What is Barakah?
Bayan, 87 minutes
18th April, 2024

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What is Barakah?

A person never remains content with his worldly affairs, whether it is a business or family related matter or even worship. He has everything, yet he is unsatisfied. This is due to the lack of blessings in his life.

Despite having everything in life, if a person has no blessings, he wont attain anything. Blessings fill the gap in all of our affairs. The Prophet ﷺ prayed abundantly for blessings in every aspect of life. This is because all success is based on blessings and a lack of blessings spoil one's life. If there are blessings, you will have a good turnover in your business. If a person is facing poverty but has blessings, he becomes satisfied with his poverty and the little he possesses will never diminish.

On the other hand, a wealthy person may have no blessings in life, so he faces anxiety and considers himself a failure and he struggles in life.
When one experiences loss in life and faces issues, it is due to a lack of blessings, for blessings grant us the fulfilment of life. If one attains blessings, his life is enhanced. He lives with ease, peace and happiness and any illnesses are removed.

Before purchasing a car or getting married, we should pray for blessings in such ventures.

We have one Quran and one Qiblah, yet, we have many sects and ideologies which have been formed amongst us and causing enmity. This is because we lack blessings.

How do we acquire blessings in life?

Blessings are not attained through worship as we are in need of blessings in our worship. If our worship is void of blessings, it holds no effect or value.

Hadhrat Jabir رضي الله عنه narrates, "...And the best of the guidance is the guidance given by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ..." [Muslim Shareef]

This is the source of blessings and goodness. When the nation leaves this path, then all their blessings evaporate despite possessing worldly assets, resources and wealth.

Blessings lie in emulating the Sunnah and no worship is of value without emulating the Sunnah alongside.

Unfortunately, the nation recognise the Sunnah to be a burden and a difficult practice. We have split the Sunnah in to different levels in order to create excuses and abandon it.

When we eat, our body is sustained and revitalised and we are given energy. Blood is formed and it pumps around our body which helps our organs to function.

If we earn our sustenance lawfully and we eat according to the Sunnah method, then we will never commit a sin through the energy it provides us. We will never abandon prayer and our children will become pious if we feed them halal too. The reason we indulge in sin is because we have discarded the Sunnah and this has made all our limbs disobedient to Allah ta'ala.

If you perform an action according to the Sunnah, whether it is eating or sleeping, it will become a source of goodness for you. If you abandon the Sunnah, you wont find blessings in that action.

Nabi ﷺ physically practiced and demonstrated every field of life and Allah ta'ala protected it in the form of Ahadith. Allah ta'ala exposed all aspects of Nabi ﷺ's life including his private and home affairs. If we adopt his way of life, then our entire life will be full of goodness and blessings. Whenever we want to undertake an action in life, we should perform it according to the Sunnah and it will bring us benefit and satisfaction.

Obedience to the Prophet ﷺ is very important. Allah ta'ala says that the one who has obeyed the Prophet ﷺ has obeyed Allah ta'ala.

We should abandon that action which is against the Sunnah, otherwise it will take us towards punishment. We will certainly see the negative effects of our disobedience at some point in our life. We blame black magic and sorcery, however, our issues are in fact, due to abandoning the Sunnah.
Shaytan has split us in to many groups and we listen to other people which lead us to sin and criminality, instead of following the guidance of the Sunnah. We should adopt the method which Nabi ﷺ prescribed. We should marry and host a Walimah feast just like he did. We should sleep and eat like he did and in this way, we will accrue many blessings in our life.

A scholar who doesn't practice the Sunnah will have a severe punishment for going against the Sunnah despite having the knowledge.

The previous nations were destroyed after rejecting the guidance of their Prophet.

If we obey the Prophet ﷺ, Allah ta'ala guarantees that He will protect us in both worlds and elevate our status and we will be given Paradise. We are not required to do anything else besides this and we shouldn’t be ashamed or afraid of practicing the Sunnah. We will face hardship, but we should remain steadfast.

