Today's Bayan
Bayan, 5 minutes
15th June, 2024

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Today's Bayan

Nabi ﷺ has stated that those who engage in dhikr during the night of Eid, their hearts will be alive during that time where the hearts of the people will be deceased.

With Allah ta'ala's grace and the blessings of our Mashãikh, we have been granted the night of Eid and we are engaging in dhikr. This is Allah ta'ala's favour and bounty upon us.

Allah ta'ala has not given us these treasures by chance. The human being doesn't attain this via his own power and effort. Rather, it due to Allah ta'ala's grace and mercy that He has bestowed this upon us.

We have been given this treasure, so we should be grateful to Allah ta'ala for it.

Dhikr gives us the guarantee that we will not die and our hearts will remain alive in the Hereafter. We should be grateful for this at least and maintain our connection with dhikr. We should keep steadfast upon dhikr and try and make effort.

This blessing of dhikr which Allah ta'ala has granted us day and night, is due to His grace. He enables us to remember Him. We have been given these blessed dhikr gatherings and we recognise the rewards for it. If we abandon it over small excuses, laziness or sleep, then we are very unfortunate.

Such treasures and rewards from Allah ta'ala will not come again so we should value and appreciate them. Allah ta'ala has given us this opportunity and if we fail to practice, then we will only regret once we pass away.

We should try our best to join the gathering in the morning for our own benefit. We should sacrifice our schedule and our sleep in order to partake in it.

If it happens that you didn't rise or you woke up late and missed prayer, then don't let the nafs becomes habitual in this practice. Rise immediately and pray and even if you join the Dua at the end of the gathering, you will still receive success and you will be included in that gathering. This is because Allah ta'ala likes and values the hard work and effort.

Sometimes Allah ta'ala tests a person through his negligence to see how much love and desire he has.

Whoever is grateful Allah ta'ala increases for him.

Tonight is a great night. During Muraqabah, we assign our hearts to Allah ta'ala and we call out to Him with complete faith in Him that He will respond. When a servant says 'Allah' then Allah ta'ala responds and says, "Yes, My Servant."

Any type of gathering is not accepted in the eyes of Allah ta'ala until it has been adorned with Durood shareef.

May Allah ta'ala grant us the ability to engage in dhikr for the rest of the year and allow us to be grateful for these dhikr gatherings. Ameen
19th Jun, 2024