How Do We Spend the Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah?
Bayan, 43 minutes
6th June, 2024

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How Do We Spend the Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah?

The greatest cause of one's entry to Hellfire is ignorance and negligence. It is the most dangerous condition and the greatest attack from Shaytan.

Negligence is a when a person is lazy and disregards Allah ta'ala's commands. He presents excuses and he doesn't feel like practicing. He abandons the laws of Allah ta'ala very easily. The reason for this negligence is the love for the world and being overly occupied in the world.

Such a person is occupied beyond his needs which makes him immersed in the world. Thereafter, this occupation coverts in to love for the world and love for worldly things. Thereafter, this love increases and due to the sake of the world, he abandons the laws of Allah ta'ala.

His awareness disappears and he doesn't even realise his mistakes. However, if he happens to face even a minor loss with regards to his worldly affairs, he trembles. He abandons the laws of Allah ta'ala and considers it insignificant. He has no shame, fear or regret. Thus, he becomes a criminal in the eyes of Allah ta'ala.

Negligence is a huge sin because the world becomes more honourable for a person. With ease, he forsakes praying in congregation. Sleep overwhelms him and he forsakes Fajr prayers. Even if his eyes open, he is more worried about arriving to work as the world has overtaken him. He doesn't have regret in committing acts of disobedience. The lack of awareness is why he doesn't repent.

If he is given worldly things, he becomes extremely happy, whilst he rejects the orders of Allah ta'ala without shame or feeling of loss.

When Firaun was drowning and at the verge of death, he claimed to follow the Lord of Hadhrat Musa عليه السلام as he saw the reality in front of him. Allah ta'ala' responded that there was no point in his calling out as he had spent his life rejecting. Thus, Allah ta'ala made him an example for the world and preserved his body.

The signs of the negligent people have been given to us in the Quran. We should analyse our own situation. Those who spend their lives with negligence and transgress the laws of Allah ta'ala, will be raised like Firaun.

Such people have no concern that their prayers have been abandoned. The womenfolk have no regard for observing purdah and Hijab.

If you sleep without preparing for Salaah, it shows that you have no concern about it whilst you also fail to rise your children for Salaah too. You are more worried about rising for work.

On the other hand, a person who sets his alarm clock and prepares himself for Fajr, yet he does not rise, Allah ta'ala grants him the reward for praying Salaah.

A negligent person hardly ever attends prayers or congregation. This is the first sign of a negligent person. Allah ta'ala swear by the morning time so imagine the greatness of the morning! A person who abandons the prayer of the morning faces severe loss of the Hereafter and earns Allah ta'ala's displeasure.

Allah ta'ala will make him prosperous in the world as a form of punishment for him, just like he made Firaun prosperous in the world. Firaun was immersed in the world because Allah ta'ala wanted to give him the worst punishment afterwards.

Allah ta'ala has given us a solution to fight the attacks of Shaytan and the intoxication of the world. He grants us blessed nights to remove our negligence and direct us towards Paradise. He granted us deputies and Messengers who will keep reminding us about our deen.

Allah ta'ala refreshes the believer and strengthens his spirituality through the days of Dhul Hijjah. Allah ta'ala swears by these nights, so imagine how blessed these ten days truly are!

We should never abandon our prayers for the sake of attaining the world otherwise it will become a punishment for us. Instead, we should abandon everything which comes in the way of Salaah no matter what the situation may be.

How will we be saved if we do not have this much faith within us?
In reality, the accumulation of the world are a test for us and not considered blessings and rewards.

When a person misses Fajr in the morning, he is cursed and Shaytan urinates upon his face.

Allah ta'ala grants us these days to remove our negligence. We should be firm upon ourselves during these days so that Allah ta'ala may have mercy upon us and remove our negligence and bad habits.

During these blessed days, we should engage in high grade worship and not miss any prayers with congregation. We should prepare ourselves to rise for Fajr through our alarm clocks. If we become sick or have a genuine excuse, then it is a different matter. Nonetheless, we shouldn’t leave prayers in congregation for any reason.

During these days, the most virtuous thing is to perform Hajj. It is compulsory upon those who are able to perform it. If such a person doesn’t perform it, then he hasn’t fulfilled the due right of these days. Similarly, we should avoid going on holidays without saving up to perform Hajj, otherwise it is great negligence.

We shouldn’t spend these days according to our own desires, otherwise we won't benefit. Rather, we should spend it according to the schedule which Allah ta'ala has stipulated for us. This is how we will attain benefit.

Those who are not able to perform Hajj physically should not waste their time. They should sit in the company of those people whose hearts are alive and should take blessings from them. During these blessed days, the Khankah of our pious predecessors would be full at the time of Majlis.

This is the first act of worship we should perform and the second action is to perform Qurbani. Unfortunately, we have much wealth, but we worry whether we can afford it and whether it is Wajib upon us. This is pure negligence.

If we have the wealth, we should also give voluntary charity and spend in the path of Allah ta'ala. The more sacrifices we make during these days, the better.

If we desire to make Allah ta'ala happy, we should follow the schedule He has set for us. Allah ta'ala desires to remove us from laziness and grant us Paradise.

The Haaji who arrives at Arafat and is safe from immodesty, will become as though his mother has just given birth to him. This is how beloved a Haaji is to Allah ta'ala.

During these ten days, Allah ta'ala loves the action of loud dhikr. Hadhrat Umar رضي الله عنه would enter the market place and would recite dhikr loudly and the people would recite loudly behind him.

Likewise, we should immerse ourselves in abundant dhikr during these ten days and this is the way to remove our negligence.

Those who are unable to perform Hajj, should imitate the Hujjaaj and practice the Sunnah. We should avoid trimming our hair and clipping our nails. This is the way to remove our negligence and Allah ta'ala will include us amongst the Hujjaaj and we will be given the splashes of Mercy. Allah ta'ala loves our imitation such that we will also become His beloved just like the Hujjaaj are beloved to Him.

A person who is ashamed of practicing the Sunnah is a wretched person. How can he be a believer if the Prophet ﷺ and his Sunnah hold no value to him?

We should learn our lesson during these blessed days that by imitating the Hujjaaj we are given great rewards. Moreover, we must spend the rest of our lives imitating the Prophet ﷺ in order to have our negligence removed.

We should work hard during these ten days as worship is more valuable and beloved to Allah ta'ala during these ten days. Our reward has been increased during these special days.

In Ahadith it is mentioned that, If a person worships during these nights, he will receive the reward equivalent to Laylatul Qadr. In another Hadith it states, he will receive the reward of Hajj and Umrah during one nights worship. In another Hadith it mentions that he receives the reward of one year's worth of worship.

We should leave the world during these days and we worship at night. We should perform the following prayer which our pious predecessors performed and the reward for this prayer is unimaginable.

Perform four rakat Salah and recite Surah Fatiha in each rakah, Ayatul Qursi thrice, Surah Ikhlaas three times, as well as Surah Falaq and Surah Naas once. We should perform this action during the night if we can.

If a person keeps a fast during these days, he receives the reward of one year of fasting.

The dhikr is the soul and spirit of these special days. We should celebrate that Allah ta'ala has granted us the special dhikr gatherings during these nights.

A person who leaves unlawful actions and leaves his bed, and he flees to the house of Allah ta'ala, he prays and engages in dhikr, he thanks Allah ta'ala - This is an example of friendship with Allah ta'ala.
We are spiritually dead within which is why Allah ta'ala's has granted us these nights to awaken us. If we spend these nights correctly, It will definitely impact our lives positively.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to spend these ten days in an excellent manner. Ameen
10th Jun, 2024