaan will prompt one of them about a misdemeanour from the past, causing an argument.

The key to success is not lots of ibaadat - this is not how our pious predecessors got close to Allah. It is to leave sin. And yet we deceive ourselves by thinking that if we do lots of ibaadat then sinning is no big deal.

How do we solve this? Allah says in Surah Faatihah, 'it is to You [Allah] that we seek help'. So we should beseech Allah to save us from sins. But not like we make dua nowadays, in a rush with no sincerity. Take a drowning or burning man who is crying out for help - our duas should be like that. "Oh Allah, I'm about to commit a sin, Shaitaan has surrounded me, please save me"

6th Feb, 2017