Which Iman Takes You to Paradise?
English Bayan, 56 mins
2nd February, 2017

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The most valuable things in this life, one that dwarfs the value of everything on this earth, is IMAN. And the most valuable thing in the eternal Aakhirah is the SIGHT OF ALLAH. There is a connection between the two, as I will explain.

There are different levels of Iman. For example, the faint new moon slowly grows into the bright full moon. The latter eliminates all darkness, shining a blanket of silver on the oceans. There is also faint/weak Iman and bright/strong Iman. The strongest Iman is Kamil (complete) Iman - this will light up our lives and only this will give us the sight of Allah. We should ask Allah for this, for His pleasure. It will make our hearts glow. We should have the greatest regard and love for it. With it you may be dishevelled on the outside, but your ibaadat will be dripping with the beautiful fragrance of this Iman. And you will go straight to Jannah with no hardship.

So, we must make effort to attain this level of Iman. This is what our pious predecessors did. Our Iman weak, yet we don't strength it. We love the dunya more. For example, some love their car, and clean it and wax it. More preference for their car than their iman?? Why don't we protect, clean and improve our Iman?

But even weak Iman is greater than the whole universe, but you will have to burn in hell purify it enough to attain Jannah. The last one into Jannah will be taken out of hell after a long long time. And yet he will get a Jannah many times bigger than earth since hiS Iman would then be kamil.

We should get kamil Iman in this life so we don't get burned. Life is short. You visit somewhere after a few years, and you'll find some of the people you know are in their graves - this is our reality. And yes, after 20 years of our life, have we paid any attention to our Iman?

Rasoolullah (saws) said freshen your Iman by doing Dhikr morning and evening! Just as you have to clean your clothes regularly, you need to the same with your Iman, since this world in impure. This way the dunya's stench will be removed from your Iman. What stench? sins of the eyes, tongue etc.

The angels prostrated to man, despite being in Dhikr all the time (it's their food) , but man's Dhikr is greater, despite us being such dirty beings. Dhikr was taken from the angels and given to us. What a gift! This is why Dhikr gatherings are so great. Go there and joined the shayookh. Struggle to do dhikr, whatever your dunya situation.

After a long hard day, full of difficulty, full of trials and tribulations, we just want to relax or go to bed. But the one who does his dhikr, has the sign of kamil Iman. Allah is proud of him. He is doing Dhikr despite falling asleep. He has sabr, does amal, doesn't fear, perseveres, doesn't complain about his trials and tribulations, but fully accepts them to be from Allah, he accepts them with happiness - this is the sign of kamil Iman.

Don't be engrossed in the world. Don't be a dog of the dunya, but a slave of Allah. He will give you all you ask. And accept whatever He gives with happiness, as you would do so with any close friend

11th Feb, 2017