Save Yourself From the Fitna of Dajjal
Bayan, 39 minutes
4th July, 2024

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Save Yourself From the Fitna of Dajjal

The greatest benefit lies in dhikr which is why Allah ta'ala orders us to remember Him in abundance.

In Ahadith, it mentions that as the generations draw further away from the time of the Prophet ﷺ, trials and evil will increase and the true faith will become hidden. People will become lazy in practicing the religion and will present useless excuses. The concern of the Hereafter will decrease and the concern for the world will increase.

These trials are visible in our current generation. When we return to Allah ta'ala we will be questioned regarding our purpose and whether we fulfilled our duty - obeying the instructions of Allah ta'ala and emulating the lifestyle of His Prophet ﷺ.

In reality, Allah ta'ala's orders are fulfilled in obeying the Prophet ﷺ. Allah ta'ala states,

مَّنْ يُطِعِ الرَّسُولَ فَقَدْ أَطَاعَ اللّهَ

"Whoever obeys the Messenger ﷺ has truly obeyed Allah." [4:80]

How much do we imitate the Sunnah today?

Emulating the Sunnah is the spirit of our deen and all our actions come within that sphere. We may consider ourselves weak in practicing the Sunnah due to our environment and our desires overwhelming us.

However, Allah ta'ala has not abandoned us in the wilderness of the world without a solution. He desires to grant us His nearness and Paradise. We may be weak, but we must take hold of the cure instead of complaining how hard it is to practice.

Success of life is in emulating the Prophet ﷺ. Those who cause pain and distress to Allah ta'ala and His Nabi ﷺ, are cursed in this world and the Hereafter.

Nabi ﷺ becomes distressed when his Sunnah are disregarded and abandoned and when his nation prefer and adopt the ways of others. This is because the Sunnah is the most beloved thing to the Prophet ﷺ.

Nabi ﷺ himself has stated, "He who loves my Sunnah has loved me, and he who loves me will be with me in Paradise.” [Tirmidhi shareef]

The deen is a clear path in front of us. If we hold on to the Sunnah and love the Sunnah despite the many trials and evil around us, we will be granted the path of success and an easy life.

Why are we weak in deen?

If we find the root cause of a disease, then the cure may be given. Having love for the world and being occupied in it, is the reason we are weak in practicing faith. One who dedicates all his time and effort for the sake of world, his faith becomes weak because the love for the world has overwhelmed him and diminishes his love for the deen.

The cure for this, is to create the love for Allah ta'ala within us and it will decrease the love of the world automatically. The more we reduce the love of the world, the more we are able to attain our objective.

When our love for Allah ta'ala is weak, it demonstrates that we are weak in faith. Allah ta'ala's love is the cure for us.

Where to find the love of Allah ta'ala?

The method of creating this love within us, is through engaging in the dhikr of Allah ta'ala.

It doesn't matter how much of an evil generation we live in and how many sins we are immersed in and cannot abandon, we should take hold of dhikr and this is the cure for us.

Allah ta'ala has encouraged us to engage in dhikr in abundance. The more a person remembers Him, the more he begins to love Allah ta'ala and the love of the world becomes reduced. He has no need to do anything else besides this, as this is the cure stipulated by Allah ta'ala Himself.

If we desire the love of Allah ta'ala which will grant us Islam in its entirety, as well as Allah ta'ala's love and nearness, then we must engage in dhikr.

Instead of complaining about deen being difficult to practice, we should adopt this cure. We should admit that we are at fault. We are not required to admit it to anyone else, however, we should at least admit it to ourselves that we have made mistakes and are in need of rectification.

By doing so, Allah ta'ala will open the path of guidance for us and we will be rectified. Such a person's Hereafter will be fruitful, as he accepted the cure and made an effort. He admitted his faults and had a desire to improve. On the other hand, if such a person has not improved despite his efforts and he passes away in this condition, Allah ta'ala will grant him Paradise due to his effort and his intentions. This is the biggest achievement for a human being

No matter how weak a person is in his deen, he must admit his sins to Allah ta'ala, cry in front of Him and adopt the solution which Allah ta'ala has mentioned in the Quran.

