What to do After Ramadhan?
Bayan, 55 minutes
11th April, 2024

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What to do After Ramadhan?

Just like Rajab prepared us for Sha'ban and Sha'ban prepared us for Ramadan, similarly, Ramadan and Shawwãl are preparing us for Hajj.

Hajj is incumbent once in a lifetime upon those who have the wealth and capability. The one whom Hajj is incumbent upon, yet he doesn't fulfil the obligation, he will die as a Christian or a Jew and Nabi ﷺ will have no connection with him. This is a great warning for us.

If we have no excuse, we should perform Hajj as there is no guarantee about our life. We should fulfil this obligation whilst we are young.

The real work begins after Ramadan and this is the biggest worship. Allah ta'ala created us with the ability to reject the orders of Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala ordered Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام to stay away from the tree and the biggest worship for us today is also to obey Allah ta'ala's orders. This was the first worship given to Hadhrat Adam علیه السلام and all other worships came afterwards.

Allah ta'ala created Shaytan and he influenced Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام and made him slip up. This incident occurred for our development. Allah ta'ala wanted to demonstrate this as an example for our learning as Shaytan also influences us to slip up today. He uses tricks to influence a person towards sins and wrongdoing.

Shaytan decorates the sin and invites us towards it, however, it is our desires which make us physically perform the sin. Desires are worse than Shaytan and it never leaves a person.

If you want to please Allah ta'ala, then you should work on abstaining from the prohibitions. This is the essence and teaching of Ramadan. If we worship and sin at the same time, then it gives us no benefit.

One always receives the effects of his sins, just like Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام 's clothes were removed after the error. A person is laid bare after sinning and his modesty is removed. When a person disobeys Allah ta'ala, then he drops in rank.

Having said that, Allah ta'ala desired a creation who disobey Him and then they are cautious and they abstain. They shun the enemy and pay attention towards Allah ta'ala.

If a person slips up through Shaytan and his own desires, then he turns towards Allah ta'ala, Allah ta'ala will open the door of repentance for him.
It doesn't matter how many mistakes we have made and how many years we have been sinning, we shouldn’t be afraid. Rather, we should turn to Allah ta'ala in repentance.

A person's success in the Hereafter will be based solely on his repentance. No worship will save him or grant him success besides repentance, even though Shaytan and ones desires do not allow him to repent. This is the most dangerous attack of Shaytan and our desires.

We make all sorts of justifications in order to avoid following the Sunnah. When we fall into this trap, then Shaytan has caught us.

Before going to sleep, we should make it a habit to seek forgiveness from Allah ta'ala for our misdeeds that we have committed. Unfortunately, Shaytan enables us to worship, yet, he doesn't allow us to repent through which Allah ta'ala's doors of mercy are opened.

Our father Hadhrat Adam عليه السلام repented, so should also repent too. Allah ta'ala gave us Ramadan to practice repenting. Similarly, in Arafat during the Hajj days, we are required to repent and seek forgiveness. This will grant us a complete Hajj.

There is wisdom behind Allah ta'ala's orders such as commanding us to go to a wide open land for worship.
The most intellectual are those who repent after committing sins. They have understood their purpose of life. The foolish are those who hide their sins. They spoils their deeds and their Hereafter.

We should continue worshiping and continue repenting. The greatest action is prayer and Nabi ﷺ would end his prayers by reciting istighfar. These are the actions he taught us through which we can attain Paradise. The solution for the sin is immediate repentance. This is the best preparation for the Hereafter.

Now that Ramadan has ended, we must continue to repent after sinning. The best method is to build a connection with a friend of Allah who will encourage us to repent. He is never lazy in repenting and he disciplines his students.

We should run our businesses, travel and enjoy our life as we haven't been prohibited to do so. However, we should find a Wali Allah and sit in his company so that we can be regularly reminded of our sins. Otherwise, a person is not reminded of his sins when he is alone in the wilderness of the world. In the company of the pious, you feel regret and remorse and awareness of sins even though the teacher may not have said anything to you directly. This is because the Imaan awakens in the company of the pious.

Allah ta'ala loves it when we keep standing up and repenting after falling down with sin. We should always be regretful as Allah ta'ala loves this regret within us.

The greatest path of repentance is attaching yourself to a teacher. The first lesson of the noble Sahabah taught by the Prophet ﷺ was remorse and repentance. Worship came afterwards. In the days of ignorance, people used to commit grave sins and they were people without intellect.

A person who sins, is void of intellect. When a person repents, he is the most intellectual person and his faith begins to glow.

Allah ta'ala reminds us that the world is a waste and it will soon end. We shouldn’t look towards modern progression in the world and wealth and consider it intellectual. The foolish people run after the world which will end and the intellectual people select Paradise over the world.

Nowadays, we abandon prayer and Allah ta'ala's love for the sake of the world. We reject the path of Islam and commit lying and fraud in order to earn the world. We miss out on earning for the Hereafter.

We should never fall into the trap of Shaytan and deviation. We should never fall into the trap of our desires. Shaytan influences us and our desires trick us. Both work hand in hand. The solution is to never go towards the invitation of Shaytan and to disregard the evil whispers.

Allah ta'ala has given us dhikr which causes Shaytan to be destroyed. Dhikr is a great protection which makes us safe from Shaytan.

We shouldn’t create our own deen as Allah ta'ala has given us the way of life, otherwise, we are giving in to our desires.

We should fight Shaytan with the remembrance of Allah ta'ala. Allah ta'ala gave us thirty days to practice this. Wretched is that person who did not attain forgiveness in Ramadan.

Ramadan may have ended, but the doors of forgiveness are always open. If we repent now, then Allah ta'ala will grant us the complete reward of Ramadan, as He made us practice repentance during Ramadan.

Shaytan makes us lose hope after our continuous sinning. He makes us feel dejected, although we should continue repenting. In reality, the reason we can't leave a sin is because we do not repent after it. We should make a habit to keep repenting immediately after sinning. In this way, our habit of sinning will be removed because repentance has blessings within it.

Allah ta'ala loves steadfastness. We should remember that we are weak individuals and Allah ta'ala created us as human beings who are prone to sinning in life. We will certainly make mistake again and again, however, we should continue repenting alongside instead of allowing Shaytan to make us feel helpless. Allah ta'ala never tires of forgiving us even though we may tire of sinning.

If we fast for six days during Shawwãl, we will gain the reward of fasting for a year. This is a great deed and preparation for the days of Hajj.

Allah ta'ala allows us to take lessons from the story of Hadhrat Ibrahim and Hadhrat Hajar عليهم السلام and when he left his wife with Hadhrat Ismaeel عليه السلام in the wilderness.

Hadhrat Ibrahim علیه السلام didn't reject Allah ta'ala's orders as he had complete belief in Allah ta'ala. When his wife realised that his action was per Allah ta'ala's order, she also displayed trust in Allah ta'ala.

Allah ta'ala has ordained certain worships to be fulfilled at certain times, such as dhikr being performed after Fajr prayer. There is no greater worship than performing the actions in their set time.

We should run for Fajr prayer at the mosque with an open heart. We should set three alarms and even then if our eyes don't open, we should repent and then try again and we will attain the reward.

Once we keep doing this, Allah ta'ala Himself will wake us up and won't allow us to feel sleepy.

Nabi ﷺ had a daily schedule which he used to follow. We should make it our life pattern and it will bring unimaginable blessings in to our life. Everything will be made easy for such a person who observes this practice.

May Allah ta'ala allow us to implement. Ameen
13th Apr, 2024