We should seek good company of those who are sincere and are recognised due to their firm adherence to the Sunnah. This company will grant us success. If we don't take the company of the pious people, we may rise as a Mushrik for leaving the path of the Sunnah and following another path.

The Sunnah overwhelms everything and is stronger than everything. The true power is to follow the Sunnah. No other practice holds this much practice which the Sunnah holds.

Sadly, we consider the Sunnah insignificant and we debate whether it is necessary. We find loopholes in order to avoid following the Sunnah. We may try to extinguish the light of the Sunnah, however, the light of the Sunnah will remain lit until Qiyamah and can never be extinguished.

We should follow the Sunnah even if we think there may be a loss in emulating it. In reality, there will never be a negative result. It is a temporary test from Allah ta'ala and Allah ta'ala will grant you reward, status and blessings.

We should avoid the masaajid, speeches, scholars and company in which the Sunnah is discouraged and criticised. It won't benefit us at all. We are in the era of corruption and if we fall into it, we won't be able to protect ourselves.

Dajjal will not allow the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ to spread. He will bring a new deen and other alternatives and he will discourage the Sunnah.

However, if we are attached to the Prophet ﷺ, then we are attached to Allah ta'ala and become His beloved. If we take hold of the Quran and Sunnah, then no power of the world can deviate us and blessings will continue to appear in our life.

The best way of life is the lifestyle of the Prophet ﷺ and the best way to begin emulating, is through finding the company of the wali Allah. The best wali Allah is he who already establishes the Sunnah and is steadfast upon it despite not being a knowledgeable person. If he has the Sunnah, he is not ignorant.

We should re-align our direction and sit in the company of the pious. We should follow the teacher and learn the Sunnah from him. We should have no doubts in him and recognise his company as a sign of truth and righteousness.

A Wali Allah brings mercy to the world and when he departs, then the mercy is lifted and destruction arrives. He is a mercy to the nation as he teaches the deen and revives what is being destroyed.
We should take bay'ah to improve and reform ourselves without any trace of ostentation and worldly gain.

Those who go against Shariah and have taken bay'ah, will be given double punishment as Allah ta'ala sent a Sheikh to teach the deen and hold gatherings and enable their purification.

They will be accountable to Allah ta'ala for being ungrateful as He removed them from the darkness and granted them light.

There are two things that we are desperately in need of and are found in the company of a Sheikh. Forgiveness and dhikr. These two assets will complete our deen. As soon as we make a mistake, we should repent to Allah ta'ala. We should learn dhikr from our teacher and in this manner, no Dajjal or fitna will affect us at anytime in our life.

We engage in dhikr to improve our lives and make our hearts soft, so that we can practice the Sunnah and the love of the Prophet ﷺ can enter our hearts. This is the only objective of dhikr.

Our brothers and sisters are being oppressed in the world whilst we are enjoying life and have no concern. The only solution for this, is to take hold of the Prophet ﷺ's Sunnah firmly and in this way, we will attain success in both worlds.

We should rise at night during Tahajjud time and shed tears for the oppressed. We should sit in isolation, supplicate for them and recite Dua Qunoot for them. We should make this compulsory upon our self. They are not in need of our charity. Rather, they are in need of our supplication and repentance.

We should pray for their difficulty to be removed and pray for peace in the world. We should pray for everyone's guidance and for all enmity to be removed.

We have not been ordered to battle. Islam doesn't teach us to fight and spread corruption. It does not condone destructive actions such as blowing up places. Instead, it emphasises on maintaining good character and engaging in remembrance of Allah ta'ala. We are taught to make peace, resolve disputes and make abundant supplications for the oppressed. The consequences we face and the punishments we witness may be a result of our own actions.

Islam encourages believers to respect all places of worship and avoid harming other places of worship. Our religion does not lead us towards discord and corruption in the earth. Anyone who goes against these principles does not conform with the teachings of Islam.

We are taught to display good manners to all mankind regardless of religion. We must save ourselves from corruption and pray for peace.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
21st Apr, 2024
Very powerful and full of truth SubhanAllah may Allah rectify our affairs ameen
20th Apr, 2024