When a person begins dhikr, Allah ta'ala showers His mercy upon him and so do His angels. Allah ta'ala promises to remove him from the darkness of sins and delivers him towards the light of success and there are no conditions attached to this.

Sins are a form of darkness even if a person is prosperous in the world through his sinning. In reality, he is drowned in darkness no matter how much he is earning and increasing in status. If he admits his mistakes and takes up the solution, then Allah ta'ala promises to save him from his sin.

We are prone to sin, so it us our duty to accept all our sins and form a desire to change ourselves. Thereafter, Allah ta'ala will protect us from sins and deliver us to Paradise. There is no easier formula than this.

When a person engages in dhikr, he begins to love the Sunnah and emulate the ways of the Sunnah. There is a condition of dhikr and that is to demonstrate passion and desire of remembering Allah ta'ala. When a person is sick, he takes his medicine religiously according to the prescription. Similarly, we must demonstrate determination and passion when adopting the formula of dhikr.

No matter how many sins we do, we should have the zeal to attend the dhikr gatherings in order to attain the pleasure of Allah ta'ala and have our sins removed. Shaytan may remind us of our sins, but we should be consistent in adopting the cure of dhikr.

Allah ta'ala is not selective with His mercy. When a person sits in a dhikr gathering, the angels surround him and envelope the gathering. We should have certainty in this as Allah ta'ala grants us based upon our certainty. Those who have certainty witness this scene with their eyes. Occasionally, Allah ta'ala allows a person to witness these things and find enjoyment in his deen.

A student should have love and passion for dhikr. His intention should be sincere and only then it will become a solution for him. He should intend to partake in dhikr to please Allah ta'ala and for His sake alone, without any ulterior motives. In doing so, the cure is guaranteed to take effect.

We often abandon the dhikr gatherings whilst complaining that we are not improving. It may be difficult to practice today, however, the cure is present in front of us. We should encourage our children to partake in these Gatherings and then leave the rest to Allah ta'ala.

We should never think that we will not experience enjoyment through our dhikr. It may not be experienced immediately, however, its effects will definitely appear. Allah ta'ala tests a person's patience and perseverance as well as his belief in Allah ta'ala's promise. Such a person will definitely receive the reward, so he should not lose hope and he should remain steadfast.

If a person fails to take up the cure, he will be cursed in both worlds and even Allah ta'ala's mercy will not assist him.

Many consider wealth and the success of the world, a sign of Allah ta'ala's mercy upon them. However, Allah ta'ala distracts some people with wealth and allows them to remain happy counting their money, whilst considering it a sign of Allah ta'ala's pleasure. This is their standard of success. Such people will be cursed in this world and the next and will be given a severe punishment in the Hereafter.

Many of us are engrossed in the world and we fail to adhere to the laws of Allah ta'ala. We fail to pray and encourage our mature children to pray. This is a huge disease. We should establish dhikr in our homes as this is the biggest cure for this generation. Abundant dhikr is the luggage of forgiveness.

We should promise to partake in the dhikr gathering morning and evening. This is a great mercy given to us by Allah ta'ala through which the doors of Paradise are opened for us and we receive the prayers of the pious predecessors. Through the act of Khatam Khawajgaan, we request Allah ta'ala to send rewards to our pious predecessors. As a result, we receive the mercy of Allah ta'ala.

Soon, we will surely notice the effects of dhikr if we establish it in our lives and perform it with belief. It will be a great protection for us and our generations to come. Today, it is very difficult to save our Imaan and it is only becoming more difficult. Until we do not implement the Sunnah, we will not be successful. If we take hold of the solution and engage in dhikr, it will assist us in emulating the Sunnah. Allah ta'ala grants a person great rewards for pleasing the Prophet ﷺ.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
6th Jul, 2024